Did you hear, it rained

Just last night it sprinkled at bit, enough to make the outdoor kitty break in through the kitty oasis and make our cars filthy.  Should be all done now.

But no, a few weeks ago it rained a bunch.  For a day or two.  Lots of mud slides from the fires but nothing like that for us.  Just a good deep soaking for all of the weed seeds that hadn’t seen any rain since last Spring.

The weeds are popping up everywhere.  This is usually our worst time of year for weeds in our specific yard since we don’t water anything except the three relatively new trees (under 5 years) in the front yard in July and August.

They are just getting to the size that they can be pulled.  But dang they are growing fast and last nights little sprinkle did not help.



I was going to blog about this over the weekend.  But I was on call and it not one of those weekends that nothing happened.  Sunday I was on just after noon and almost eleven hours later I was done!

Friday I went for a walk at El Dorado. There were so many ducks.  Dozens of them.  Some coming in for landing, motor boating to a stop.  In one shot I had 20 ducks, in the water, around the shore.

There were also Snowy Egrets, and Hooded Merganser.  I was so thrilled with seeing the Hooded Mergansers.  I took lots of pictures but had to go look them up when I got home to double-check.  I think it’s the first time I have seen them in person.






Pick Up

We swung in and picked up our pottery yesterday.  Or most of it.  We went through many shelves and found most pieces but I believe I am missing 2-3 based on the previous photos.

It’s all good though, we have lots and each have favorites in the bunch.


Sugar Sugar everywhere

My co-workers, nearly all of them, either currently have a cold or in the last month have had the flu and or cold.

It was the night before last that I felt that first throat scratchy precursor to a cold.  So yesterday I stopped and got some Umcka.  However in standard Whole30 routine I checked out the ingredients prior to taking it.  Maltodextrin is a sugar made from corn, sometimes wheat.

Why?  Also why didn’t I check it at the store instead of after I got home?  Obviously I did not take it.  I also am not getting rid of it because I may take it in the future or Lori may take it soon if the coughing, hacking students infect her.

Instead I went this morning and got two ginger shots, had one then and put the other in my fridge for tonight.  My throat is already better and no sugar included.  The cayenne pepper in it burns the throat but I felt much better after I took it.


Cutting out the sugar has been the best and hardest part of this process.  It is in everything.  Even my mustard had to leave the house and I found one without sugar.

On another note to continue to share food photos, I will post this mornings breakfast.  Simply because the poached eggs were terrific and if you eat with your eyes first I thought this one was a beauty.





Food Prep…round 2…company

I don’t even know what to title this thing.

I am on day 35, just kept right on chugging with Whole30.  Maybe I’ll reintegrate some things after the 4th of March.  Will just have to wait and see.  There are currently no cravings bad enough to reintroduce anything.  Convenience is the only thing that is tempting.  Like being able to pop toast in the toaster and call it breakfast.

Food prepping and shopping have been my biggest hurdles.  But with planning and taking a little time every few days it is doable.

Having the CSA deliver a new round of veggies helped today.  I only had to shop for protein to get through the rest of the week and that was easy enough to squeeze in after the gym.

Now my nieces Taylor and Maria are doing Whole30 as well so there are lots of texts, food ideas and support.  I now also have an Instagram where I have been putting all the food pics, mostly to not bore you and get ideas from others doing the same thing.

Here are some of the vegetables delivered today along with some food prep.  Watch for beets and romanesco this weekend.

IMG_4279IMG_4269 IMG_4007

Six Years

Superbowl weekend is our “anniversary”  Granted it’s not the day we actually married legally with the state but we just find that one to be cursory.

Sunday we both had appointments with the highly regarded chiropractor.  One Lori has seen for decades but she is “retired”, in the same sense that Lori would ever be retired.  Meaning she only works a couple of days a week.

She has moved her office out of her 50th floor condo on the beach in Long Beach, to a shared office just off the beach in Seal Beach.

I went in for an issue with my hip/knee, my right elbow and my jaw.  After an hour appointment, my elbow is still tender but not as much, my hip has no pain and my knee is better.  My jaw is tender from the adjustment but it feels much better.

Her ask to me on the jaw was “are you keeping your words in”  which in this political climate it seems although I make at least one call a day, usually while I’m driving and continue to send out faxes there is just so much I am not screaming about.    So my homework is to stop listening to the news while I drive and that everything I need to know I can get in a five-minute update.

I walked off my appointment while Lori was in hers.  Then we headed to the beach for a (Whole30 compliant) picnic and a little down time.  The couple of hours we sat in the sand talking and watching the water along with the picnic were over in the blink of an eye.  But it was still a beautiful way to take a moment out of our extremely busy lives and acknowledge the day.



I may have mentioned being a guinea pig client for a friend getting her health coaching license.  This includes a weekly call on Thursday’s to go over the week, report in on what she had me focus on the week before and what to work on for the next week.

We are both very similar in our approaches to food and fitness so it’s a pretty good match.  Last week she wanted me to focus on water.  What happened however is before she could tell me to track it she asked me how much I drank a day.  When I calculated out the water and tea I was WELL above the amount she wanted to ensure I was getting.  So we left the call without anything solid to work on.

I felt bad because I am supposed to be helping her out and in return getting help myself.  So today toward the end of the call she asked if there was anything I needed help with.  I said figuring out in my schedule where to fit in my workouts.

I do love going to the gym.  I just have a job and a commute and I do like to sleep every night.  There is also taking care of the house, the laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, random errands and I particularly like spending any spare time that Lori may have hanging out with her.

The Coaches advise today was start with a schedule.  Color code the work hours, commute hours, sleep hours and see what is left for working out and where it makes sense to fit it in.


So I have between 11:30 at night when I get home and midnight or so when I go to bed.  I am usually changing and brushing my teeth and such.  Also the hours between getting up 8a.m. and noon when I have to be in the shower to get ready for work.

Now during those four hours I make breakfast, make and pack lunch and dinner for work.  Also other random errands like grocery shopping, going to the dry clearer, post office,  random errands or chores or washing the car.  Not to mention the never list of projects we constantly have going.

Needless to say I am no closer to figuring out how to make it a priority in those four hours.  My best guess right now is to not get so much sleep.  I mean really who needs 8 hours a day.  But I do have a fun new table however.