Progressing/Not Progressing

This is it for the house.  Tomorrow or more likely Wednesday it will be done.  The new owner and his wife are currently staying at a hotel and my broker asked me tonight if they could park the trailer full of furniture in the driveway as it would be safer to which I said OF COURSE!

The paperwork arrived Friday while I was at work.  So Saturday afternoon I took it to the UPS store, signed and had the documents notarized and shipped back to Washington.

It is bitter sweet, but all and all I am relieved this is over and the selling of the house “knock on wood” went off without any problems.  Even if we end up retiring back up to the Pacific North West, that place was just too big.

There is still no great niece to share.  She is hold up in her mommy playing mermaid.  The actual due date was last Saturday the 21st.  I have been telling her to have the baby on the 25th since I found out the due date last October.  My mom’s birthday was the 25th and that would be so cool.

So even though at the Dr. today my niece was still only 1cm dilated, I have complete faith that the universe and my great niece have listened and will be here on Wednesday!  If all else fails, they are scheduled to induce by this time next week.  But like I said I have faith!

All that is left is politics.  They don’t seem to be progressing either.   I am fed up and pretty much avoiding facebook and most news for that reason.  Most of my news come from NPR, the local LA station so I was surprised when I read something on facebook about NPR not covering the issues honestly.

I guess there were some “fake” issues at an event in Arizona.  I didn’t even know what they were since I don’t watch CNN and the NPR station I listen to, during the hours of my commute, has not talked about it.  I just have no idea.  All I know are form things “shared” on facebook and then I end up down the rabbit hole of hateful comments and I am just shutting it all out at this point.

So many lies.  Lies about Bernie Sanders, lies about Hillary Clinton.  I am saddened and sickened all at the same time.

Instead I am rejoicing in my house selling.  Anticipating my new great niece.  Focusing on being a better me from one day to the next.

A few life changes……

What are the big stressors of life?  Moving, Buying or Selling a house, Job Changes, Babies.

My house is about sold.  There is paperwork en-route for me to sign and get notarized this week and back to the broker.  There has been talk of it ‘closing early’ then not, then the email today from my escrow person says the lender will be cleared for closing within 48 hours.  But from what I know it will close on the 31st and not earlier…..subject to yo-yo-ing again.

All of our belongings arrived a few weeks ago from Seattle…wow a month ago now.  There was some last minute drama with the moving company however it still ended up being cheaper and easier than us renting a truck and loading/unloading it all ourselves and driving it down.  I would guess I purged 98% of my belongings with this move.  Those things that I did move are all stashed in the garage up at the girls house in Calimesa.  You know to deal with later!

We are still on baby watch.  My niece is so very ready to have this baby.  With all the stress and false labor for the last five weeks, the actual due date is upon us and she is more than ready!  A very stressful night a few nights ago with 12 straight hours of very painful labor and a constant nine minute apart contraction log we really thought that might be it.  Twelve hours later and completely exhausted they stopped.  Tonight after a day of errands like going to the highway patrol and having them install the car seat she is back to painful labor at 9 minutes apart….so maybe, maybe not.

Work has a few shake ups.  Including an entire new reporting structure out of Chicago.  It happened suddenly  a few weeks ago.  I am rather bummed, not so much about the new manager but in losing my old manager.  One of the deciding factors in my coming back to this company was working for the woman who I now, again, no longer work with.  There have been very stressful days at work.  The new manager flew in an met with us each last week.  There are new rules including having to punch out for lunch…..(there is nowhere to go on my shift during a lunch break, especially a thirty minute one.  So I heated up my dinner and am blogging).

Finals at school are next week for Lori.  She has been crazy busy and the students who didn’t bother to show up or put in any effort, missing assignments and quizzes now wondering what they can do to pass the class.  All of the year end duties are due at school as well the SLO’s (Student Learning Outcomes); flyers for next fall that Lori creates for the department since she was a graphic designer in her previous life).  There is also a field trip to Huntington Garden she is required to be at on Saturday.  Dale and I may be going, really depends on that great niece.

My brother Dale is staying with us in our teeny tiny house.  It is working out very well actually.  He is busy looking for work and is already got a few things lined up.  Lori is a dear and gave up her office which is also her closet.  We are all getting along quite well for such a small place and its a bonus that Dale is a great cook!

Just a quickie update on my mandatory lunch break which moves my shift out to 10:30 pm!    I should be home by midnight (unless of course my great niece makes her debut…..Clearly she already has the family wrapped around her)


Standard Weekend

Saturday was packed!

