My brother Dale and sister Della are going to town fixing up my house, selling my possessions and packing up.

This weekend the living room furniture was sold and picked up.  My bar and glassware was picked up.

They pulled the books I wanted, offered up some to our friend who is a veracious reader and are taking the rest in batches to half price books to sell.

Della sent me photos of her and Dale weeding the front iris bed together.

They pulled the sink and toilet in the bathroom and started painting in there.  The carpenter that we hired repaired the sub floor today and once they are done painting will replace the floor with the same material I put downstairs a few years ago, re-install the toilet and replace the sink that was in there and cracked since I bought the place.

They are working so hard, I am keeping my phone handy as I get random texts with photos…do you want this… (my usual response is NOPE, sell it)  Della sent me a photo of a shelf full of vases, I had her pull a couple special ones and said to sell the rest.

There is a moving company coming on Saturday to take Mary’s furniture and boxes also some furniture we bought together that I felt was more appropriate to send to her than to sell it.

The house is emptying out pretty quick.  There are more projects and we are working on getting a bid on the windows upstairs that are blown and then painting the outside.

Its seems to be happening fast and we still have several months to go.  I am a lucky woman to have such helpful siblings and friends offering to help!


More house

There really is more going on in life right now besides the selling of my house.  But except for work hours, this topic is taking up the most time and energy.

For the next month, we are on a fix up and clear out mode.  Della and Dale are going through things, listing what I don’t want on craigslist and packing up what I do want.

Della also knows a carpenter and the three of them met yesterday and prioritized some work around there.  These are things that we just never got to fixing but they need to be addressed before it sells.

We are still shooting for listing at the end of April if ‘something’ doesn’t happen sooner.  The ‘something’ may be a fish that is nibbling at the hook and interested.  That would be the most cost effective option for me.  He came by to see the place and brought the kids, the big interest is the pool which coincidently is the hardest selling point.

But in the mean time we continue to work on it (and by we, I really mean Della and Dale so far).  Dale sent me pictures of every book shelf, I just sent back a PDF showing which books to keep and which to donate/sell.  I picked everything I wanted, then I pared it down.   Then I really pared it down.  I ended up with the entire shelf of poetry and 60 random books that I am keeping.  A pittance in comparison to what is there.

There is also a moving van showing up next weekend to pick up furniture and belongings to take to Mary in North Carolina.

I spent so much time accumulating “things” when I was younger.  I also had plenty of room for them.  But having been away from it all for three years sure makes it easier to purge it all and the desire for the stuff in my life just isn’t there.  I don’t have the room nor do I need all of the things anymore.


Moving right along

Wow, so it was only a few days ago that I emailed the three realtors.  One has yet to respond.  One responded within the hour.  One responded a few days later that they were taking a hiatus to do a show at the fifth avenue.

So the one who responded within the hour not only followed up the next day with answers to my questions but today met with my sister at the house and did a walk through.

It sounds like a lot will need to be moved out for staging.  I am expecting an email tomorrow with what they came across while there today.  Also what they found when they went to houses in the area.

I am excited and nervous.  Lots of mixed feelings over all of it.

Lori and I also met with the financial planner yesterday and handed over all of our pertinent information and will be expecting back from her assessment and recommendations of our investments.  Also on Friday we met with an attorney regarding living trusts and health directives.

I gotta tell you, feeling very adult this weekend.  phooey.


Well the time has come and the market has improved, it is time to sell the house.

I loaded a bunch of photos on Zillow.  It is easier then sending them all to the real estate people.

I emailed three contacts, one is a friend from long ago Claudia, one was a reference from a friend she is an acquaintance of Katherines and the other was a suggestion from Zillow.

I sent them all the same email, laying out timing, shooting for closing the end of April.  Explained the long distance issue.  Told them my sister and brother could show them the house so we could get an idea of the minimum needing to happen to list it.  Gave them all the address so they could look up the specs and photos on Zillow.  I had a list of questions for them including fees.

On your mark……


Visitors; movie; play; broken truck and fixed kitten

It has been a very busy couple of weeks.  The blog has been in the back of my mind, but that is all.  Yesterday I received an email from a dear friend checking in and also from a blog reader I do not know “hoping all was well” because I hadn’t blogged in a while.

We have had company two weekends in a row.  Katherine was here a couple weeks ago.  We had a lovely visit that included a nice walk at Eldorado Nature park and we went to see the movie Joy.

My sister was down this last weekend for my nieces birthday.  We all went out to dinner and to see the play Twelve Angry Jurors at the local theater.  We also went to the baby store and ooh and awed over all the tiny baby clothes…I had to buy a handful and this little girl is going to be so darn cute.

In between the two visitors I actually only worked one job, in fact I am down to about two hours a week on Monday mornings to answer all the questions from the previous week.  Todays two hours was to cover the last couple weeks.  I still had time between jobs to swing into Trader Joes and get enough groceries to get through the week because like blogging, grocery shopping hadn’t happened since before Katherine arrived.

Even though I only worked one job, last week we also had to take the truck in on Monday morning as the alternator light came on.  They expected it would be done on Wednesday, which pushed then Thursday pushed and Friday they gave Lori a rental car.  She picked up my sister in it and it worked out that we were able to fit all of us in it for the weekend.  We do not yet have an eta.

We were down to one car for the week and also had to get the kitten fixed.  We got home from dropping Katherine off at the airport a week ago and she was in heat!  So we took her in Thursday and picked her up on Friday.  In the mean time Lori was stuck at home with no car prepping for the upcoming school semester and moving more of our never ending gravel pile.

Now that I have caught up on the last ten days I can move forward and blog about more/less interesting things.  Fun topics to bore you with:

  • Financial Planning
  • Trust and Will making (a fun event for the adult types out there)
  • Saving for retirement
  • Selling of my house
  • The endless attempt to get back to the gym

I wish they were more exciting but I can’t even think up a more exciting thing to put in as an example.  Yawn.  As you can see from my list of very grown up things on my task list and so instead here are some really cute baby clothes for my great niece.

IMG_3180 (1)

Photo Update

I love our new tile!  It looks and feels awesome!  I only wish I could spend some time there.  Work has been crazy….more on that later.  Lucky for me Lori is a powerhouse and continues to get things back together.  Saturday we finished tiling; Saturday we started to grout and move things back into place.  Monday Lori finished the grout and Yesterday she got the furniture back into place.  I get home every day and more it done and it is even better!  Today we went and bought a lamp….unfortunately we wont have it for two weeks.



I’m sure your excited for another tile update…..

The next tile update (after this one) will be my last.  We hope to finish up this weekend (realistically Monday to put the house all back together) and then I can post complete photos.

Yesterday we took out carpet from the living room and Lori layed down about 4 rows while I was at work.  Today we put another 12 rows into the living room before I had to get ready for work.

Currently to get to the bedroom/bathroom from the kitchen we have to go out the back door, around the house and in the front door and walk on the tiles Lori put down yesterday.  Good Times right there!

By tomorrow these will be set and we can move the living room furniture onto it and finish putting down the tile, we should be able by then to step from the kitchen onto the tiles set today.

As you can see the kitten is perfectly happy sleeping on her cat tree as we move furniture and make tons of noise.  She has clearly acclimated.




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