111 hours

Yep.  In the last two work weeks I have totaled over 111 hours.  So payday will be a big donation to the government in the way of taxes.

It also means there is little else getting done and therefore zilch to blog about.

I have booked and cancelled yoga almost every day during these two weeks.  I have also booked for the next three days and am hoping to get those in!

We managed to get an hours worth of weeding done this morning before I got ready for work.  If the rain this winter has done anything it has encouraged the weeds.  Oh and rot our rock rose that we had to pull today as it was, well, rotted through.

February was the coldest in 100 years, yep you read that right it did not even get into the 70’s.  Laugh, go ahead, but after six years I am fully and completely acclimated cause I have been cold and am officially over the rain!

I did get to see my brother last week, I gave him a lift to an appointment and we left early enough we got to have breakfast together.  That was a shining point in the last couple weeks.

The house stuff is moving right along.  A couple more cards to fall into place and we are moving forward.  Last weekend we went through boxes that were packed by my sister and brother when I was selling the Washington house and thinned out the stuff even  more.

After a bout of watching Netflix and Maria Kondo’s art of tidying last Friday when waiting on a client had me paring that pared down pile even more as No Joy was being sparked.  Also no room.

Work this week looks just as busy and major conference in our office tomorrow just accentuates my need for that yoga before work!


pop pop, pop pop pop, pop

The small-caliber gun fire that woke me up last night.  Sad to say I just went back to sleep.  Lori heard the cops over a speaker “We have you surrounded come out with your hands up”

That was at my best guess 2:00 a.m. this morning.  This morning when we woke up we asked hey did you hear the gun fire, yea did you hear the cops, no I guess I fell right back to sleep.

We move along with the day, making breakfast, pulling out documents to provide to the realtor, conference call to go over inspection information.  All by 11:00 a.m. so I could make a phone call to my best friend to hear about her month-long trip to Africa.

During this call I sat out in my back yard, wandered around, did some kamikaze weeding.  I headed back in just after noon and noticed police cars out in front of our house.  Moments later, literally seconds after I came inside there were over a dozen cop cars racing up our street and before long a police helicopter circling overheard telling us all to stay in our houses and not to go into our back yards.  We heard the helicopter saying something about the suspect being by the wall.  They circled and circled and circled.  I kept peering out of the curtains.  Lori,  in what seemed cool and calmly, perused the police department website.

I needed to get in the shower for work, and I did, but I tell you I felt very vulnerable getting undressed with unknown gunman possibly in the yard I had just been wondering around.

Once ready and things not clearing up I texted my boss with photos of all the cop cars blocking our street and that I may not be able to leave.  I hadn’t heard back from him and we realized the helicopter had stopped.  Checking twitter (My immediate news source) they “Got him”  So off we left for work.


This blog doesn’t even address my neighbor Stella, she came to my door on Friday freaked out because she has a stalker and she just found a note from him inside her house.  She lives on Dune, near the shooting, coincidence or????

Saturday painting class

I’ll back up a bit to the road trip business trip this week. I headed to La Jolla just after noon on Thursday. The goal being to be in my hotel room and on my daily 2:40 conference call.

The drive was pretty easy and luckily my car makes and takes calls so I was able to take and make calls to the realtor, escrow office and bank. Multi tasking at its finest.

I checked into the hotel, got my lap top set up and had ten minutes to catch up on project notes before taking turn from first shift. I worked in the hotel for the next four hours before walking over to the clients office for my 6:30 shift, I was off work about 2:00am. The clients were done for the day and my co-worker stayed behind to close things up.

All of that to get me to Friday that really it still feels like Friday. I slept from about 3:00 am to 8:30 and hit the road by 9:00 to get home. Made it by noon and had a couple hours to do things like pick up and drop off drying cleaning, go get cash for the electrician going to the house today to install GFCI outlets in the kitchen, wrapping up all of the items from the inspection.

My actual Friday shift started at 2:30 and although I was working from home I was quite busy. About the time my shift was ending at 11:00 I ran into a problem with files that were in pre-press for a blue line. After HOURS of working through those and getting the job recleared I clocked out at 4:00 a.m. The alarm had already been set for 6:00.

I got about 90 minutes of sleep before Lori got up and into the shower, I slept for an extra 30 minutes giving me a full two hours of sleep last night after five the night before.

But today was a day Lori was teaching a community ed class on water color painting. The class started at 9:00 but we left the house about 7:00 to get to school and get setup. It was fun being her assistant today. It was a blast painting with new painters and heck it was the most I got to see Lori this week.

It’s now 8:00 pm. I can’t imaging I’ll be up much longer, an early night could very well mean an early morning tomorrow. We might head out to the house to go through things and pack up. But who know’s…….I’m not even sure what I’m typing at this point. Two hours of sleep is much different at 54 then it used to be when I started this job in my 20’s.