  • worked out
  • went to breakfast with Lori
  • got oil change for car
  • (dropped off Lori and picked up Dale)
  • went and washed car
  • went grocery shopping
  • (dropped off Dale and groceries – went with Lori to help friends)
  • worked in friends yard for a few hours planting new landscape
  • got home and made dinner

Sunday was similar…..

  • made banana bread
  • made everyone breakfast
  • drove to Lori’s school to pick up plants
  • went to home depot
  • back to friends house and finished up landscaping (curb appeal) so house can list
  • Dale made us all dinner……
  • (I watched food network while Dale cooked and Lori worked on her Monday presentation)


Work Day Eleven

Tomorrow makes twelve days in a row.  Granted this last weekend I worked from home, however I clocked almost ten hours on Saturday and almost sixteen on Sunday.

All week long (this current week) I keep thinking, is it Friday?  Besides so many days in a row, this week I am working in a different office and a different shift.  I am on the noon-8pm shift.  This is the worst of all the shifts.

There is very little time in the morning to do anything and by the time I get home there is a little visiting with Dale and Lori but then off to bed.

This morning after a quick work out I had just enough time to water the zucchini garden and pick a few things (zucchini) before they got any bigger.   We are at the point that we get a few tomatoes everyday.  So now its the keeping up with picking them so they don’t rot in the oversized shrubbery that the plants have turned into.

Tomorrow is Friday!  And to look at my silver linings I will have an awesome paycheck from last week and be off early enough that I should be well rested for Saturday morning.  We currently have not one thing planned.  But do. not. let. that. fool. you.  We always fill up all of the days.  There are crazy amount of weeds, our friends house remodel is down to the landscaping and we are helping with that, my car needs an oil change, and wait I just signed up for an 8:45 am training at the gym.  Oh and any day now there could be a baby!




It Should Rain…

….I watered both my monster zucchini plant and my tomato shrubbery…I took the cushions for the outside furniture out of the shed….AND…I ran my car through the car wash.

The latest weather forecast says there is a 40% chance at midnight tonight….I’ll take it.

Political Action Committee

After a recent conversation regarding politics, I have a “what if” scenario and question for you politically minded folks.

First lets spell out what my belief of a PAC or Super Pac is:  Based on laws that were passed in 2010-2012, Super PACs are independent-expediture comittees.  They can raise money from corporations or independent people with the same goals.  They CAN NOT contribute to a candidate campaign or party but do provide financial support for “causes” that may or may not be supported by said candidate.

Since it is illegal for a Corporation or Labor Union to contribute directly to an individual campaign this is one way a corporation can put money toward supporting ideals that help them in their business.

So now my “what if”…. Lets say I believe 100% in green energy.  I put all of my money and retirement into building a company that promotes green energy or builds wind farms or some cause like that.  I can’t contribute as my corporation toward the candidate that I think would best promote my new business or laws that support expanding my business and growing green energy.  However, I can as an entrepreneur donate to a Super Pac that promotes green energy and in doing so encourages the candidate they feel best supports green energy.   How is that wrong or promoting an unfair influence?

Weekend through photos


I flipped through my photos to see if there were any good ones over the last five days I could post and blog about.

There is a little time capsule in there on the last five days but really nothing noteworthy for blogging.

Saturday we spent the day running errands and moving things around to make room for Dale for a while.  We bought a portable clothes rack that we put in our bedroom so Lori could hang her clothes in there.  We also moved her computer out to the garage and bought a 100 foot cord so when she needs to prep for class she can run it through the house and work out there.  Not the most comfortable, luckily the semester is almost over.

We also went a little crazy at the art supply store getting the things we needed and some extras we wanted for the sketching.  Our trip is now less than 5 weeks away and I am so darn excited.

While we were out and always on the hunt for the round rug my niece wanted for her nursery well we found a great rug place that had a sale going on and I sent here by the looks of my phone photos of 7 rugs, rugs that look nearly identical in the photos.

Sunday I took the rug out to the girls house, we had some stuff to move around and I was picking up my brother and some of his things.  My sister, brother and I put together a bed frame for my niece that had been in the stuff we just moved down.  We also moved the dresser that they had painted earlier in the week into the nursery.  We are less than a month from baby, in fact it could be any day in the next few weeks.  If she goes into labor again they won’t stop it this time.  The baby has been in long enough for lung development and Taylor continues to have contractions.

The weekend was very full and over quickly, two days ago in fact.  But it you look at it that way, I’m almost half way to the next one!





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