Holy Costco Crowd

I got home at 1am from work this morning.  However the day started only five or so hours after I went to bed as the garbage needed to be on the street prior to 7am.  (There is a long story involving our trash being down the street in another homes bin as to why we can’t put it out the night before)

After that I ran a few errands. I swung by the carwash on my way to  Sprouts where I picked up our pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  (Tomorrow will include driving, heating and visiting).  I swung into Trader Joes as well because Costco, my only other stop was not open until 10:00.  I arrived at Costco at 9:30 and this was the crowd waiting for the door to open.

I stayed in my car listening to an audio book for at least 30 minutes, well actually I spent 15 of it in-line for gas and then another 15 in the parking lot.

Granted with this crowd at the door waiting for it to open it took me another fifteen minutes to get in.  I only had a few things to pick up and it took me longer to get in the door then it did to get the items and get back out.

But I think I still beat the Thanksgiving crowd and was back home and unloading everything by 11 giving me nearly an hour before I had to start getting ready for work.

Luckily I will not need to go out to any store for the entire upcoming crazy shopping weekend!  If this is the pre-opening crowd I don’t even want to see what Black Friday would look like.


Moving On to Christmas

Lets just get that “warning” blog off the top and move on.  Granted all that I had to say on the war and it being a dire situation in the world is still true however the actual “warning” given to me my security has been dis-proved….

There you have it, I bought into the same propaganda.  Phooey.  I did try and check it out and this afternoon I see my error was including the date of the letter given me and not a more generic search to see this same thing was done years go.

So moving on the holidays.  I keep hearing Christmas carols and seeing Christmas displays.  There has even been a couple houses in the neighborhood that have decorated.  It does NOT feel like Christmas or heck even fall to me.

Today when I arrived at both jobs, low and behold there were Christmas trees in both offices all decorated.  When I drove into job one at 7:30 in the morning it was 53 degrees.  Then I was driving into the second job at 12:30 and it was over 80 degrees.

It is actually supposed to be cooler in the next few days.  However last week there was 35 degree difference between morning and afternoon.  53-87 making it difficult to dress for the day.

Boy oh boy do I know how spoiled I sound when in Washington there have been rain storms and cold weather and back east there have been threats of snow.  This is why the term coined by the new anchor “California Cold” makes me chuckle.

The fashion is currently sweaters and scarfs and tights with boots…..and mid day it is in the 80’s.  Go figure.  It does not stop the complaining of how cold it is in the morning or evening or for that matter how hot it is mid-day.

We are never happy except for those perfect 78 degree days.  Luckily we get a lot of them.



Well I have since been schooled that this is in fact not true.  The same head of security who brought it to us and everyone else at work has in the past also shown up with EBOLA and other warnings so I believed this to be valid as well.  Still stay safe everyone.

———————–original post below—————————-

One of the advantages (in a way) of working at a public (read target) place is the intel.  So much comes across my desk regarding threats, outbreaks and general mayhem.

We have been actively at war for over a decade now (October 7, 2001 to present).  That we haven’t been “hit” on our soil is what keeps most of us complacent that we are actually at war. (Yes I realize the precursor was 9/11 and on our soil)

Things have been dire in the world as of late, France, Beirut, Syria, Lebanon, the Russian flight brought down in Egypt and oh so many that don’t make the “main stream” news feeds.

The warning that crossed my desk today at the temp job I needed to share with you.  It came from our safety division and I am passing it along as requested.

The warning is attached, in brief it discusses the purchase of 32K in UPS uniforms over eBay in the last month.  Please be aware of your surroundings when in public places.  I certainly don’t want to say that it is inevitable the war we are engaged in would land on our soil, but we are at war, a fact that gets missed in a lot of the news coverage.



3am mewing

I heard some scurrying about 3 in the morning.  Pretty sure I heard the litter box but I didn’t get up to confirm because I didn’t want to scare her.  There was some light mewing that started after that and I could hear her moving around.

At about 5 am I woke Lori and she mewed back and forth with her for a while and went and laid on the floor and talked to her.  The kitty ran behind the toilet and then into the bedroom and behind the bookshelf.

At a more reasonable hour this morning Lori reached in behind the curtain and petted her. She let off a motor full of purring and after a few minutes ran off behind the shelf again, only to come back behind the curtain a little while later.IMG_3001

Welcome Kitten

We brought home the kitten yesterday after the class at Huntington Garden.  We drove down to the school and Joe crated her up and we brought her home.  Lori had already picked up a cat tree and got dishes and beds from a friend who no longer has cats.

Well we brought her home and opened the kennel, she didn’t move.  About six hours later she darted out and behind the bookshelf.

When we got up this morning she was still in the same spot.  She had been in about the same spot for twelve hours.

We have climbed down and talked to her, tried to give her food and water.  We succeeded in sending her in the corner of the furthest shelf and the curtain.

Several hours later we tried a toy on a string but she didn’t move.  We let her be for a while longer.  She ventured out, only to get tangled up in the lamp and send it toppling over.  Tearing the lamp and freaking her out even more.

She ran around the couch and into the opposite corner behind the table and were we have a couple guitars.  She got caught up in the strap of the guitar case and Lori’s ukulele case.

When Lori tried to remove the ukulele, the kitty dashed out and is currently back under the bookshelf.  She has been here for thirty two hours and the only photo I have to share is this one of the busted lamp.





This morning Lori took her design class to Huntington Garden.  We met up about 8:00 in the morning and headed in about 8:30.  There was a general tour and discussion of design then an in depth comparison of Chinese and Japanese Gardens.

Here are some of her ducklings are following her out of the Japanese garden.

I took a ton of photos she can use in her power point presentations.  I also got some great bird shots including this hummingbird….do you see it?


8 full hours

I slept until 8am this morning. A full 8 hours of sleep.  It almost felt like a weekend, well someone else’s weekend – not mine, we clearly like to have too many things going on.  (By choice!)

This weekend in fact we are up and out early tomorrow.  Lori is taking her class to Huntington Garden and I am going to tag along, simply because the place is beautiful and it’s been a while since I’ve been there.

We will also be getting a kennel to put outside the bedroom window and to make a kitty run for the kitty we will also be picking up tomorrow.

Sunday will have to include moving more of the gravel from the driveway and getting some errands done.  There may be a chance to sleep 8 hours on Saturday night as well but somehow I doubt it with a new kitten and all.

Then bam, just like that the weekend will be over and next week the crazy week starts back up again.


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