Tuesday night on my way home from work nearing midnight I was behind an impaired driver.  The driver was swerving.  Swerving in a manner that was almost farcical.  It appeared to be an over dramatization of swerving.  Not just in the lane we were traveling but a foot into the right lane, correct, a foot into the left lane, correct.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

My phone was in my bag and besides staying far enough behind that I could steer clear of a problem if he crashed I certainly wasn’t going to take my eyes off of him to call 911 even if I had the phone handy.

I stayed behind, as that just felt safer to me and at one point when the driver came close to a wall and corrected straight for a minute I went two lanes over and around leaving  the vicinity completely.

So Wednesday afternoon when I was driving to work mid day and came across another over correcting person and there wasn’t as much clear real estate on the freeway I still kept my distance.  Thinking the person was maybe falling asleep and not drunk.  My phone still in my bag even though I was going slow enough to get the plate if I wanted.

It was Wednesday night when there was clearly another impaired driver that I thought maybe I should blog about this ridiculousness.  This person was going soooo slow in the right lane, did not have on lights and was also over correcting I just got the hell out of there.

But today, today on my way to work was simply too much not to mention.  Traffic was creeping.  Little did we know that two lanes ahead were closed as we all inched along. I was in the right hand lane and beside a semi which was throwing some shade and since I couldn’t really go anywhere we just inched along together.  That is when I noticed the car in front of me.

Now this driver was impaired, but I don’t think drunk.  I think he was seriously tweaking on something.  He was squirming all over his front seat.  Reaching down to the floor board where he was no longer visible, drifting seriously all over his lane toward the jersey barrier and back.  Looking in the mirror, out the window, over his shoulder, onto the floor, his back seat…all while drifting around his lane and moving at about 4mp.

Then he drifted right into the semi truck.  I saw it all happen and was hanging back and nowhere near them considering they were right next to and in front of me.  He kind of bounced off the truck over corrected into his lane and nearly the wall again, checked his rear view mirror and kept on driving.

The Semi signaled to move over so I just hung back and made room.  Because we were all going to slow I watched the semi corral him with his truck and stop him.  The driver got out and checked the truck and was walking toward him as the impaired driver nervously walked/bounced/adjusted his pants toward him, never actually checking his own car and by then I had inched past them and closer to the lane closer that would free me up to get to work just in time.

Why?  Why all the impaired drivers in one week?  I don’t keep my phone out while I’m driving and don’t really want to get near enough to get a plate to report them.  What would you do?

There is crazy all over

Work is crazy busy.  I am used to this pace when we are in peak….but peak is a month away.  So it just seems ridiculous they are closing offices and laying people off but there you have it.

I personally think I am good until May of next year.  Based on the peak schedule, the work load and the projected rollout of new services.  (Maybe even beyond May but I am planning other adventures at this time.)

Adding to the crazy are people cramming in vacations in the “non peak” periods as they are not allowed during peak.  So Monday I had to be in early as two people were on vacation.  Now two others are on vacation for today through the next two weeks so I am working late.  I have the late second shift that turns to third and that is often a shift that has to work over.

But because I am working late I had some extra time today before coming to work.  I was able to fit in a walk before my boot camp class and then go pick up some starts for my fall garden.

What I have figured out and it only took a couple years, is that I can have a Fall, Winter and Spring gardens but Summer is just too hot in my backyard for a garden.  There just isn’t any shade at all on the plot.  Its still iffy right now as we had triple digits a couple days this week but at least its cooler this weekend and down to the mid 70’s at night.

I had to move my car early because of the street sweeper, I drove to the boot camp and took a walk around there before class.   Here are some pictures of while not quite my neighborhood, pretty darn close.





It is the end of September but plans must be made folks.

In fact when we were at the winery this weekend I got a start on the festivities and bought four bottles of wine.  See priorities right there.

Some flights have been confirmed and today I booked three rooms in a hotel near the house.  Why, because things are selling out fast.

We are up to up to 15 people and a couple maybes.   For family/friends who actually read this you are welcome!  Just let me know so we can get enough grub….and possibly more wine.

Weekend Away Zero Photos

I had to work late on Friday night, it just meant I didn’t spring out of bed to get an early start to our last minute road trip on Saturday.

We drove up to Paso Robles to see friends.  It was Deb’s birthday and they had just bought a new home up there.  It will be a rental by November but are spending all of the weekends up there until then.  They actually don’t live very far from us but this was not just to see them but celebrate the tough year they have had with selling one house and buying another.  In fact we hadn’t seen them since we finished putting landscaping in for them in May.

