Sunday we dashed off for an opening.  It started at 1:00 and I had to be back home for work a 3:00.  We were able to see the work, talk to the artist, talk to a couple friends and leave there to get home just at 3:00.

The artist Bradford Salamon, the show was at his home studio.  I did not take any photos of his work because that just felt inappropriate to me.  I did however grab a couple of his work space as drawing inspiration.  He paints in several mediums and does lots of utilitarian items like fans, pruners, dress form, along with portraits.

He has a show starting in July and hopefully we can make that.  It will be at a gallery in Santa Monica and will have much more of his stuff and a more formal setting.  I am glad this was at his studio however.  It made me want to draw, paint, be creative in general.  Great energy.

Tweeting with privilege

The way the country is behaving right now I wish I was not white.  Yes, I can only say that with complete white privilege.  If I had to live in the United States as a citizen with more melanin in my flesh I wouldn’t even be typing that.  Right now I am just so very offended by so much mudslinging and name calling I don’t want to be associated with the people doing it, even by skin (lack of) color.

White guilt is certainly what I am feeling this week. Guilt that I without a college degree I am employed with a good salary.  Guilt that even though living in this country as a gay woman I have been able to tolerate the instances and small levels of discrimination pretty easily.  It has been pointed out to me several times I “can pass,”  as in I can pass as a straight woman and therefore not have strangers discriminate against me just by my looks.  (well “gay” looks anyway, we won’t even get into the “fat” looks or discrimination)

Last election cycle I was called a name. I am sure because of the area of LA I was in and that I can also “pass” as Latina.  This person didn’t know me or know that I have a Hispanic sir name but that didn’t stop them from calling me this name.  Granted, with my white privilege I just walked straight on past and didn’t give it any energy.  This may not have been the case if I identified with the race this person was disparaging.

I have been very put off this week by the sayings “elite” and “snowflake” Both directed at what I assume are liberal thinking/leaning individuals.  At first I looked up the word elite and thought how is this an insult.

Noun: the choice or best of anything considered collectively, as a group or class of persons.; persons of the highest class

Adjective: representing the most choice or select; best

Well the descriptions really are about snow, but the implication sounds as if someone who is special or unique with the assumption that no two snowflakes are alike.

How does being special, unique or the best of something translate to an insult.

I continue to make calls, faxes and TWEET my concerns. I have found that I have to focus on one cause at a time because, well because I have a full time job and a home and a wife and family and friends and although the “issue” at the moment is extremely important I only have so much energy.

Today Lori was out early for a meeting and then class.  I should have used the day to start some chores or work in the yard or do something before work.  Zero drive had me in bed until 9:00 a.m. and sitting in the back yard reading until nearly time to get ready for work.

I am exhausted.  Emotionally and physically exhausted.  But we all know I have plenty of white privilege that I both enjoy and try to make amends for at the same time.  In a meeting with our financial investor this week, he could only attribute the 9% growth this year to the easing of corporate regulations is the perfect example.  Yea growth, Boo less regulations which is spurring the growth.

#saveourhealthcare  #healthcareforall  #saveACA #donotrepeal #ObamacareandACAarethesame

Tomato, tomato

That title doesn’t translate well when you are going for pronunciation.

TomAto, Tomauto.   Anyway……..

This morning is a blur, I got home super late, not leaving work until 12:30 and then hitting crazy road crew traffic.  I then had to be up and out of the house to go for a massage.  So even tired, you know I made that appointment.

Really the only thing I did before leaving was make Lori some cream of wheat and then take the watering can that catches the kitchen sink drip out to put on my tomato plant.

Most of the garden is now pulled,  I have this one lonely roma tomato plant and my herbs.  There are a ton of green tomatoes.  I am sure they will all start to ripen at the same time and will be fantastic for pico or sauce.

I chose a roma this year.  I usually do cherry tomatoes because they are so easy to just eat right off the bush.  Romas are my favorite and I think for more than just cooking.

I had been pinching the suckers for a while and was getting a nice shaped plant but it has not officially gotten out of control.

I wonder how fried green romas would be?




Quaid Spotting

Saturday we met friends in Hollywood for breakfast.  They were down from San Jose for pride.  Since I was on call we couldn’t really commit to much except breakfast with them.

We left the house early because, well its Hollywood and parking sucks.  We were meeting them at Mels Diner at 10 and we got there about 9:30.  There was a valet so parking was a non issue.  Score.

We went in and sat down and I realized the person directly across from me was Dennis Quaid.  It was clearly his weekend with the kids as they sat and had breakfast and talked.  Lori and I had coffee/tea while we waited but just before the girls got there Dennis Quaid and his kids departed.

I did not stare.
I did not say anything or acknowledge him.
I did move further into the booth so that he was not in direct line of sight.
I did check google images on my phone to confirm my sighting!

Being that I work on the West side and right down the street from a studio I have had only a few sightings of actors since moving to LA.  Most are at restaurants in or around Hollywood.

Oh and the food was great as well.  I had Eggs Verdi.  Which is arugula with asparagus and a lemon dressing toppled with two poached eggs.  Lori had Avocado Toast, which sounds just like what it was, 9 grain bread covered in avocado and two poached eggs.

I flossed a filling right out of my mouth

Tuesday after having dinner at work I brushed and flossed per usual!  Well the floss got stuck between my teeth and I guess got under an old filling on the side of my tooth and flossed it right on out.

There was no pain involved, just a sharp edge and of course food getting caught in it. Yesterday I phoned a dentist that had been recommended to me by a friend.  I had yet to see a dentist since I moved to LA over four years ago.

They could fit me in this morning at 7:10.  I got home from work just before 1am and set an alarm for 6:00.  I got there a little before 7:00 and filled out copious amounts of paperwork.

I had already let them know I wanted a limited exam with time for treatment and the MO on 18 between 18 and 19 was missing.  Do I sound like I know what I’m talking about?  Well I knew the tooth number already but my niece told me what to ask for.  I then looked up and read what the difference between an MO and MD meant and I went prepared.

They asked me if I was in the dental field, ha ha ha, and I said no but my niece is.  They were quite impressed and said that I was part of the family.

They took two x-rays of the tooth from different directions.  Said it looked good, no decay and the bone was great.  It was just as simple as re-filling.  Well they numbed the area smoothed it out to get a good fit and filled it.  I was gone by about 8:00 a.m. and on my home and to the gym with Lori.  (Both of these events kept me from obsessing over the Comey testimony today, or seeing any of it really except highlights)

Guess I now have a dentist.  Full exam and cleaning is scheduled in July.

This was the view from my chair!  That squirrel was hanging all over that squirrel proof feeder.  They must have to fill it every morning.

IMG_1902 IMG_1903

Extra Firm

We bought a new mattress last weekend.

We had looked up some nearby mattress stores and went with Ortho Mattress in Downey solely based on the Yelp comments for Josh.

Once we were there and looking around, and the young man helping us was trying to get a sense of firmness before trying to sell anything, he was so helpful already and I asked his name….sure enough it was Josh.

We tried several beds.  I do not like foam, at all.  They are to difficult to turn over in, I do not like that sinking feeling.  Lori could sleep on the tile floor with no issue, but that is just too hard on my hip and shoulder.

We became “mattress drunk” (Josh’s term) trying them all out.  But settled on Agatha, Beauty Rest Platinum.  Free delivery was on Monday and last night was a great night sleep on the extra firm mattress.


Spring at the park

There were bunnies everywhere on our walk this morning.

We saw the first bunny, then another chasing it,  then two, pop, pop, out of the ground.  Chasing each other around, playing, mating maybe who knows.  I managed a couple action shots on my phone.