I should Blog

The world is racing past.  Work has been insanely busy and blogging at work has been impossible.  There have been no lunch breaks, hence no blogging.  Hardly even eating.  More like stuffing apples and carrots into my mouth while working like a guinea pig.

Since I blogged last week about the humming birds.  THERE ARE SO MANY humming birds.  They slurped up 8 full cups of sugar-water in 7 days and I had to make new stuff and hang it out yesterday.  There wasn’t even left over stuff to toss out, those things were dry.

Work has been like I said busy.  I’ve gotten off late every day for the last week and although I was there late tonight, tomorrow I leave for another drive to La Jolla to work in a client’s office for a 12 hour shift and then drive back home on Friday.  Friday I get to work from home.

I do have a drawing class this Saturday that I am looking forward too.  Cause life balance man.

Besides being crazy busy at work the new CEO was in town and so my boss was in town on a week where my personal phone just did. not. stop. Because among everything else the sell a house, buy a house thing is moving right along.  It was slow going for months and since last week here is an abbreviated list.

1)Got an offer  (low but cash)
2)Counter offered
3)Got a higher offer from someone else while the first offer snoozed
4)Countered both of those
5)Non cash offer came back in
6)Cash offer came back in at our original counter offer
7)Agonized over and took lower but cash offer
8)Got list of houses to look at
9)Spend all day Saturday looking at houses  (Most of them ugh)
10)Find perfect place, new listing and lots of interest in it
11)Make offer and write lovely letter to owner same day
12)Wait, wait, wonder, anticipate
13)Offer accepted (This is now Monday two days ago; two days after making offer three days after accepting offer)
14)Inspection of property we are selling, Sister took care of meeting them.
15)Book inspection of property we are buying
16)Call Plumber to strap Water heater (more straps cause they were there but we are not arguing at this point)
17)Call HVAC to come look at Ambient temp
18)Both vendors and someone to look at garage door motor at house today.  Nieces took care of meeting with them
19)Forward pic of water heater and report from HVAC that all is fine
20)Go to bank and wire escrow money
21) Book electrician for Saturday (Actually my sister booked this, I just gotta paypal her some money for when they are there.
22-infinity) Tomorrow (today now) I have business trip.  Saturday my sister is going to the other inspection.  Monday is the appraisal.  All along there have been meetings with the bank, financial documents, approvals, adjustments and insanity.

The most bizarre part is during the inspection the buyer came along and while there asked for our washer and dryer (they are very new); the girls TV; my sisters coffee table; random tools and the lawn mower.  Also asked if he could start moving stuff over?  AWKWARD all around.   Our real estate agent texted my sister today, just to say, Hey can I have your TV.  It has been the biggest source of laughter out of the week.

Now you know why I haven’t blogged and with the business trip, driving both directions in two days and a class on Saturday I probably wont be blogging anytime soon either.




We have been cold (for us, I know I know its nothing really), and the hummingbirds are clearing out two full feeders a week.

At one point today there were four on this feeder and at least that on the other.  I could also see them in the tree waiting their turn to swoop in.

I filled these on Sunday afternoon.


Oh and they are driving the cat mad!


Writing Prompts

for poetry that is……not the blog, although that may help too.

My writing game has been off.  I haven’t written creatively in what seems like years and could very well be years.  With all the politics going on for the last few, there has been little else that occupies so mind so coming up with poetry has been low on the list.

Switch to I have a wonderful friend Vivian who is a fantastic inspiration when it comes to poetry.  So a few days ago I used a random word prompt generator and pulled four words out of the ether and I emailed them to her with a writing challenge.  To create something with these four words:


She took me up on the challenge and returned this within a day:

I am weary
from the day’s 
laughable Politics.
Sophisticated minds
Unable to make
Simple decisions.
a nap would help.
But who can
Sleep?                        -Vivian O’neal
That made my challenge more real and more difficult because, doh, she encapsulated whats in my head….which is exactly what a good poet can do.
Today while in yoga this came to me.  Or something actually better but I had nothing to write it down with and dammit my brain is getting old(er):
       Savasana Delight

Still – in savasana
by no means a sophisticated pose
breathing, focus, breathing
I could nap here
all things weary 
leaving through my mat
My delight is laughable    -Valria
This exercise can be tough because the words you get are never perfect.  My creative writing teacher used to do this sort of assignment where he would say “start writing” and within a minute toss in a word we had to use, then do that for the entire sixty minutes.  Giving us as many as 50 words to work into what you were writing.  A lot would get dumped in rewrites or editing but I always loved those exercises.  Stretching the connection between words.  
I have asked Viv if I could share her poem here and have given her credit but if she answers no this post will disappear.  Enjoy it now.

Joe Cuba is turning 100

I sent my card out yesterday.  Do it!  You still have time!


joe cuba