Working off-site

I am on-site at a client’s office.  I drove down to La Jolla this morning.  It only took about 2.5 hours for the 105 miles, not too bad.

I got an early check in at this cute little hotel, about a block from “work”.  Got my suit unpacked and hung up for my shift tonight, closed the black out curtains to try to take a nap.

About 2.5 hours of eye mask, ear plugs and dozing on and off.  Then up and off to work for a 12 hour shift.

I came in and my co-workers have all these pictures of the little town, beach and seals and all I had is this “view” from when I was closing the blinds.  If you get close to the window and look to the side you can see the Pacific.


I am scheduled to be here until 6:00 a.m.  As it stands now I am have a late check out tomorrow before being back in the office.  Maybe I’ll get my own darn seal pictures if I have time.

People are already yawning and I’m glad for my little nap.

Air Fryer

I find that my air fryer is perfect for re-heating chicken. It is also perfect for the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joes.   I took pictures today, just so I could show Lori how easy it is for when I am away.  Made for a yummy lunch for me too.

I also use it for cooking but for reheating it is brilliant.  It has been such a help on Whole30 this year as well.  Especially while prepping food for the week, I can just put leftovers in here to heat up.

I made chicken yesterday and will leave it for Lori to reheat while I am away for work for a few days.  School is coming to an end for the semester tomorrow and hopefully a nice break is in order and having food at the ready is always a good thing.


Cards Out

It has been confirmed that I have a business trip this Thursday.  Just before my bestie comes to town for a visit.

Chores are truncated this week as I also need to pack and work is crazy busy which doesn’t help.

We were able to get our Christmas cards out this week.  By the 11th they were all mailed (minus some strays I’m sure I’ll remember later) not too shabby.

Do you send cards?

I love the tradition of it, but I also try and send birthday cards throughout the year too.  It helps that I am a date weirdo and if you tell me your birthday I can usually remember it.  This has one slight hiccup however if I remember it wrong (like my co-worker that I thought it was Dec 18 but it is Nov 18 – each year I miss it)  Weird Brain.

Sucker part duex

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago my buying three kitty beds for the feral cats outside and letting them stay in the garage during the downpour rain.

Then I went on etsy and found this hand-made kitty box.  Weather proof, perfect for at least one of them to hide away from the rain.  All three if it is the kittens.

It is actually quite beautiful for what it is.  Very well made and hey I am supporting someones etsy shop.  Crazy expensive if you think that it’s just for some feral cats in our back yard.


I love lists.  I used to start every day with a new list.  Often transferring the incomplete things onto the new one.  The act of crossing them off and the feeling of accomplishment is always wonderful.

But I never have an empty list.  Because there is always so much to do.  Besides that I LOVE doing all of it.  I love being busy, I love projects.  There are family members who are often telling me to sit back and relax.  But being busy and getting things done is exactly how I relax.  I get pretty bored sitting and watching a program, not to say I don’t do that, but I would always rather have it running in the back ground.  Multi-tasking is my peaceful place.

So a while ago I made a “form” list.  On it are blank spaces for “this week” things but the top is for the things that have to happen every week.  The top is the constants of my schedule, the things that I fit into every week (Mon-Sun).

This was a productive week and having everything done except one more workout and the whole weekend ahead before the week is over leaves time for some special projects


I am also on call this weekend.  So I am on shift Saturday night starting at 6:30 until 6:30 in the morning.  Then back again at 2:30 on Sunday.  There is some work expected so I am sure I will be busy.

Maybe I will get a head start on next weeks list.  The week is already looking crazy schedule wise.

My friend is flying in on Friday to spend the weekend.  But just tonight I was told I am working at a client’s office in San Diego on Thursday and Friday.

This will mean 100 mile drive to the office on Thursday.  A 12 hour shift from 6pm to 6am.  Then Friday schedule still unknown even though I said I had a conflict with Friday.  But with people off on vacations among other thing this is my assignment.

We will actually know more on Monday after the planning call.  Maybe because so much of life is unplanned and out of my control I find comfort in the constants of my lists and chores.

Rain Rain Rain

Tomorrow should be sunny and 70 degrees.  No more rain in the 10 day forecast!

Today however was rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Flooded streets.  Our back yard flooded.  The feral cats are hiding out in the garage, soaking wet.  It started last night and rained straight through the night.

Today while walking from the parking lot to the gym, my shoes were soaked to my socks and I was moving fast and jumping over the biggest puddles.  I could wring out sleeves in the few moments it took to get out of the rain.

I ended up leaving for work an entire hour early.  I would have worked from home if I didn’t have to pick up the on-call telephone for this weekend.  But the extra allowed me to drive at a reasonable rate and not rush.  I actually was to work very early but at least I wasn’t like the poor schmuck who was tired of the slow pace and tried to go around us in the flooded left lane and stalled out in the water.  He raced passed me and others, splashing water all over us.  Then we trucked by him slowly stalled out in the water but at least we were still moving.

Being from Seattle I know how to drive in the rain.  Slow down, and not just your speed.  Your steering, your acceleration, your braking, your reaction.  Just slow down.  Now that doesn’t help you when someone else is an idiot and stalls out on the 10 freeway.


Chicken Meatballs

When I got home from the gym today and before I worked in the yard I got these meatballs mixed up and in the oven to bake.

I love those gloves for mixing meat.  I got used to using them when I had my bakery.  But now I just use them when I’m touching meat or something that stains like pealing beets.

Ground chicken, ground pork, cracker crumbs, eggs, sauteed onion, garlic, salt, pepper, chimichurri seasoning.

I usually use Turkey, but couldn’t find any pasture raised.  I had picked up this pasture raised chicken and today after the gym made some meatballs for the week.


I used these simple mills crackers that are almond flour, so the entire recipe is whole30 approved.  The only thing is I didn’t put in enough salt.  Easy enough to add at the table, but its not like you can “taste test” raw meat.