52 and exhausted

I turned 52 today.  It was rung in with cards, emails, texts, phone calls and a visit.  I felt very celebrated!

Right now I’m working late, hoping third shift is in before midnight so I can get out.  I technically got enough sleep this weekend but feel like I am needing a good nights sleep.

Katherine flew in on Friday night and I picked her up after work.  Saturday we slept in a little having gotten in around 1am and then headed out to see the girls in Calimesa and Katherine got to meet Coral!  It was a very quick visit and when we got back home no one wanted to go out or wait for me to cook so Lori went out and picked us up Thai food.

Sunday we all went out to breakfast and then Katherine and I went for a walk on the beach and having not enough walking and chatting in we headed over to Bolsa Chica and walked there as well.  We all managed to make it out to dinner and had a lovely time.


Today I dropped her off on my way to work and when leaving I left Lori instructions to cook the chicken I had gotten for the weekend but didn’t cook.  Granted all I did was wash the potatoes and put them in the dish and left her directions for temp and time.  She looked up a recipe, added the herbs, onions and lemon and sent me this picture of a happy birthday dinner.  She is going to have to give up the “I don’t cook” if she keeps this up.


I am a very luck (albeit tired) girl!



Looks about right. Almost five inches expected, and my BFF is coming to visit this weekend.

Neighborhood is shaking up

Where to start….first by acknowledging I haven’t blogged in about 10 days.  There just isn’t anything I want to blog about I guess.  Work is busy as peak has started.  The gym is fabulous and helps me de-stress.  The rain keeps coming, which is great, and not so great all at the same time.  The rest of the world is sad, scary, disgusting…pick an adjective.

It was a gorgeous 80 degrees today and when I got home from the gym I had about 30 minutes before I needed to be in the shower so decided to  put in 20 minutes worth of weeding because HOLY HECK there are a lot of weeds.  My plan is 20 minutes a day and by the end of the week I have a couple of hours of weeding done.

Well as I finished and was putting the garbage and yard waste bins out for tomorrow my neighbors pulled up.  They are brother and sister.  She is 63 years old and works the night shift as a nurse (she moved in permanently a year ago when their mom died.)  He is 59 and mentally disabled.  We keep our eye out for him when no one is around and they bring us cookies at Christmas and we do the same.

She walked over and said “well you wont be seeing us around here anymore.”  It seems their rent went up $450.00 to reach $2250 for a place that has sewer problems, mold problems and the owners who are related to them will not fix anything.

In our conversation, which went way over my available time limit that I had to work with, they also told me that the entire block was closed off yesterday.  Cops overhead and police driving around the neighborhood with megaphones to lock doors and windows and stay inside.  We were both at work at that time, but yikes.

They are moving up the street aways to a retirement home.  Smaller, cheaper and no yard work.  They are excited to be able to use the sink and laundry at the same time and to be able to put toilet paper in the toilet.   All of this about the one year anniversary of their mom dying followed by their 13month old niece the very next day.


First Beach of the year

Well, Seal beach that is.  (I walked Long Beach earlier in the year, it was a cloudy day also.)

This morning after breakfast we headed to the beach for a  walk.  Parked down by the jetty and wondered up the beach and back a couple of times.

The weather was cloudy and looked of rain but not cold at all.  However because it looked like rain the beach was pretty empty.  The diehard surfers were there and other beachcombers like us.

Lots of shore birds, curlews, sandpipers, seagulls, two pelicans and a heron flying over!  We were walking past a section we had just passed and I saw this conch in the surf.  It was beautiful, I picked it up and it was completely alive, showed Lori and then she got it further into the water so those shorebirds wouldn’t tear it apart.  Simply beautiful!



Hardenbergia Violacea

Or Purple Lilac Vine…….

This blooms in February every year.  Will all of the rain we had in January it was growing like crazy.  I so need to trim it back but refuse to do that until these yummy blooms die off.

It smells so good and is covered in bees and hummingbirds!


8 months

Iron Pumping Birthday

It would be simple just to tell you that Lori got us gym memberships for my birthday, but this a blog and that would just be boring.

So I’ll start with the 24 hour membership I had previously at the one nearest us.  It is a smaller, older (read dirtier) site.  Often with machines that are down and equipment that isn’t as up to the newest standards.  I have had a membership there TWICE in the last four years that I have been here.  I dropped it the first time because I had dropped off in using it and then some troll was on the elliptical trainer next to me watching porn……let that sink in.

I re-joined again because I really do like the gym and needed my workouts.  I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, but Lori would call me that.  I dropped it again last year when I started going to bootcamp.

Well although I really like the bootcamp workouts, and for a few months they were difficult there wasn’t much variation and became much easier.  My schedule and the class schedule really only allowed me one class a day and with the warm up and cool down the “work” part was only 20 minutes, the commute to and from took me longer.  After I injured my achilles in December and then my back I had fallen off completely.

Tha is when I started looking into 24 hour fitness again.  Because of my work schedule and it’s every changing nature, 24 hour fitness has always worked for me.  I used to love in the one in downtown Seattle and for a period of time when twice a day.

Well the next two gym sites closest to the house that are not that old gross gym are a step up in type (and price), they are considered the Super Sport not just the Sport.  A lot of it is the same format however they also have towel service and they have a lot more equipment and classes.  I was debating and looking up the prices, you can pre-buy a two-year membership through Costco.

A couple of weekends ago after Tai Chi Lori and I went and took a tour.  It was a wonderful looking gym and one of the features we really liked was when there is not a class in session for instance in the spin-cycle room, you can push play on a kiosk outside the room and pick from a large number of recorded classes and go in and “take” the pre-recorded class.  Same for the other studio with Yoga, Zumba, Body Pump and lots of other options.

Lori bought us both a membership at the Super Sport and we activated them this weekend.  I have already been twice!!!  I do love the gym.  Today about 8 minutes into my cardio I felt the fog lift.  That is how I describe that endorphin I get from working out.  My mind is clearer, I can feel myself smiling, I am more efficient and just all around do better.

It is not that I don’t get exercise with all of our projects, Tai Chi classes, our walks at the nature center.  It is just that I do better and feel better when I am going to the gym.

Thanks again honey.