I hear that Fall arrived this week

There is even less time to blog this week and next.
I am not sure how that is because its the same amount of hours in a day and it just proves even more that I AM A CREATURE OF HABIT.

I am working for our NYC for all of this week and next. I had a hint it was coming but it was not confirmed by my manager. Monday when I logged into work I saw an email stating I would be working for NYC this week and next. My boss swears he called me but he hadn’t and he has pimped me out to the NYC office for two weeks.

Monday I worked my regular shift, but it splits 2nd and 3rd in NY and 3rd shift wanted their projects when turned they got in. So my hours changed for the rest of the week and next week. I start at noon and work until 8pm. This is so my shift lines up with their (3-11) 2nd shift.

Doesn’t seem that bad right. My shift is moved up by 2.5 hours on the start. Noon seems completely doable. However I have gotten used to my Covid routine of starting at 2:30 and although yesterday I managed to get some weeding done in the morning. Today I only managed to make breakfast and then make some tuna salad prepared so would be ready whenever it was needed and dinner, well that will be at 8pm or leftovers.

But mostly I just watch the clock and wait for noon to get here. Then the work is not familiar, or rather the clients. There is also so much work that I alone had 7 projects assigned at the beginning of the shift.

I did water my herbs today. I planted these last weekend. I blogged about it on Sunday when I was “working” on the weekend. But found today it never published and this new editor (which I really dislike) said I wasn’t authorized to publish the blog post, on my own blog. Whatever.

To sum up that other blog…. I planted some herbs in the cinder block deck we just put up. I am not used to planting anything that needs water, it goes against everything in a non rainy environment. But I do love the fresh herbs and where they are placed the feral cats leave them alone and its not a convenient place for them to pee on or dig up.

Meet Pooper

I am calling this guy pooper.

There has been a spot in the back of the yard that keeps getting pooped, daily poop. And poop on top of poop. I have several photos, but I am going to spare you those.

I moved our Ring camera out to the back to try and find the culprit. The only thing it proved was the culprit was to small to trip the camera. In the morning there was fresh poo right where I had cleaned up the previous piles.

There were paw prints on the window sill that I could tell were from a Raccoon, but those were out front. Then I noticed more prints in the ash (that is still falling from the fires) on the garbage and recycling bins.

Along with the paw prints and the fact that all the poo is in the same place every single morning, as in right on top of the previous pile. Because these little buggers always go in the same place like a latrine. I was pretty sure it was a raccoon. Last night when I took the garbage out after work (11pm) this guy was in the back yard, just lounging on the patio. He had already pooped on top of the previous days poop.


The heat was insane last weekend, 116 and smokey. I did not work on the new shed base during the weekend (obviously). I didn’t do much of anything, laundry first thing in the mornings, read a book and watched Hamilton.

I did pick up this project back up and made progress yesterday and finished today. Well not finished, but finished with the bricks we had purchased. We made this base larger then we had first planned, so now we need 36 more cinder blocks to finish this up.

The balance of this project will have to wait until we can get back to the hardware store. Luckily it’s a small enough spot that the ferals can’t use too much for a cat box and the furniture and curtains are back up, so as the weather turns cooler (by the end of the month) my winter reading spot is officially back. It has been almost a year since I started taking apart the old one because of termites. This new version will not sucumb to termites.

Progress delayed by heat

After moving the sand last weekend I thought I had all week and this coming weekend to move and place the three pallets of cinder blocks before the weather was back up to 100. However the Monday forecast for Labor day is now on Saturday.

I worked out that if I could move two rows a day (36 blocks) I could get them all done by tomorrow (Friday). However after moving today’s two rows we had an appointment with the cable guy who came to troubleshoot our connection and then it was after 11:00 when he was done and although I tried to go place them, it was toooooo darn hot. So today’s blocks will welcome me tomorrow morning and I doubt I’ll get to the last 36 waiting in the driveway.

But at least progress is being made and soon it will be cool enough to actually spend time out here other then early mornings.

The layout for this thing is horrid. The new editor will not let me upload photos next to each other and they are all huge.