Two and a half or is it three

We have/had one cat. Cee Cee, short for crazy cat, yet she answers to nothing.  She only comes near when Lori is trying to type or when she is asleep in my foot space on the bed.

Then we had the half cat, we call her Tiki after the food we were first feeding her because she was super skinny and clearly living in our back yard.  Over the last few months she has taken to coming into the house.  This one eats up the pets and love.  She also sleeps in my foot space on the bed.  She often wakes me in the middle of the night to let her in and again early in the morning to let her out.

But she eats inside now and that is how we went from 1 to 1.5 to 2 cats.   But there is a 3rd.  We have not let her in.  Trying to keep her at bay.  But she too lives in our yard and was super skinny.  But recently three male cats started hanging around and we realized she was in heat.

This morning she came for breakfast and we noticed some blood by her dishes.  It wasn’t much later when I was out in the yard I found bloody prints pretty much everywhere.  The driveway, the front step, the back yard.  All four sides of the house really.


I couldn’t find her, we call her Loli (previously referred to in this post as dum dum).  It was when I was searching her out and so worried I realized we may have gone from 2.5 to 3 cats and if she is knocked up we are doomed.

I know there are friends of mine cracking up at all these cats since I profess to be a dog person and most of my adult life have had dogs not cats.  But there ya go.  We are becoming serious cat ladies.



Time and To-Do’s

All the time with nothing accomplished.

The weekend I had grand plans to get a lot of things accomplished.  Lori was working at an event all weekend.  That left me to my own devices.  I had great plans that included yard work, house work, grocery shopping, cooking.

So of course more important things arose.  Saturday I met my nieces at the same fair Lori was running booth at.  It was a fair for children and although we took Coral she is a bit small still.  The livestock was just a bit to big and sticky for her.  No interest in the cows at all but she baaaa’d at the sheep.

We left early and went to lunch.  It was a lovely afternoon with the girls.

I got home not much before Lori, we left directly to a friends house.  The major wind storm on the prior Thursday had a tree fall in her yard, pull the power line down which bent a weather vane on the roof and the power arc’d and caught the roof on fire.   So we went for support, to visit and go spend some time at the laundromat with her.

Sunday was another time to get started on this list.  I did get the kitchen half cleaned and the bathroom half cleaned and the living room half cleaned.  But except for streaming some repeats of Downton Abbey not a lot got checked off the list.

Of course my time is more limited this week, so of course I’ve already gotten more done.  I do better with less time I think.


A little pre-work bake

My co-working is turning 40 on Monday and will not be in.  So today I made cupcakes and brought them into work.

I am still doing Whole 30, today was day 100 in fact, so I couldn’t even taste test them.  Luckily I have made so very many cupcakes while I had my little bakery there really wasn’t a need.  While putting the cream cheese in the mixer however, I was tempted.

Today was one of those pre-work errand days as well.  Payday, so I needed to run to the bank, also fit a quick run to Costco in between the baking and the frosting.  No way I am going to Costco on a weekend.  By the time I got done with the baking, shopping and banking I just had enough time to eat breakfast and pack dinner, (not very inspired or pretty dinner but yummy) before getting ready for work.

Bird Watching

Saturday morning I was up and gone to meet my friend Paul at the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.  His bird watching group was meeting there for a walk.  They planned to meet there because the Audubon group was also doing a walk that morning.  We all tagged along with the experts and saw a ton of birds.

Birds I have no pictures of, I did take my camera and try and take photos but they were just so far away.  They of course looked like they were right there through my binoculars but my zoom didn’t have that kind of power.

I did see White Pelicans, Terns, Cormorants, Osprey, Avocents, Tree Swallows, Coots, Ducks (Mallards and Cinnamon Teal), Killdeer, lots of songbirds and a bunny.

This place is 300 acres, right in Irvine.  It is actually only a mile or so away from our Irvine office.  Easy to get to and such a lovely place to walk.  I will be going back there!


A rare day off

I had today off from work.  Technically we are still in peak and time off is not allowed.  The main SEC filing deadlines are over and we are on to the proxy printing portion of peak.

However I stopped accruing time in my floating holiday bucket in January because it maxes out at 32 hours.  So my boss let me have today off.

I slept in, until almost 10:00 a.m.  Granted I was up at 6:00 with Lori to actually see her for a moment and make her breakfast.  But when she drove off, I dove back into bed.

After I got up I baked a cake.  Yep, still on whole 30, couldn’t even taste it.  My co-workers daughter turned 22 today and he asked if I would bake a cake.  I of course agreed because I love to bake and it sounded fun.

While I was baking it I also cooked breakfast and sat outside and had a lovely relaxing breakfast.  Granted this was all before I would usually get ready for work, but just not having it out there was a nice change.

Once I was done with the cake I texted my co-worker that I was going to run a couple of errands and I would be back at 12:30.  He would be by at 1:00 to pick it up.

Off I went to wash the car and pick up tea.  When I got back I started working in the yard.  This is where the day off really starts because this is when I would be driving to work.

I finished the Agave project from a few days ago.  The pathway that has not been visible for a couple of years is completely usable.  I also weeded.  And Weeded.

My co-worker did not show up until almost 4.  He did let me know and asked if it was ok to pick it up after he picked his daughter up from work at 3:30.  Funny he is late almost everyday to work so I was not surprised at all.  I was weeding anyway, I did take a couple of cool off breaks inside and did things like vacuum and dust a little.

I finished in the yard close to 5:30 and came in for a much-loved shower with the new faucet that now puts out HOT water since it is no longer installed backwards.

I started some chicken marinating and got the laundry going, ran to target for a few things (nail brush being the most important).  Once I got home I prepped some food for the weekend and made dinner.  Finished the laundry (except towels and bedding that I will do this weekend) folded and put it all away.  Clearly I also found time to blog.

It was a fantastic day off:
Yard Work
Washed my car
Blogging and now to go read a little.

Pre-Work Gardening

When we planted these foxtail agaves a few years ago.  What we didn’t realize was we were really just starting a nursery for these guys.


Today I pulled at least forty of these out for a project Lori is working on with her class this week and weekend.  I will remove more the next couple of days before each shift.

Before I started this morning.


After a couple of hours of work.


Stacked and ready for a new home.

IMG_5092 IMG_5091

Faucet Finale

Saturday the family drove in.  We all went to breakfast and then took the baby to the beach for her first time there.  Needless to say she wanted nothing to do with the sand. Walking on it or touching it.

Her mom and aunt put her down near the water but she just climbed right back up their legs.  I took her and sat down in the sand with her safely on my lap not touching any sand.  I played with one hand in the sand and built a little mound and covered it with shells and made roads over and around it.  She ventured out with one hand and touched it only for a moment.  Pretty good for the first trip.


Once we were back to our place and the girls took off I got my brother to help me with the kitchen sink.  I really needed his height for the added torque to get the faucet off.

We had sprayed it several times over the week with blaster and knocked the pipe hoping to loosen it up.  Although he got the hot water off, the cold came away further in the wall.  It seems that the faucet was glued to the nipple.  So out I ran for the pipe.  We got the thing back together and the water on and for the first time in forever we have no leaks in the house and everything has a new faucet.

We will probably have to repeat this in 6-7 years.  We have so much calcium and the only way to combat that would be to add a water softening system between the water line and the house.  This would include a lot of chemicals and monthly maintenance from a service.