I have voted!!!

img_4761I have voted!  The ballot is stamped and dropped in the mail!  Yes I am early and there is still another debate but I am not undecided on any candidate or proposition.

Admittedly I moved from the most liberal state in the union went I left Washington.  California is not nearly as liberal, not even close.  It may be a blue state but boy oh boy it is still rather conservative and I know actual people voting for the republican option on this years circus of a ticket.

Tomorrow is the last debate.  I will not be watching because my blood pressure can not take it.  Also I will be at work.  I wish there was a rule tomorrow that neither candidate could utter the others name tomorrow.  That they had to answer questions on their plans or policy and not at all compare themselves to the other.  I am so over all of the events and news.  I wont even turn on the TV, barely the radio and am keeping away from all social media.

I have high hopes that Hillary will pull this off.   I was all for Hillary in 2008, I was a delegate and all.  I am now even more so all Hillary.  I admit I was not happy with the choice of Barack when he first got the nomination in 2008.  However I stumped for him and voted of course and am very happy with the two terms he has served.  I just hope those who are voting for Hillary but not completely happy about it will be even half as pleased as I ended up with Barack Obama.

Don’t forget to vote!  November 8th, or mail in early like I have.

(I can’t figure out how to turn comments off, so I’ll just say be nice.)




It Rained!!!

There was no rain in the forecast.  None.  In fact the forecast for this week is in the 90’s and nearly 100 by Friday.

I was on the phone last night with my friend Katherine in Seattle and she mentioned the rain they had recently up there and I was lamenting on just how we needed it.  I do remember a slight drizzle at the beginning of May, but only a few minutes worth of drizzle.  But there has been none since then and the only thing we have watered are the three trees in the front yard that are still under 4 years old and the vegetable garden.

So at 2:00 a.m. I heard the rain.  It was a lovely sound and lasted well into the morning and was still raining lightly when I left for the gym at 8:30.  Everything except my car looks so clean and the plants that haven’t had any water since Spring are very, very happy.

So here come the weeds!!  A good 6 hours of rain and then a week of 95+ degree weather I will be spending the weekend in the yard weeding.  But yea, it rained!!!



Hawk Walk

I have blogged about Sky Falconry before.  Lori had given me a hawk class for my birthday a couple years ago.  Well last year for Christmas she gave me a Hawk Walk.

We finally had a weekend that we could take advantage of the gift certificate before it expired.

It did mean that we were up, showered and out of the house at 4:45 this morning.  Drove down to Alpine, CA and did the hour and a half walk.  We got to fly the hawk between us and watch him soar close to the ground conserving energy and right through branches in  a tree.

At the end the hawk dispatched of a rat, completely, while the owner tethered him back up.

Once we finished it was only 10:00 a.m. and we were pretty close to San Diego so we went to a cafe for breakfast before driving home.  The rest of the day consisted of laundry and cleaning.  I have very little left in me from being up so early so I will just load up a few of the pictures.

It was an awesome day!



My productive day (or 2.5 hours anyway)

This morning I got up and made oatmeal before Lori left for school.  Then I headed to boot camp.  Boot camp gets out at 9:30 and I need to be in the shower at noon to leave by 12:45.

After boot camp I drove to the drycleaners and dropped off some things.  I then went to Trader Joes and picked up some groceries.  From there I went to the car wash and took the car through, dried it off and headed to the post office.  I mailed off the latest baby blanket I finished to Paola and Jody (who’s little girl was born two weeks ago.)  Then home to put away the groceries, make a salad to take for lunch, bring in the garbage bins, clean up the kitchen and got ready for work.

This leaves tomorrow open for watering my veggies and doing some weeding in the 2.5 hours after boot camp and before getting ready for work.

I so enjoy taking care of our home and the more I get done during the week, the more time I have on the overstuffed weekends.


Because I’m not preachy enough….

This is how I broke the news to my family that I enrolled in a nutrition class that starts in a week.

It is an on-line course that will hopefully at least give me a basis to start and an idea if I’m as interested in it as I think I am.

The family laughed, mostly because ALWAYS have unsolicited advise on nutirtion, sustainability and organic food.

