Grill as an oven

It is so hot out, I could nearly just put the food out in sheet pans and it would cook!

Today it was actually cooler, only about 90 at our house.  The cumulative effect of the week however makes it seem much hotter.  

There has been a fire raging up near Santa Clarita since Friday.  The moon looks red, the air is super hazy and the ash is coating our cars. 

Tonight I grilled salmon and potatoes outside.  It did keep the house cooler.  Last night I grilled chicken sausages and asparagus… Anything to not turn the oven or stove on indoors. 

This fire still only 25% contained. At least 18 homes destroyed already and highway 14 closed as it jumped the road.  Sending good thoughts to the BRAVE people fighting this fire.  

Hoping for everyone’s sake that it’s cooler tomorrow.  



We were out early to beat the heat this morning.  Dropped my car off for airbags to be replaced, breakfast at a new spot and to Eldorado Nature park right when it opened at 8:00.


Weekday Birthday Cake

I made a cake this morning to take to work,  it is a co-workers birthday and he requested chocolate.

My boot camp appointment is at 9:00 a.m. so by the time I got home I had just a couple hours before needing to leave for work.  Problem was that it was already nearing 90 degrees and I was about to turn on the oven.  YIKES.

I baked the cake as quick as I could and turned the oven back off.  I actually closed all the doors and windows as soon as I was done and turned on the window AC unit because we still had 10 degrees to go today.

When I went to make the frosting, the cream cheese I had taken out of the refrigerator in the morning was actually too soft, the chocolate chips I was going to melt I could actually squish in between my fingers.

I finished up the cake and put it in the fridge while I got ready for work.  Driving it into the office I kept the AC in my car on high just so it didn’t melt all over the place.

I miss baking, however not so much in the 100 degree weather!



Things I’m doing; working on; -desiring; =trying to find time for.

Work Outs (boot camp)
Food Choices
=Food Prep on Sundays
=Garden / Yard Work
Tennis Lessons
-Learning Spanish
Brushing up on –
-Volunteer opportunities
Making Baby blanket(s)
-Beach Time


New Car

Lori has been needing a new vehicle for quite a while.  We have been researching various trucks, SUVs and cars.  The list of needs vs wants was well documented, researched and reviewed.

We went to the credit union on Saturday morning and got the car loan.  Sunday we hit the car lots.  We test drove a couple of vehicles and chose not to test drive a few others based on price, mileage, size or a combination of the three.

We settled on and bought a Subaru Forester.  This will seat more people for when we have company in town.  It will haul books and gear to school.  It will work for things like camping and outdoor events.  It will be able to haul tools and supplies for our various projects (not as well as a pick up but pretty darn good).  It has zero emission and gets much much better MPG then the other vehicles we looked at and certainly more than either of our current cars.

So here is Lori’s new car!!  The biggest downside is it is not red.


too far gone


Today while I was picking tomatoes for a salad I noticed the artichokes were way past being any good to eat.  However, they are truly beautiful blooms.


This business trip is almost over.   

Except I’m sitting on a plane, pulled away from the gate, told there is at least a one hour delay before we can take off now because of back ups in LA.  

That is a wait longer than the actual 52 minute flight.  

It is a tad bit frustrating. Mostly because I just want to be home and partially because this was a serious waste of a trip. 

I went up to “help” because people were on vacation and because of expected volume. 

It was extremely slow and I did very little work.  


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