Kitchen Update

Time for an update. We started this demo about a month ago.

So far we have removed the counters and backsplash. Removed both upper and lower cabinets. Removed the tile floor. Managed to get all of the debris to the recycling center.

We have a new fan, four new can lights and have doubled the outlets in our kitchen from three to six. We have now installed the new floor and today we got it grouted.

This weekend we will work dry wall repair. Once the walls are back in we can have the cabinet company come and measure and get a bid finalized.

While waiting for the cabinets we can get a plumber in to add shut off valves and change the pipes from coming out of the wall to out of a counter type of faucet. That is when we will paint the whole room and ceiling.

Vacation Part II

When I booked the tickets in May to my nieces wedding, I could not be that far East in the United States and not go see family in North Carolina.

I thought that I would stay with my friend Mary. I would take a few walks on the beach. I would visit with her family, which are like family to me. I would definitely go to the aquarium because I can’t remember a trip that I didn’t go to the aquarium with the parents.

What was unknown when I booked the tickets and even a few weeks before was that it would be Carol’s last week of life. Carol was Mary’s mother and had been battling cancer on and off for the last few years. Before I left home she was given 3-6 months. But by the time I got there she had only a few weeks and was now under home hospice care.

My week there of course changed. I ended up staying at their place on the beach instead of in Wilmington with Mary. With others having meetings and work and Dr’s appointments of their own I was glad I was there to help with Carol.

She was bedridden and had trouble finding words. But she did recognize me and managed “I remember” when I first walked in and she saw me.

The family was coming from out of town. I saw and got to spend time with people I hadn’t seen in 18 years. I got to say goodbye and tell her I love her. It was a touching, beautiful and extremally difficult week.

I did manage one walk on the beach and one in the state part near by. I got “the” call from Mary on Thursday, less than a week after I left that Carol had passed. It was worth missing the walks and any other events to be able to sit with her and help out for a week.

Vacation part I

Quite a vacation. Part 1 was my nieces wedding. My sister and I flew to Pennsylvania, which was on Spirit airlines. The most uncomfortable and overcharging airlines ever. Then we rented a car and drove for another two hours. By the way Pennsylvania is chock full of toll roads. Luckily the car had a transponder and just got added to my bill.

We stayed at the Ramada and it was just horrible. Filthy, smelly, hot. The A/C smelled like maybe they stuffed a 1/2 ton of car air fresheners in it so instead we left the window open. The window had no screen in it so we had a few mosquitos and flies to deal with but that in fact was better then the smell.

Before we left Lori bought us these travel sheets. Because of the advise my Dr gave me in August which was if I was traveling to bring my own sheets and towel because Monkey Pox. (All of those saying I am over-reacting I remind you, going to a Dr and having my first every physical was not my idea). But the sheets were so wonderful because the place was so gross. I only sat on this sheet and slept in it. So glad we had them.

There was a last minute cake emergency and the week before the wedding I was asked to make the cake. However I was not prepared to bake and decorate a cake in 30 hours with no gear. Instead I found a local bakery and ordered a 12″ and 8″ round. Following my nieces request of red velvet and semi naked. I had the bakery frost and dowel the cake. I brought floral tape with me and used some of the centerpiece decorations and her topper to give her the “BoHo – semi naked” cake she wanted.

We left on Sunday morning, the 2 hour drive back to the car rental in which I bookened my trip to Pennsylvania with a trip over the curb. On to the second part of my vacation with a skinned knee and bone bruise. (The wedding itself and a long weekend with my sister, those parts were GREAT)

Ready for electric

We are nowhere closer to buying cabinets. However we are ready for the electrician.

Installing four LED can lights, a new fan and five new outlets. We had to start by taking out the tile backsplash and the lath and plaster behind it. Because the outside stucco is four inches away it was a delicate removal.

This will give the electrician an easy access for two new outlets on this South wall.

After the electrician we will continue with cabinet removal. Floor removal and then re drywall were we removed the path and plaster.