I am also sticking with the boot camp I have been working out at.  I went to a different one on Friday and did two workouts.  However I was not a fan of the workout (although I know they change daily) but I was even less impressed with the space and the energy of the place.

I met with my coach “Coach G” and we agreed on some one on one sessions on Friday’s for an hour as he doesn’t have any classes on Fridays.  So we have those on the calendar for the next four weeks.

It’s looking like a busy Oct-Nov.

Garden and Breakfast Therapy

I am was having a bad day.  I guess the eternal optimist in me slept in or something.  Maybe getting home late and then getting up early to go work out that is exactly what happened.

Before I got to the gym I got an annoying email or rather disappointing email from family.  Then once I was there and waiting for the work out to start it was announced that there wouldn’t be a class tomorrow.  Not all the classes however, the early morning classes that happen while I am sleeping and the evening classes that happen I am at work will happen, just not the 9:00 a.m.

This had already been a bone of contention for me.  I blame myself for not doing my homework and checking out the class schedule before I joined.  But I knew the trainer from my old gym and wanted to both workout with him and support his new gym.  However there are not enough classes that I can take to make it worth the money I paid.  After several conversations about it with him, there has been no change in his schedule.  Its a new business and I am stuck between sticking it out for his new growing business and taking care of myself .  There is another gym the exact same distance from our house 4.1 miles.  AT that gym there are 10 classes that fit into my weekday schedule as opposed to the 4 that I currently backfill with hikes and yoga.    This evening I emailed the other gym to see how I can transfer my membership and I’m going on Friday for a three day pass to try it out.  The conversation with my coach is the part I am dreading now.

When I got my cranky self home I went out to breakfast with Lori.  That started the day in a much better direction.  Then I got a call regarding todays court date for my great nieces visitation and the orders stand as they previously stood so that also helped.  Then I planted and worked in my garden…..




Tuesday night on my way home from work nearing midnight I was behind an impaired driver.  The driver was swerving.  Swerving in a manner that was almost farcical.  It appeared to be an over dramatization of swerving.  Not just in the lane we were traveling but a foot into the right lane, correct, a foot into the left lane, correct.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My phone was in my bag and besides staying far enough behind that I could steer clear of a problem if he crashed I certainly wasn’t going to take my eyes off of him to call 911 even if I had the phone handy.

I stayed behind, as that just felt safer to me and at one point when the driver came close to a wall and corrected straight for a minute I went two lanes over and around leaving  the vicinity completely.

So Wednesday afternoon when I was driving to work mid day and came across another over correcting person and there wasn’t as much clear real estate on the freeway I still kept my distance.  Thinking the person was maybe falling asleep and not drunk.  My phone still in my bag even though I was going slow enough to get the plate if I wanted.

It was Wednesday night when there was clearly another impaired driver that I thought maybe I should blog about this ridiculousness.  This person was going soooo slow in the right lane, did not have on lights and was also over correcting I just got the hell out of there.

But today, today on my way to work was simply too much not to mention.  Traffic was creeping.  Little did we know that two lanes ahead were closed as we all inched along. I was in the right hand lane and beside a semi which was throwing some shade and since I couldn’t really go anywhere we just inched along together.  That is when I noticed the car in front of me.

Now this driver was impaired, but I don’t think drunk.  I think he was seriously tweaking on something.  He was squirming all over his front seat.  Reaching down to the floor board where he was no longer visible, drifting seriously all over his lane toward the jersey barrier and back.  Looking in the mirror, out the window, over his shoulder, onto the floor, his back seat…all while drifting around his lane and moving at about 4mp.

Then he drifted right into the semi truck.  I saw it all happen and was hanging back and nowhere near them considering they were right next to and in front of me.  He kind of bounced off the truck over corrected into his lane and nearly the wall again, checked his rear view mirror and kept on driving.

The Semi signaled to move over so I just hung back and made room.  Because we were all going to slow I watched the semi corral him with his truck and stop him.  The driver got out and checked the truck and was walking toward him as the impaired driver nervously walked/bounced/adjusted his pants toward him, never actually checking his own car and by then I had inched past them and closer to the lane closer that would free me up to get to work just in time.

Why?  Why all the impaired drivers in one week?  I don’t keep my phone out while I’m driving and don’t really want to get near enough to get a plate to report them.  What would you do?