I took this photo Friday from bed.  CeeCee (a name she does not acknowledge) was lounging outside in the sun and I was reading before getting ready for work.  Soon after the sun moved and she came and crawled into bed with her warm soft fur against my feet.  It was very sweet.

Yesterday wasn’t as peaceful of a day for her.  It was annual shot day.  The appointment was for 9:00 a.m.  Lori woke me to see if I was going with, so up I got and got dressed….then it was cat wrangling time.  Picking her up is easy, especially if you’re comparing to her arrival a year ago.  But with the first failed attempt to get her in the carrier it was hide and seek.

Under the bed, back and forth I finally got her and then my failed attempt.  I almost got her in when all four legs spread out and she wiggled her way out of my hands and was off.  Then we couldn’t find her.  We were sure she went in the bedroom and it is not a large house.  Checked the bathroom and shut that room off.  Checking the office and our closets and then I detected her little body back in the bed where she warmed my feet the day before.  I got her out, wrapped her in a towel and got her in the carrier.  We got to the vet, shots done and actually on our way back home and it wasn’t even 9:00 yet.

She slept all day and kind of gave us the cold shoulder.  She didn’t sleep on the bed, but instead on her cat tree in the living room.  She did come have me pet her a little when I had to get up at 1am because some work came in.  I think she just wasn’t feeling week from the shots and the trauma.

Today she was playing with her toys again and the yearly affair seems to be over.

Productive/Not Productive

What a week.  I had 40 hours of just work when I went home last night make that this morning around 2am.

Tuesday I got in around 1 am, slept and then got up and went to the gym.  I went and washed my car and came home to make banana bread with my remaining hour before getting ready for work.  Except I used up all my eggs over the weekend so my ripe bananas had to wait.  Instead I did a few things around the house and headed back to work.

Wednesday I got in around 1am again, brought in my CSA box and went to bed.  Got up and put away my veggies, went to the gym, went to the dry cleaners and then to the grocery store and got the eggs.  I got everything put away and then back to work.

Thursday I actually got home early…Wednesday night, before midnight even.  Got some sleep, then went to the gym.  Came home and made the banana and blueberry muffins with some seriously ripe bananas.  Work was cra-a-a-zy though and I didn’t get home until about 2:00 a.m. Friday.


Friday, I slept.  Got up to see Lori off, should have gone to the gym.  Instead I went back to bed and slept until 10:00. However I didn’t get up until 11:45.  With just enough time to make dinner to take to work, shower and get going.

I am on call this weekend so I am glad I took the non-productive morning.  There is always part of me that thinks I should have at least started the laundry while I lounged around in bed reading.  Guess I’ll just have to do laundry while I work overnight on Saturday!







I joined a CSA last week and this morning was my first delivery.  It was actually there when I got home at 1am. and I pulled it in but didn’t open it until this morning.

The box is the standard 2-person box that I will be getting every other week, at least for now until I figure out if we can eat it all.

They emailed last week with what would be in the box and I added a cauliflower (because I have been known to make a meal just out of one) and three avocados.

Peering into the box you can see leaf lettuce, mustard greens and cilantro but that is deceiving.  This is everything from the box.


Mustard Greens, Cilantro, Leaf Lettuce, Carrots, Swish Chard, 1lb of boc chow, 2 pink lady apples, 1 pound of satsumas and romanesco cauliflower.  I added the regular cauliflower and the three avocado’s.  I really should have left off the swisschard considering how much is in my garden that we are not eating.

So what to eat first.  I have never had romanesco and It is so cool looking. So this will most likely be tomorrow.


However today I grilled up the lovely asparagus I bought for the weekend that we didn’t end up making.  So this is dinner today.



I got home at 1am from work last night, got ready and went straight to be.  I was asleep less than 6 hours before a pounding headache woke me.  I took two Excedrin without even getting out of bed but there was no going back to sleep.

I couldn’t sleep nor could I get up because my head was pounding.  I managed to get up a few hours later once my headache had subsided a little.  I hadn’t been to the gym in four days and really wanted to go.  I managed to get there and get a small work out, even through the headache was pounding.

I took a couple more Excedrin this afternoon at work and two Aleve before leaving work again tonight.  Here we are just after 1 a.m. and it is only just subsiding.  I’m not sure if its the barometer, hormones, or not eating very well over the weekend.

I really do like my new gym!  Fingers crossed the two Aleve help by morning and I can get a proper work out in.

52 and exhausted

I turned 52 today.  It was rung in with cards, emails, texts, phone calls and a visit.  I felt very celebrated!

Right now I’m working late, hoping third shift is in before midnight so I can get out.  I technically got enough sleep this weekend but feel like I am needing a good nights sleep.

Katherine flew in on Friday night and I picked her up after work.  Saturday we slept in a little having gotten in around 1am and then headed out to see the girls in Calimesa and Katherine got to meet Coral!  It was a very quick visit and when we got back home no one wanted to go out or wait for me to cook so Lori went out and picked us up Thai food.

Sunday we all went out to breakfast and then Katherine and I went for a walk on the beach and having not enough walking and chatting in we headed over to Bolsa Chica and walked there as well.  We all managed to make it out to dinner and had a lovely time.


Today I dropped her off on my way to work and when leaving I left Lori instructions to cook the chicken I had gotten for the weekend but didn’t cook.  Granted all I did was wash the potatoes and put them in the dish and left her directions for temp and time.  She looked up a recipe, added the herbs, onions and lemon and sent me this picture of a happy birthday dinner.  She is going to have to give up the “I don’t cook” if she keeps this up.


I am a very luck (albeit tired) girl!



Looks about right. Almost five inches expected, and my BFF is coming to visit this weekend.

Neighborhood is shaking up

Where to start….first by acknowledging I haven’t blogged in about 10 days.  There just isn’t anything I want to blog about I guess.  Work is busy as peak has started.  The gym is fabulous and helps me de-stress.  The rain keeps coming, which is great, and not so great all at the same time.  The rest of the world is sad, scary, disgusting…pick an adjective.

It was a gorgeous 80 degrees today and when I got home from the gym I had about 30 minutes before I needed to be in the shower so decided to  put in 20 minutes worth of weeding because HOLY HECK there are a lot of weeds.  My plan is 20 minutes a day and by the end of the week I have a couple of hours of weeding done.

Well as I finished and was putting the garbage and yard waste bins out for tomorrow my neighbors pulled up.  They are brother and sister.  She is 63 years old and works the night shift as a nurse (she moved in permanently a year ago when their mom died.)  He is 59 and mentally disabled.  We keep our eye out for him when no one is around and they bring us cookies at Christmas and we do the same.

She walked over and said “well you wont be seeing us around here anymore.”  It seems their rent went up $450.00 to reach $2250 for a place that has sewer problems, mold problems and the owners who are related to them will not fix anything.

In our conversation, which went way over my available time limit that I had to work with, they also told me that the entire block was closed off yesterday.  Cops overhead and police driving around the neighborhood with megaphones to lock doors and windows and stay inside.  We were both at work at that time, but yikes.

They are moving up the street aways to a retirement home.  Smaller, cheaper and no yard work.  They are excited to be able to use the sink and laundry at the same time and to be able to put toilet paper in the toilet.   All of this about the one year anniversary of their mom dying followed by their 13month old niece the very next day.