Rock and Roll Half Marathon

If your interested in a pre-holiday trip to Los Vegas come run the half marathon with me on November 15th.

When I finished the Rock and Roll last October, Mark asked Lori and I if we wanted to do the Vegas one this year.  He has done it before and likes the course.  It runs right down the strip but its at night so it is all lit up and cooler.

We agreed and Lori registered me this week so for sure I am in!!!

More on Falconry Class

DSC_0042More on the Falcon Class because I’m still pretty high from the experience and I realize I stopped mid thought and nearly mid sentence last blog.  I was exhausted. Once I got the photos loaded I hit publish.  I didn’t even proof read the thing and I fell asleep on the couch within ten minutes of hitting publish.

We were quite impressed with Kirk and Denise, they hold the permit from the federal government to run their business they clearly LOVE what they are doing.  They are so very passionate about what they are doing and it all comes through in their presentation.

The first half of the class was lots of information.   They presented in a way that was more like a performance and not just a list of statistics and information.  In the class before our the Hawk they were walking actually caught a bunny.  It was not on the plan but the hawk has does have natural tendency of course.  Because of this, the class before ours went over and Denise and Kirk were both pretty excited from that class.  I think this just played into the presentation.

The second half we all put on a glove and spread out in a big circle.  One at a time we all called the hawk to our glove and then turned him toward the circle.  The person across would then put up their glove and call him back.  We went around the circle a couple of times.  It was awesome. We all lined up and Kirk and Denise put little bits of food on our shoes and he ran up and down the line of us.  It was so incredible to be that close.  Lastly one at a time called him to our glove and took photos.

Sky Falconry holds a federal permit to work with the hawks.  It is illegal to do any of this without the permit so they ask that we tag any social media with Sky Falconry to maintain transparency. Here are a few links if you’re interested in more information and conservation.

Falconry Class @ Sky Falconry, Alpine CA

A little history on today’s adventure.  Sometime at the beginning of February I got a calendar invite from Lori for a “date” today.  I of course accepted it.  Later when I asked all I was told was it was a surprise.

Insert two months of guests in town, projects, work and school without much thought about it.  Then this week the day was upon us.  My clues were, we had to leave at 6:00 a.m.  I needed to dress for a hike, including a hat.

We were up at 5:00, showered, dressed and on the road.  We got down to San Diego with time to spare so we stopped for breakfast.  That’s when I found out we couldn’t be early either.

Over breakfast Lori finally told me we were going for a Falconry Class at Sky Falconry!  It was so awesome.  Being so close to the hawks.  A Red Tail (my personal favorite hawk) that we didn’t work with but I got amazing photos of her.  Also this Harris hawk that we all worked with the gloves and called it and I fed a piece of quail to and he caught it.  Lori took my camera and got these photos of me that I strung together to try to capture the “flight” look.

We learned so much about the history of Falconry.  The conservation of all the raptor birds.  Just how many are killed every year by things like WIND TURBINES that was very surprising!

DSC_0040 DSC_0097 DSC_0107 DSC_0068 DSC_0060


In case you haven’t been listening to the news and you in fact come here for news….well first off hahahahahahahaha all my blogs about current events usually stay in my head because, well I’m bound to piss off somebody. I in fact have two differing blogs in my head over the entire “Indiana’s Religious Freedom” debate.

But I digress this blog is about the lack of water here in California, if you have seen the news lately we are in a drought! It’s actually not a new subject but has gotten so much press lately it has become a fevered conversation on the news and everywhere. Debates on just how much hand washing is really needed and how many gallons of water one could sae by not washing thier hands……..palm/head.

I am a hand washer. I wash my hands after I use the restroom. After I leave the hospital and get back to my office (this could be an extra seven washings). I wash them when they are dirty from working in the yard or house or when I am preparing food, or – or – or .

So the debate, heated in fact, that I was a witness to and did my very best NOT to join in, was if washing ones hands after using the bathroom was in fact needed. There were lots of caveats in this debate like just pee not poo, there is paper between hands and said body fluids. And the most amusing that if this person washes their hands before eating wouldn’t all other hand washing be moot.

Go ahead debate away………  In all seriousness we need to conserve water.

