So-Cal Commuting in the Rain


My commute today…..  I left home early so I would not be late.  There was a lot of standing water.  I just have to say I am lucky I was in the new Subaru and not in the low to the ground Mazda.  Just past this spot in the photo there were three sedan sized cars stalled out from driving through this craziness.

When I left the house, the road in front of us was so swamped I had to walk to the neighbors driveway to jump the puddle to get to my drivers side.  Two blocks away when getting onto I-5 there was a small lake to drive through.  It covered the entire width of the street, from sidewalk to sidewalk and in fact was on the sidewalk on the lowest side.

Traffic was slow.  The outer lanes there was a lot of standing water.  Then this photo here, I was actually at a complete stop as the highway patrol worked to get a car out of the middle lane.  I was sitting watching it all when I opened my phone to take a picture just as those in front of me started moving.

Two more similar spots going from I-5 to 10-West and there is a downhill section that the bottom was to flooded to drive through, we all single filed along the other shoulder to get by and voilà I got to work in about 90 minutes.

***We so need this rain, and the rain yesterday and the rain coming on Sunday; but we need a break so it can soak in***

Whats not to Love


Here is my focus today.  Focusing on the GOOD things.  Tomorrow, well tomorrow I have been trying to avoid and it is here.  (Lori stop reading now and wake me up, let’s go to breakfast and stay busy – I will not be watching)

I have been trying to not get into political rants.  I haven’t been completely avoiding Facebook but pretty darn near.  Twitter on the other hand is another story.  I have been scrolling and reading and getting mad and sad and overjoyed and on a rollercoaster.  I have been tweeting and re-tweeting and calling congress people and following more senators.  But tonight when I found myself RESPONDING to a PEOTUS tweet I stopped and texted my niece, just one word.  Baby.

I then received today’s picture of my great-niece eating her moms homemade organic lunch.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm.  (just look at that fuzzy head)

Naming Conventions

I probably have at least one post a month that is titled or at least starts out titled Weekend Update.  That really leaves me no where to go except, guess what we did this weekend!

I was on call this last weekend, however our boss has re-designed the weekend coverage so that we have some off hours on our on-call weekends.  The trade off is we cover more sites.  So instead of being on-call from 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning to 11:00 p.m. Sunday night for Southern California.  I was on call from 7:00 p.m. Saturday night to 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning and then again from 3:00 p.m. Sunday to and I was covering both Northern and Southern California.

I have to say that for my first time up with this format it wasn’t that bad.  A co-worker in Palo Alto was on call for the first shifts and we work well together so hand off of jobs was smooth.

This also meant I was able to get some other things crammed into the off shift hours.  Saturday we woke and went to Tai Chi class, then rushed to return my rental car from last week and go sign paperwork and pick up my new Subaru.


We then picked up pizza and met my brother at our house for football.   He was there before us and had the game going when we walked in.  Unfortunately we lost and are out of the playoffs this year.  We did have a good visit and yummy veggie pizza.  Since there were a few hours before I had to be around my computer so we managed to make it out grocery shopping.  All in all a pretty productive day for an on-call day.

Sunday was pretty good too.  I did have to be on at 3:00 p.m. so there wasn’t as much time.  However we got quite a bit done.  Lori’s friend Jan came by early on Sunday and we all went to breakfast, of course taking my new very off-gassy car.  When we were done with that it was still early and with so many projects around the house we chose to go to a matinee of “Hidden Figures” which was fabulous and needs an entire post of its own.  But because I can’t be as eloquent as many of the reviews out there all I can add is, Go See It!

We stopped at DSW after and I picked up a couple pair of shoes for work.  We got home with just enough time for me to start a stew before needing to be “on” for work.

Nothing got done in the yard however.  Lori petitioned for us to finish off the mosaic on the other side of the driveway and I petitioned to put it off until morning so I could get some house chores done.  Sweeping and vacuuming happened and the kitchen started before work sidetracked me.  But a productive day.


