All Moved In

IMG_2400The girls are all moved in.  They got here a couple of weeks ago. Their furniture delivered on the same day as the pod.  We picked up two loads in the truck and Once the two beds and the couches arrived we spent the weekend shopping and organizing and finishing up the last of the projects.

IMG_2417That’s not to say we are 100% done.  But if you own a house you know you are never ever 100% done.  I hung the light over the bar and changed out the dishwasher vent.  Although there are still other things like the landscaping and hanging towel hooks that pretty much finished it off.

Today we drove out and picked up Taylors bed frame that had been on back order.  We got it set up before setting out to get the van smogged.  We spent the rest of the time going for lunch and visiting before driving back home.

They are busy applying for job and registering with agency’s.  Besides that they are venturing out, learning the area and exploring.  The entire house is set up and quite cozy.



Salad Jars

You may plan better than me.  You possibly don’t ever let vegetables turn to soup in the crisper drawer.  I however continue to buy too much at one time because…yum veggies…and then don’t get to them before they, well are no longer fresh.

I also love salad but at the end of a work day and then going to the gym I don’t want to pull out everything and make one (hence the spoiling veggies in the drawer).

So tonight I went grocery shopping after the gym.  I came home and made a salad for dinner and then put together 4 quart size salads with the rest of the veggies.

In the bottom of these jars I put fresh lime juice, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper.  First I put in the denser veggies that could hold up to the weight of everything else.

IMG_2436Bell Pepper, celery, green onion, snow peas, kumquats and kidney beans.  Then I added the softer veggies, cucumber, tomato and avocado that I put more lime juice on so it hopefully doesn’t turn brown.  Filled the jars with an organic super greens mix and put them in the fridge.

I didn’t intend for the jars to be purple.  I didn’t notice that when I bought them and they were completely covered in way too much packaging.  I wanted them to be clear so Lori would know there were prepared salads in the fridge when she went looking for food.

But since the jars are dark so now I’m going with ….. um, hopefully less light will keep things fresher!?!

IMG_2438For now I have four salads in the fridge and the “left over” veggies clean and cut and ready to eat.  I know preparing them could make them lose nutrients, however letting them rot in the drawer wasn’t working either.

We will see how this works out.  Hopefully they will be consumed in a couple of days and not go to waste.  They can just be poured out onto a plate and are also portable if I decide to take one for lunch.

Weekend of food

IMG_2434This last weekend was quite an event.  I am going to skip right over the last tasks we completed at the house and the fact that the girls are all moved in and come back to those items in another post.

We got up at 2:30 on Saturday morning and were on the road about 3:00am.  We drove up to Marin for a memorial for Ruth.  We stayed at the house where the memorial was held, Ruth’s daughter and partner’s house.  It was quite a lovely home in a beautiful part of the state.  We got there about 10:00 am giving us about three hours to help set up before it started at 1:00.

I had only met Ruth a handful of times.  She is the mom of Lori’s childhood friend and the reason we took the road trip last Thanksgiving.

The memorial was lovely, low-key with family and friends mostly visiting.  One of Ruth’s cousins spoke and invited others to talk as well.  Ruth had a stroke three years ago and it has been a very hard three years for her and the family.  It was heart warming to hear about her during times that she was mobile and adventurous.  I felt so bad for her grandson,  he is a teenager and has been the one to help her in and out of the wheelchair and van, sometimes the only one she cold tolerate.  He was so very upset during the time when everyone was sharing stories.

The conversations and food were wonderful.  Maybe just because it was catered by a friend who is a vegan and I could eat almost everything there.  Beet Salad, Lentil Salad, Green Salad, Quinoa Salad, Roasted Veggies, Huumus and a “cheese spread” that really was almond that was unbelievable.  Great looking bread made with ancient grains and lots of fresh fruit.  It is rare that I can or want to eat everything served and it was even better that it was so delicious.

Sunday we awoke to the sound of the chickens wanting their breakfast.  We left and headed over to concord for even more yummy food.  Janet had taken some of the roasted veggies and fruit home.  She had made delicious fritatas and fruit salad.  After visiting there was headed out about noon.

We swung through San Jose to surprise Flo and Celeste.  Flo is heading to Peru for four months, which I didn’t actually know when we pulled in.  We had a lovely visit and we went to lunch.  We went to Aqui Cal-Mex grill and although I ordered something small because it had only been a few hours, it was fantastic.

I had a nearly vegan weekend and also had some of the best food I’ve had in months.  That coupled with some great people and conversations, it weird to say I had a great weekend when the focus was a memorial.

We headed out from Flo and Celeste about 3:30 and got home at 10:00.  I know that was two days ago but I am just now getting my feet under me and tomorrow is the middle of the week already.


IMG_2425Since I got the car in January, I have been taking the truck on and off of standby insurance to do things like move gravel, or to move the girls last weekend.  Then just like last weekend, it ends up just sitting under the tree and not being used.

I happened to mention selling it at work and one of the managers asked that I bring it in.  So I extended the insurance out another day and drove it in.  Yesterday when he decided to buy it I was then on a limited time frame.   After work I got one more 1,000 pound bag of gravel, got it unloaded, cleaned out the truck and got it back to the work parking lot prior to midnight.

Today I signed over the title, deposited the cash, removed it from my auto policy completely and am just down to the car now.

It has been a great truck.  I never loved this Ranger like the one before that was totalled.  But it took hundreds of trips to the dog park.  Allowed me to join the farmers market and transport lots of cakes.  Moved me to California and then became a work horse for bricks and gravel.

When I cleaned it out last night I kept thinking where did all this stuff come from.  I had three atlases, a bird guide, binoculars, emergency kit and six books in this thing and there is no trunk!!  That doesn’t even include all the miscellaneous things like gloves, sunglasses, umbrella, pens, change, tarp and other junk in the truck.

525,600 minutes

DSC01049A year!  It has already been a year!



Our yard is teaming with babies.  There are three nests right now and at least two of them have babies.

We have two nests on opposite ends of the front porch.  Each balanced against a post and the sun screens we hung last year for our really hot July and August sun/heat blocking attempts.

The other nest is in the oasis we built in the back yard.  It has the noisiest, ugliest fuzzy headed baby mocking bird in it.

I think this low profile dish we found so I could provide a bird bath has helped.  There isn’t a lot of “water” out there for the birds.  This dish is sitting right on the ground, is in the shade of the house most of the day so not losing to much to evaporation.  Every few days I toss what water is left onto a thirsty plant and fill it back up.

IMG_2390 IMG_2392

IMG_2388 IMG_2389 IMG_2393



This is the photo from March 7, the day we started work on the studio.

IMG_0228On the first day we emptied out the room and tore out the carpet.  That was a chore as it was seriously glued to the floor.

The next Saturday we started prepping and painting the room.

Week three we finished painting and then started laying down the time.

One month in was the great shopping spree via Skype and the day we finished the tiling.  We also got baseboards in that weekend.

Next came the kitchen counter and getting the kitchenette all set up.  Along with a couple runs to the dump and finishing touches we actually only worked on this project for eight days.  Eight, twelve-hour days over two months and we are done.  Daniel moves into the studio from the house and the girls will be here next week.

IMG_2370 IMG_2371



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