Shopping via Skype

My sister Della found a furniture store on-line near the house up in the desert.  Since we had convinced the nieces that it wasn’t worth paying to move the old worn out and 2nd hand furniture we had been looking around.  This place Della found has some decent furniture at reasonable prices.  The only caveat is that most items have a couple of weeks lead time.

They are driving down (moving) the first week in May so this last weekend Della, Amber, Taylor and I went furniture shopping.  They were all in the girls living room on the computer and I was walking around the furniture store with my phone.  I am sure I looked like I was talking to myself.  Luckily the sales woman I had spoken to the week before was ready for the event.  She stayed near enough to answer questions but far enough away that it didn’t feel to weird.

I walked around and asked questions got a feel for the furniture and then called them on Skype.  I showed, sat on and described lots of couches.  Probably only a quarter of the couches but it still took quite a while.

They ended up buying two couches, a bed frame for Taylor (it has speakers in the head-board) and two mattress sets.  The lead time for most is four to five weeks so everything should deliver right before they get here.  Except the bed frame….we got a call that it was back ordered.

It was quite an amusing day.  Lori was busy grouting away while I was on this adventure.  However when we went back to Home Depot to buy the baseboards I took her in to see the furniture.  The funniest part was when the manager asked “Hey were you the one on Skype here earlier”

What can I say….it worked out.  I’m sure they would rather have done all the sitting and comparing themselves. But it’s not like we have furnished the whole place.  They will have plenty to pick out on their own.  For now they have beds, they have a dining room set and they have couches.  That’s more than enough to get started with.


Tile and Baseboards

The tile is grouted and the “kitchenette” and baseboards installed.

Lori went up to the desert house on Monday and started the grouting.  She got enough grouted so she could work on the kitchenette.  On Wednesday she went back up and framed up the counter and installed it so the plumber could install a sink.

Saturday we headed up with the mini fridge we bought on Friday and got everything ready to continue grouting.  That’s when I left for  Skype furniture shopping spree with Amber, Taylor and Della.  That story is fun and deserves a post of its own so back to the tile.

When I got back Lori was well into the grouting and I joined right in.  Within a couple of hours the grouting of the floor was completed.  We then planned out the baseboards.

There is a one-inch by two-inch concrete ledge on three of the walls.  Trying to figure out a baseboard that would work on these walls and the walls without the ledge was quite amusing.

We went to Home Depot and found a 3.5 inch border and a 1 inch border that nearly match.  Then we got 1x.5 inch and 2x.5 inch border and framed around the ledge to equal the 3.5 inch size of the other walls.  The only unfortunate part was we could not release the miter saw to get a blade into it.  So we used a hand saw and a skill saw and just went with boxed corners.

We worked on the baseboards and got them all in.  The “ledge” ends are basically wrapped in the border and the 1″ trim on top.  It matches up with the drywall sides pretty darn well and we left feeling we got a lot accomplished.

IMG_2316 IMG_2314 IMG_2315

Hard to think that less than a month ago we were just starting and pulling out the carpet!  There is still another coat of paint needed in the bathroom and we have to seal the grout and finish up things like hardware but we will be completed within a couple weeks, just in time to move Daniel into the studio and the nieces into the house.

Tile is down

We had help, Jan drove up to help us lay the tile on Saturday.

We each had our job, I was putting down the mastic (I am very good at this because I can draw upon my frosting skills).  Lori was placing the tile and Jan was using the tile saw because, well we borrowed it from her.

But the tiles are so very large that it wasn’t a big enough saw.  I drove to Home Depot to rent a bigger tile saw and those two started laying the tile.  It was a free for all then.  The only key being to leave a path to get to the places that needed cuts.

By the time we were finished and left to return the saw at about 8 at night we were completely exhausted but all of the tile was on the floor.  We now need to grout.  Build the cabinet for the kitchenette.  Put another coat of paint on the bathroom. Put the toilet back in.  Move the hot water heater.  Hook up the new sink.  Hang the window blind.  Paint the doors.  Change out the door hardware.  Put the closet and cabinet hardware back on.  Move the furniture back in and call it good!

IMG_6976 IMG_8673


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