Slo-Roll Destruction

The weekend was a barely leave the house, kind of weekend.  Lori on the other hand was gone before 7am both days for classes.  Saturday I did laundry and house work and wrote some letters.  Today I decided to take apart, or at least start to take apart the oasis deck.

Even though the wood is decomposing from the termites our top notch construction is making this thing difficult to take apart.  How many screws did we put in this thing.  Once I got two of the boards up and cut into pieces I thought pulling out the pallets underneath would be easy.  Except it seems we screwed those together too.

This thing has lasted seven years so we can’t really complain that the termites got to it.  It does sit on the ground after all.

The cats are already exploring and trying to catch crickets, a new playground for a week until I can get back to it.

IMG_2469 (1)



World Mental Health Day

Mental Health awareness day:

– you are enough
– you belong here
– you deserve love
– you are loved
– you will overcome this
– you are a light in this world
– believe in yourself
– treat yourself kindly
– you are beautiful as you are
– it’s okay not to be okay

Suicide hotline:  800-273-8255

Two day Weekend, feels like three.

This was a homebody kind of weekend.

I worked from home on Friday, which technically is not the weekend.  However it gives me almost three extra hours on Fridays.  The 30 minutes to get ready for work, the hour and a quarter to get to work and the depending on 11pm road work 30 minutes to an hour to get home.  Makes it feel more like a three day weekend.


My weekly chores like laundry, vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom nearly always fall to Fridays.  Although they are on the list all week, there is no reason to clean the bathroom on say Monday, three days after I just did it, so they often fall on Friday.

Besides the extra time I get back before work, I can easily fold laundry if work is slow.  Friday it was slow.  Besides roasting chicken and finishing laundry I also wrote three letters that I owed to friends.  Besides making it feel like a three day weekend, one of the upsides is not driving home in Friday night traffic.  I was off work at 10:50 and in bed by 11pm.

Saturday morning was an early rise, just after 6:00 a.m.  We met a friend for breakfast at 7:30 a.m.  Seems early but our usual breakfast place is best if we are early, it is a popular place.  That means we were home early, just before 9:00 a.m.  Lori got started on her weekend work load and I worked in the yard.

I took down a vine that was taking over the structure we had removed it from last year.  This time I took it down to the ground, filled the yard waste bins and in my last arm load of vines and leaves this praying mantis crawled up my arm.  I do not know if there were any others in the yard waste and I was not going to go searching.  but this one I put back in the yard.



Show and tell

We have a mosquito problem.  So. Cal in general has a mosquito problem.  We have no standing water in our yard and we don’t water our plants (the two trees out front got a soaker hose three times this Summer).  But that doesn’t mean our neighbors don’t have water.

We have tried several things to eliminate them, but they come in through the open cat window in the bedroom.  We have added screening so the space is smaller, but it is still an opening that is, well cat size.  Lots of advise to close that up, but it’s not gonna happen.

We have a Thermacell we use when in the back yard.  Keeps them away very nicely and I can move it along as I weed.  But you can’t burn that in the house and citronella that I sprayed in the yard doesn’t seem to work either.

That’s the history, on to the show and tell……

The newest contraption I bought is this Katchy.  It has an ultraviolet light, designed to attract them, a fan that sucks them in when they go to the light and sticky glue sheet at the bottom that they stick and die in.

Some pros and cons, works best when its dark like at night, except the light is very bright so putting it in the bedroom is not an option.  However that is where most of the mosquitoes fly in and where we are sleeping and getting bit.  It is not very loud, so even if it is on and running the fan doesn’t make too much noise.  The fan isn’t strong enough for larger bugs like flies.  But it has sucked in and caught several mosquitoes, a few small moths and some gnats.


IMG_2359 IMG_2355IMG_2358

Strange middle

I cut open a spaghetti squash today to put on the grill to roast (my new favorite way to cook them).  I had run out of propane a week ago and had to pick up a new tank this last weekend, so this squash waited an extra week to be roasted.  When I cut it open was the strangest sight.  The seeds in the middle were sprouting.  The squash was fine and is now roasted and in my fridge.  The middle looked like it was stuffed with bean sprouts.

See those clouds

Saturday I climbed up on the roof to see what the issue was with two spots that the roofing material seemed to be bulging up.

IMG_2320Turns out it is roofing nails working their way out.  Thing is, this roof has sat in the Southern California scorching sun for 10 years.  Although it looks just fine from the ground the material is kind of brittle now.

I hammered the two spots down as much as possible without making it worse.

I am sure water wont go under unless it is literally raining at a 90 degree angle.

What we do know is a new roof will be needed within the next few years.

We are good for the rain, those clouds didn’t create any and were gone as quick as they came.  But there will be more.

New Week, New Outlook, New Start

Last week was rather sucky.  I was stuck in my head, swirling thoughts of uselessness, a circular firing squad of feeling worthless, doing nothing and then feeling worthless about it.

Sunday we managed to get to yoga which really worked to get me out of my head.  70 minutes on my mat, focused only on breathing and the mat.  The rest of Sunday was low key and then a lovely sushi dinner with my brother.

That set me up for a much better Monday and start to the week.  I had an errand to run in Downey, to also fit in a work out I looked up the closest gym and went to a new gym.

I started on the bike to warm up my knee prior to moving to the elliptical or treadmill.  Only to have a guy named Javier Santana sit down next to me and start talking.  I just don’t have it in me on any day to just put my headphones in or not respond.  So I sat on my bike and had a 25 minute conversation with him before getting up and moving to the weight room.

Javier is 54 (same as me) although he will be 55 in October.  He was fired for talking to much to his co-workers, essentially taking them away from their work.  Perhaps for swearing too much as well.  He has some investments working so passive income but should be selling insurance soon, as soon as he has his license, mid month he hopes.  His girlfriend works graveyard. His team is the Rams.  He doesn’t like peoples excuses for not working out and we agreed on exercise being a necessity (for health and longevity).  Javier talked a lot in 25 minutes.  He flexed his muscles for me and clearly made overtures that he thought I was looking good (you know, for my age).

Needless to say, I probably wont be back in that neighborhood to that gym anytime soon.  But it was quite amusing as I relayed the story to Lori when I got back from the gym.  And I already have as many workouts in as last week!