So we drove up and visited.  They drove us around to see the area and went to one of the many winery’s for a tasting.  I actually ended up buying four bottles for Thanksgiving that is upcoming.

We left there and headed down to Pismo beach but could not find a single available room for the night.  Instead we continued on to Santa Maria and got one of the last rooms at the Santa Maria Inn.  Slept well, Lori slept straight through the night with out all of the noise of our neighborhood to wake her.

Got up in the morning and texted friends in the area but didn’t hear back before breakfast so we headed out and found a nice spot…oh wait I have a breakfast photo
img_4633and then just when we were done we heard from them.  They actually live in San Jose but are in the area clearing out C’s mom’s house who passed away this Summer.  But we had a lovely catch up and visit and support/assvise for what they are dealing with since we seem to be pros at the clearing out houses at this point.

We hit the road to drive home and it would be redundant to say the traffic sucked coming in from the coast on a Sunday afternoon when the weather was 102 and 90 at the beach….so by the time we got home I logged right in to help at work again.  In wasn’t my on-call weekend (that is next weekend) but I knew my co-worker who had been in since morning had the first shift today.  He had asked me for help on Sunday and I let him know I would log in when I got home.

I worked until almost midnight and then had to be in at noon today.  I didn’t have time to call my friend Katherine…three weekends in a row, seriously I need to put in a alarm or schedule better or something.  Luckily Lori did all the laundry on Friday and I had gotten some groceries on Thursday.

Another week starts, noon-10:30 pm today and so you might as well call this Tuesday already.  On your mark get set go…..

Go Hawks 

I am surrounded at work by Raiders and Ram fans!   

So of course I had to represent my Seahawks!

I put up this lovely streamer on my desk (not visible to clients).  If you peek between the monitors you’ll see the bright colors of the M&M dispenser.  The  blue, green and white are actually Seahawk logo’s printed on them. 

Now when my Raider fans stop by for treats I make them say “Go Hawks”.  

The shelf is also conviently out of my reach, even though it’s on my desk.

Yoga+Schedule+Prep+to much stuff

This became one of those blogs that I tried to cram to much into……kinda like the day in general!

We found a yoga studio this weekend.  It isn’t super close, but its closer than any others to our house.  That really is not to descriptive is it?  Well besides being a 30 minute drive on surface streets (the one closest to us), there are two others further away we can also go to.

This is nice on weekends if we want to go to the beach, but maybe hit yoga before or after.  It is also close to a couple friends that we used to meet in the middle in Anaheim on Sunday mornings for yoga.  So a slight possibility there as well as being closer to school.

Anyhow.  We went to yoga on both Sunday and Monday.  I really like the studio.  It is modern and still simple without being one of those studios where there is a single room, one restroom, no place to gather for the next class and classes are limited to before and after the “normal” work hours.  This place has classes all day, there are two studio’s so the classes stagger and are not to far apart.  Some of the mid day classes are even less expensive that the “normal” times.

My schedule is not normal and Lori’s is even further from normal than that.  I found out last Friday afternoon that someone was needed in Denver and my co-worker ended up with the short straw.  Mostly because he was the last one in an the last one to answer “no”.  That did mean that my schedule is later again this week.

I don’t mind the going in later….its the getting home later that messes with my schedule.  Today I wanted to go to the early morning Fit Body workout so I could go to a 9:15 yoga.  Except that didn’t happen.  After getting to bed about 2am, I was not interested it trying to get to the gym by 6:00.  So instead I went to my usual 9:00 a.m. Fit Body class.

I went home after class so I could see and talk to Lori for 10 minutes before she left for school.  We may actually “work” the same evening hours but with my changing schedule and her office hours and meetings during the week we are lucky to have one day like yesterday where we went to yoga and breakfast.  Usually its “Hi, how was your day yesterday, see you tomorrow”

Once she left for school today I went and washed my car.  It was covered in pitch from parking under the tree all weekend.  Then to Costco for a few items.  Then to get gas.  Once home I put away the Costco items and then made banana bread with some over ripe bananas we had.  Then cooked some chicken breasts to get us through the week.  Then made a big salad for the week as well.  Once all of that was done and everything cleaned up I got ready for work and still got to work thirty minutes before I needed to punch in….hence this long winded all over the place blog.

To wrap up:  Yoga good; food prepped for week; schedule off but making it work!  Long winded disjointed blog post done.

morning beach

Saturday morning we put our feet in the sand, in the ocean.  It was a great unwinding from the week and pre-wind up for the weekend.

I wish all of you could have walked in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday.  It was divine and centering and oh so very needed.