Vacation Puzzle Started

1,000 pieces and the next 5 days of no work.


Today is Monday, tomorrow is (my) Friday. Such a treat to have the following five days off. Even if I’m not quite sure what to do with all that time.

Lori got us a new puzzle to keep me occupied during the time off. There will still be some Thanksgiving cooking even though the family is not getting together.

Wednesday I’ll probably make a sweet potato pie. I planned on making an apple pie also, but the two of us don’t need two pies. I can always make the apple pie later once we are sick of the sweet potato pie.

I got up early this morning and went to sprouts. Picked up a couple cornish game hens and also two turkey drumsticks on a whim. I plan on making the hens for Thanksgiving in the air fryer. Instead of roasting a 16 pound bird that would take several hours I now have 30 minutes in the air fryer.

Actually depending on how I decide to cook the Brussels sprouts, those may take the longest to cook. Of course if I make fresh bread with all my time off, that will definitely take the longest. Either way, there will be plenty of good food, just in way smaller versions.

We have lots to be thankful for. With Covid the main topic of the year,we are first most thankful for our health. Also for our jobs that we are still doing and able to work from home. Believe me we know just how fortunate we are. We have family and friends who are not this lucky. Who are unemployed, underemployed or furloughed.

I am feeling a little hopeful this evening. After listening to the press conference on the AstraZeneca vaccine news today, with President Elect Biden finally getting transition funding and moving forward, I am getting my hopes up for less stress in 2021.

Low key kinda Sunday

Low key. That about covers today, ok bye!

I was “on call” today, but there wasn’t any need for me to work so I never had to punch in or work.

Instead I sat at my desk and finished two different drawings for tomorrow’s class. Made salmon for lunch and although there is plenty “to do” I’m about to close down my computer and go read in the sun for the rest of the afternoon.

Such a difference from last weekend when I got the whole house mopped. Just not feeling any sort of motivation today.

Guess I’ll pick this along with everything else back up tomorrow.

Food pics

Blogging from my phone tonight. Trying to stick to the NoBloPoMo (blog every day in November.

Today I drove my Turkey out to my sisters since we have cancelled. They have four people we have two. No way we are cooking, eating or storing that bird.

Besides the 90 min there and 90 min back I picked up dry cleaning, did a load of laundry, washed my car and spent some time on the phone.

But not a lot to blog about. In looking through this weeks photos, which are mostly of food I did have some good looking food this week.

A veggie quiche I made early in the week and some Yuzu and pepper chicken thighs in the beloved air fryer.