4 of 5

This is day 4 of 5 off in a row. We managed to go grocery shopping yesterday and today I did some weeding. Other then that its been a relaxing kind of time off. Some reading, some streaming and some sleeping and getting over colds.

I didn’t take the time off just to have a cold, but it has worked out that way. My colds generally follow the popular theory of a cold is 7-10 days. Since today is day 7 I figure mid week I am done! Mind over matter if I must.

Tomorrow we have some fun planned with family. Looking forward to that since I have been in the house so much this week.

In other 4 of 5 news…..we haven’t even gotten close to the new kitten. It is very very skittish. It reminds me of my first kitten ever when I was a kid. But this one I have been calling 4 of 5. Because the feral cat supposedly had 5 kittens. We took three to the shelter and then this one shows up right after. It camps out behind the big blue agave in the back yard, it it knows it is super thorny and it is protecting it.

Days off for healing

Saturday we headed out to do a little maintenance on the girls house.  Lori fixed a bedroom door that wouldn’t latch and worked on the irrigation.  I worked on two plumbing issues that ended up taking four trips to the hardware store and now an actual plumber coming tomorrow to fix the one I couldn’t fix.

Sunday morning I woke up to feeling like I had swallowed glass.  Seems I caught the cold or whatever Lori has.  Three days later I have just an irritating cough.  One that seems to act up more when I want to sleep.  Because REST, is the medicine I need most.

Lori’s cough turned into another doctor appointment and another chest x-ray yesterday.  We left there pretty sure she had pneumonia, and a new set of prescriptions.  But today when we heard back from the x-ray it is in fact NOT pneumonia just really really bad bronchitis.

Tomorrow starts a 3 day vacation.  We had planned to do some last minute things before school starts.  However it looks like it will be more like a healing stay-cation.  To top off the days of quiet I will be taking a trip to AT&T.  My phone tonight just got the black screen of death and its not turning off.  I can feel that it is on as the ‘home’ key bounces under pressure but nothing happens.  I’ve tried to force it off and held the side and home key down for more that three minutes.

And since I have no phone I also have no photos to upload.  Besides it would just be of a pile of lozenge wrappers.


It seems a little trite, is that the word, to blog about kittens or yard work or the fact that I was almost run off the road today.

This week has been so overwhelming.  Shootings.  Raids.  The horrors of social media.

I have joined a gym.  Its been months since my old membership expired.  Tomorrow I’m going to see if I can go in and work of some of this stress.

Summer weather means grilling

Our weather has been so hot.  Last week was near 100 every day so we finally cleaned the filters in our window AC units and turned them on.  Opening up the house every morning to get some fresh air through until 10:00 a.m or so when the outside is no longer cooler then the house.

We don’t have central air, but we have a very small 700 square foot house so a unit in the kitchen, one in the office and one in the bedroom means we can have them on for the room we are in or all three at once and they meet in the middle and cool it pretty quickly.

It also means just about everything I cook except breakfast has been on the grill.  Just this weekend was a chicken, sweet potatoes, salmon and spaghetti squash.  Thing is I think this is the absolute best way to cook that squash now.  Luckily LA means I can generally grill every day except the four days in February when it rains.

I’m kidding, it rains more than that…..I’m pretty sure.

Summer also means early morning weeding.  Because really after 10:00 a.m. there is just no use.  Sunday morning I had to be up for work at 6:15 to turn to the next shift.  I had left my work clothes out and went outside and weeded for several hours before it was just too darn hot.  I also had to be back on line for work at 2:30 and that ended up being pretty much a full shift.  I was so glad I got something done in the morning.

Oh and there is yet another kitten.  My brother just took the three ferals to the shelter for us and one we had never seen before shows up.  My theory is that with all four nursing the momma was producing milk, once it was down to just this one she stopped so it had to come for kibble.  It is super skittish.  I can’t even get close.  I tried with treats and a rope toy and went around the shed back and forth it would dash the other way.  I’m sure it was quite comical.  Either way, we now need to catch this one and hope the mysterious 5th kitten never shows up.



Kittens, Knots, Kneecap

Today’s post brought to you by the letter K.

The kittens are gone.  We paid my brother to come pick them up and take them to the animal shelter last Thursday. (Guild Money) Sending him with a blank check to cover the fees and if there were no fees to give them $100.00 donation.  Donation it was.  They took the little critters without hesitation. Cute, 9 weeks old, eating solid food, I had a litter box in the yard they were getting used to and I was picking them up at every moment so they wouldn’t be feral assholes like their mom.

Since they had not left our yard in two solid weeks because that is where the food source was, we didn’t even tell the neighbors who had no idea where they had gone.

So we are back to just the “usual” feral cats.  None of them were really thrilled with the kittens.  Even our CeeCee wasn’t going outside much because they kept coming into her cage, that or the ridiculous heat we were having.  The old guy we call Lionel wasn’t around much but he is venturing back now and even came to the door and meowed for food last night.

So that was Kittens, on to Knots.  I am super excited about an organization I found last week at the fair.  It is called Knots of Love and they are an organization where you donate your time, energy and materials to make hats for cancer patients and NICU blankets.  Since I am usually working on a blanket this gives me another option.  There are a few specifics for the hats and blankets, mostly an acceptable yarn list and 18×22 for the blankets.  Patters, colors and all that are up to the knitter or crocheter.  So when the blanket I have on my hook is done this is my next purchase will be some yard they approve and making some hats and NICU blankets.

