Finnicus Colepepper

I started this blog two days ago, but headed out for another walk with Fin and am just getting back to it.

We watched a black lab for the weekend. He is our “niece” “god daughter” “friend”. However you want to cut it FAMILY”s three year old well loved Black Lab.

They had weekend plans and brought us this handsome and energetic boy to our house.

Well you all know we have cats. Two that we actually claim and six who either live in the yard or come daily for food, also a half dozen who wonder through and of course five kittens from one of the ferals that are seven weeks old.

So to keep our crazy cat (Cee Cee) from completely freaking out we put an exercise mat in the doorway and basically split our 700 square foot house in half.

Fin is also used to running around his yard and thanks to dog screens has complete in and out privileges at home.

Since there are baby kittens in the back yard and at least three cats that never leave the back there as well this was not an option….. so we walked. We walked a lot.

From noon on Saturday to noon on Monday Fin and I walked 20 miles. Lori joined us for several and had at least one solo walk as well.

This pup was tired when he left and oh so glad to see his humans when they picked him up.

We’ve got kittens.

All five miniature floofs have moved from the back of the yard to the curly jade near the porch. This is the feeding station porch.

I actually scooped one up on Sunday and petted it before putting it down to have it scamper back into the plants.

Since then I have caught site of them several times. I just never saw them all at one time so wasn’t sure on the kitten count.

But as they all came out and actually ate breakfast today I got pictures and videos of all five. Before the comments start that they are not old enough for food or they will get sick, this is high protein kitten food designed for kittens.

The ate six weeks old. We have a plan next Monday to catch them all. This will give them one more week to nurse and time for them to get used to us going in and out.

Mini Floof

The last few days I have not been able to find the kittens. I have tons of blurry shots of portulacaria branches. But no actual kittens.

Tonight while on my dinner break I took some trash out and happened to see a kitten butt going into one of the kitty condos.

I dashed inside for my phone that was on my desk and headed back out. The kitten was in there with Floof. As soon as I got near, heck I wasn’t near I just stepped in that direction Floof took off.

I crouched down and reached my hand in with my phone. The kitten had cute little silent hisses at me. I got the one photo and then went back in and watched from the kitchen window. But none others joined them.

Looks like we’re kitten hunting this weekend. They will be six weeks old on Sunday and if we are going to domesticate them to find homes we have to catch and touch – pet – socialize them now.

Moved kittens

That is what happens when the feral mom (Floof) sees you’ve found the den. I went back on Friday fulling expecting to see even bigger kittens, to find the spot empty.

So I stuck my phone into the portulacaria in several places, shooting blind.

And finally found them about six feet from where they previously had been. No kittens have emerged yet and we hit five weeks today.