This morning before work however we managed to get the last of the broken tile mosaic in.  We didn’t have any rain today but expect more later in the week so this was the perfect day.  As for the rain, it too deserves its own post, but I will just say we have received more rain this “year” then all of last year and we are only two weeks in.  It is fabulous and the weeds are loving it!  So is my purple Cauliflower this will be on tomorrows menu.  The rain is however not being so kind to my tomato plant.  It is seriously leaning, the tomatoes on it are getting pretty big because of all the rain but the whole plant is about to un-root itself.





Waiting on my ship to come in

pearl-white….kinda sorta.

My car died.  I got it to the shop and paid for a new battery, and then paid for them to take it apart to find out why it still wouldn’t start, get it started and put it back together to tell me I needed a new engine.   A new engine for a car that only had 52K miles and as a matter of fact already had one new engine at 15K.

It was running and we had done all the research and test driving last Summer when we got Lori’s new car so we kind of already made up our minds prior to even knowing I needed a new car.

With it running, but no trust in it, we drove it to the dealership on Sunday.  We did test drive a smaller model but ended up right back to the Forester.  So if I am buying a new car and I am paying this kind of money I am getting the one I want.  Except, they didn’t have it in stock.  It was “almost” here being on a boat on its way.

So I am currently in a rental car.  I have signed paperwork for a car that is not hear yet and I hope to have it within another 10 days.


I am back to work today after a week of vacation.

We had a mountain of things we wanted to do while we were both home.  The list included the paver project in front of our house;  a couple matinees we wanted to see;  a dinner that Lori won and we were both off work so a cool restaurant to try;  a few appointments and lots of things around the house.

Well the paver project is 99% complete.  It took several days, one really long day to get the rest of the 150 pavers placed.  Then a trip to find broken pottery that we could smash up and make a mosaic with.  We used qickcrete to set this mosaic in place and well….it worked, but not as well or as smoothly as we had hoped.  The other side still needs the mosaic and this side will need some securing.

But the pavers are all in, it looks great and best of all functions well and there will be less gravel kicked around and a lot less weeds for us to pull!

The movie(s) didn’t happen, nor did the groovy dinner place.  But we did see Dale and went out for Thai food for his birthday and we watched the SEAHAWKS win with him!  We also got Lori’s car an oil change and various other appointments done.

The rest of the week(end) was used up with this little story…… See my car parked across the street?  I moved it there because we were working on the pavers and for the street sweeper.


See my car being towed to the shop because it would not start.  (Also notice rain clouds!!!  We have been getting rain all week, its awesome)


Enjoy this last picture you will see of my car… is no longer in the family.  (This is what you call a cliff hanger)





Drizzle in LA

…means a very quiet walk on the beach.

Lori had an appointment today with her chiropractor.  This means we were across the street from the beach for an hour.  I chose to go for a walk during this hour.

Because there had been rain overnight (WOO HOOO) and still a little drizzle there were very few people.  The things I noticed on this walk without people around were the strange scull in the rock retaining wall.  All of the water pouring into the ocean from the recent rain.  Also several stray cats.




On this second day, very relaxing day of the year we ended up watching the kids baking championship.  These 8-12 year olds that some can barely see over their counter, others munching on more of what they bake then they end up having to serve.  There was a PB&J wrench thrown in the middle of the challenge and they had to come up with a third item that included PB&J in the time they had left.

I made the comment that they were making me want to bake. I hadn’t made my peanut butter cookies in quite a few years.  But since I used to make them almost every week for the farmers market it came back quickly.

Now what do we do with 3.5 dozen peanut butter and peanut butter and jelly cookies.  After a couple we were done.  Guess we’ll be taking some to friends or freezing them.

These kids are amazing and such better bakers then I am.  I know with experience and increased problem solving skills they will be amazing.  At that age, I had zero idea of what I wanted to do as a grown up.  The closest I came to these kids is I did have own chocolate chip cookie recipe with my “secret” ingredient.  My not wanting to tell anyone ensured I “got” to bake them all the time.