The journey to maintain

I do pretty well, I think.  Working my “plan” as they say.  Clearly I am not a major athlete and I have days that the pillow/snuggle wins out over the morning gym call.  I also like cheese.  But if I am honest I would say I am “on plan” 80% of the time.  Meaning I stay in my calorie range, I get my minimal workouts, I avoid the crappy carbs, the sugar, the alcohol, the chips and cheese.  What 80% gets me, or used to get me was to maintain.

I have never had a stellar metabolism and previously when was am successful at loosing weight not just maintaining that means living more in the 90% bracket.  Exercising daily and most importantly keeping complete and utter track of every little thing.  There is no wiggle room in that place.

The last six months or so have been even harder, and by no means have I exercised every day.  In fact this Summer was light because Lori was home in the evenings and the gym is just not and never will be more appealing than going home to her there.

I do continue to get up at 4:30 in the morning (like today) and go to the gym.  I will go again this evening (like last night) because although I am awake and there in the morning, the workout is not powerful but it does get the day going on a good start.  I continue to log my food which there are now handy apps that really make that so much easier than it used to.

However even living in this 90% range for the last month really hasn’t done anything to my clothes fitting better or the scale moving.  I think all I am doing now is battling the newest member of the opposition……Menopause and his evil cohort in war the hot flash.

Now 90% gets me to maintain….I will have to be crazed and diligent and a machine to make progress.  In reality, learning to live at 90% and be happy to maintain.

Hot Flash

10:20; 11:33; 12:30; 1:45: 2:24; 3:46; 4:30*; 5:45

I am not sure if the 4:30 hot flash was triggered by my waking up for my gym alarm or if they were just timed to be exactly at the same time.  However I did not get up and go to the gym because I was tired.

It has been very hot last week and over the weekend. Today thankfully mid 80’s is expected to be the high!  We ended up getting a window AC unit for the bedroom.  We will probably use it for a month and then remove it and store it until next August which is when we can’t seem to handle the heat.

Although it was a hot weekend, and we were doing things like going to the farmers market, grocery shopping, going to an outdoor luau and transplanting two small trees, it is the overnight hot flashes that are kicking my butt.

If I had a Lizard…..

Ok, there are only two people who will get that title and only one of them reads this blog…….sing it Katherine.

Anyhoooo. One of our buildings at work keeps requesting pest control spray.  They keep getting water bugs (granted they are huge and ugly) coming up the drains (although we tell them to add water every day) and a patient killed a spider.

I roll my eyes at these calls, especially the one that had a water bug under a cup and needed me to dispatch a maintenance team to come kill it.  Well I didn’t have a team available so I drove over and did it.

Well this building keeps getting baby lizards as well.  My guess is because it is so freaking hot, they are coming in under the door.  They trapped one last week and called to have it removed.  Well tonight right before I left they brought one over in a specimen cup…

Instead of putting him back in the landscaping to just so he could make it back inside I brought it home and released him in our back yard.  I do not know if this little guy will survive.  I just know there are a lot more bugs to eat in our back yard then in the landscaping we continue to “spray for bugs” on the medical office building.

IMG_2664 IMG_2665 IMG_2666 IMG_2667

Nearly perfect Saturday

We slept in…..  after being up at 4:30 four days this week to go to the gym before work it was divine to sleep until 8 in the morning.

We then took a walk……there was a slight marine layer and we had a lovely two and a half mile walk before it got to warm.

Then we headed off for a massage……Lori received a gift card for her birthday for a local spa.  We arrived early thinking we would go into the steam room first but getting signed up and changed took more time then we planned.  Instead after our massages we met back in the women’s lounge and sat in the spa for a while then the steam room.  The steam room was brief as it was hot, impossible to see and I started having a hot flash right away.

We left the spa and headed to Rutabegorz for lunch.  I love that place and we rarely get there.

The rest of the afternoon was spent at home, relaxing and finishing up the 1st season of Downton Abbey.


Sunday we went down to little Tokyo to an Ikebana exhibit.  Lori’s previous teacher was one of the artist in the show.  It turned out all of the artist were Ikebana masters and I only wish my cell phone photos could communicate the beauty and movement in these sculptures.  Here is a small sampling of the photo’s, there were so many more arrangements than these.

IMG_2642 IMG_2644 IMG_2650 IMG_2646 IMG_2645 IMG_2654 IMG_2653 IMG_2652 IMG_2661 IMG_2659 IMG_2657(1) IMG_2656(1)

Water Wall

On Saturday we went to the horticulture potluck.  It was at one of the volunteers homes.  The weather was HOT, luckily there was some lovely shade from trees on the deck.  It didn’t help to have a few hot flashes in the middle of the 100 degree day.  Staying still was the best tool.

Toward the end when we were getting ready to leave we took the “tour” of the gardens.  There was just so much to see and I only took a few photos.  Besides all of the plants that were being propagated there was an amazing rain barrel on the side of her house.  I think part of this working was simply the space to have it and not have it noticable.

I took the picture and then looked it up when I got home.  The darn this is crazy expensive, not to mention it would mean also putting gutters on the house.  This water wall would hold 650 gallons.


Selling on my brain tonight

There has been one thing after another with my house.  The plumbing, then the tree and tonight water not draining again from the downstairs shower.

This very well may be the last straw.  I am so much closer to putting it on the market then I ever have been.  Of course currently Dale and Della are both not working.  Della’s job starts next week and Dale is still off on medical leave because of his broken arm.

So many things to consider……

The house is my main, nearly only expense.
The real estate market is better, but is it completely recovered?
If we retire up to the Pacific NW, this house isn’t necessarily where we want to land.If/when I sell, I could apply any equity to the house we are currently in and go from two mortgages to one with a good size chunk out of it.

What do I do with all my stuff.
Get rid of most of it obviously but that would still take lots of time and several trips up.
When I go up to visit friends, It wont really be “going home” so much as going to visit
Family holidays would change.,,,,but haven’t they already with the nieces moving to Calimesa

So I don’t know if its the last straw or just the last straw for this week.  We had company this weekend, Vivian visiting from Mississippi.  That wasn’t a big stress but I was cramping Saturday morning before picking her up from the airport.

******The rest of this post is about menstration, so men, or everyone really not interested in menopause just stop reading here! Take from this post that I am thinking more about selling my house******** Read the rest of this entry »


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