This weekend I ended up being on call.  My regularly scheduled weekend is this coming one.  Saturday started early and there was lots of work the day was nearly over when I finally sat down.  But the laundry was done, I had run out to the notary for work and put in several hours of work.  Sunday morning started just as early.  Lori and I both had Chiropractic adjustments.  As I said to my niece this is not the Crack-a-lacky kind of adjustments they get.  They are full body and take an hour.

Lori has been coughing for nearly two weeks now.  To the point that she isn’t sleeping.  Which doesn’t help in the healing.  During her adjustment, she got her lungs re-aligned and the woman who does this adjustment says she had breathed in some spores.  We got home and she slept for a straight five hours while I worked and prepped food for the week.

My adjustment was slightly different.  My thumb had been hurting along with my left kneecap area.  With loud “Click” of the bones there a couple times a day.  I told her I was waking up every night between 3 and 3:30, she felt my knee, asked me if my right arm pit smelled more that my left (um yea) and said its your gall bladder.  Proceeded to adjust every one of my ribs and reach under (and when I say reach, I mean DIG) and adjust my gallbladder.

After some general other adjustments and a sheet of instructions, my knee 36 hours later does not hurt and for the first time in a month I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night, well to coughing maybe, but not to pee.


Fair Days


Yesterday I had a day off.  We met Vicki and Della at the OCC fair.  Vicki had purchased four tickets for a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band called Rumours.  They put on a really fun show.  Using period accurate equipment and costumes to capture the band.  They covered several time periods so the wigs and outfits changed mid show to a different era. They even called each other Stevie and Lindsey and stayed very much in character.  Although lots of people dancing and taking videos I did not take any pictures.  We had someone take this before the show and he clearly couldn’t focus but it did capture the moment.

“The moment” happened to be five hours after we actually got to the fair.  We wondered around and we all had different exhibits we wanted to see.  I wanted to see the cakes, my favorite in the buttercream category is attached. Della spent a good deal of time looking at the beading.  Vickie and I checked out the “table settings” display because her friend had an entry.  Very cool.  Lori was still sick but she powered through and is paying for it today.  She showed us the container and bonsai displays that she judges every Tuesday.  (I found out just yesterday that the fair is actually closed on Mondays and Tuesday’s.  Monday new entries come in and Tuesday the judging – I assumed all this time she judged while people where there.)

We all wanted to see the pigs and I have more goat photos and videos then I know what to do with.  We all split a turkey leg and fries.  We watched Ewes being judged and the guy explaining the judging was very interesting but the mic was so loud we didn’t hang out there too long.  We walked through the garden area and generally tried to find shade as it was 95 degrees and thousands of people.  Grand fun and always better than a work day.





One of those days…

or one of THOSE days.

I set my alarm for early.  I needed to be up and bake cupcakes before it got to hot.

I make cupcakes for every co-workers birthday and so this bake was planned.  But then the company I work for decided that every office needed to have a potluck for team building.  You know spend your own time and money and energy when directed to build comrade in the office.  This meant some of us had to be to work an hour early to to this. (I think most in our office were just a bit put off because we already do a potluck at Christmas time, one our own, and are not “told” to do it.)

I made double batch of cupcakes and had the oven turned off by 8:30 a.m.  The day was stacked after that.  I made us breakfast, cleaned up from the bake and breakfast. Made frosting, boxed and frosted the cupcakes. Cleaned up from that.  Made chicken for Lori in the afternoon (who is sick and probably not eating it).  Made myself a salad for dinner.  Also put together a lunch as I knew nothing at the “potluck” I would want to eat.  I went out to get us tea and found my car was broken into.* Got ready for work and left to get to the office an hour early.  Transporting frosted cupcakes in 100 degree weather was challenging but it all worked out well.

I ate my lunch (leftover gazpacho) while everyone had sandwiches,  cupcakes and an ice cream sundae bar in our “you will have a potluck and (I don’t know) like each other” and then started my shift.  Our northern office covered during the event and we will cover for them next week in their forced social event.

*So the car, good news is no broken window, no damage at all.  I went out and found the drivers door not quite closed.  My heart jumped and I looked in to see the glove box open as was the center console.  Since I keep very little if anything in my car there wasn’t much to go through.  The gloves and few maps were in the seat, nothing else removed from the glove box.  The center console had the tray in the seat and the Excedrin bottle in the seat but nothing missing.  The only thing missing was a very expensive pair of Maui Jim sunglasses that I didn’t actually buy, they were a gift from Vicki as she got them as swag from work.  But still a bummer as they were fantastic glasses and retail at about $300 bucks.  (I would never actually spend that on sunglasses.)  As I type this I wonder if they took my phone charger and I didn’t notice.  But luckily its an extra one if they did that and I rarely every use it.

I had gotten home at 12:00 a.m. from work and usually I take my briefcase out of the back and hit the button to close it.  I then hit the lock/alarm button about the time I get to the door and it has finished closing.  I am assuming based on no damage that I left it unlocked and someone was just walking by checking door handles.  Good thing that everything I keep in the car would fit in a sandwich bag.

Oh well, this day is over.  Tomorrow is a rare middle of the week day off to go to a show.  More on that after the fact.