Cutest Party Favor

Our friends KD and Tolan had their twin babies this morning.  Penelope and Oliver arrived this morning, so this weekend we will toast with their party favor.

Botany Boot Camp

Lori and I went to a Botany Boot Camp Saturday morning at the LA Arboretum.

It was a six hour class studying the terminology, concepts and structures needed to identify the 7 most common plant families at the Arboretum.

Five and a half hours in class going over the plant structures.  Leaves, stems, flowers, roots and other identifying parts.  We also went over lots of plant families.  My brain could not absorb everything, but it was lots of fun.

We ended up walking for the last two hours and looking at plants and trying to identify them from what we had gone over.  There was just too much information but then again it was called boot camp.

A cool side note was the woman who is in charge of the LA County Master Gardeners was also in the class.  Lori and I both signed up last year and were not chosen to take the training, but she remembered our applications and said they had so many and encouraged us to re-apply.



Working from home

with no work.

Today is the first day I work from home.  This will hopefully re-occur every other Friday.  It is a trial because the traffic on Friday’s is beyond its usual crappiness and registers as full tilt garbage.  Walt IM’d that it took him an hour and a half to get to work, he lives less than three miles away.  He could have walked faster.

So I had lots of extra time this morning.  Lori and I went for groceries and to stop to pick up some things for a couple of school experiments.

I then had time to make some clam chowder.  I had frozen broth and clams from earlier in the year.  We got home with enough time for me to get the soup started and could dash in and stir it a couple of times.  It is quite yummy and has a bit of a kick to it because I used spicy panko to thicken the clams when I made them so the broth was quite spicy.

I also finished the blanket I had been working on at work all week.  This one is probably going to Taylor’s friend who is expecting.  But I am starting another so there will be several to pick from.   See the extra ‘bit’ of yarn left.  That’s what the other should have had that I spent weeks looking for before finishing and sending off as is.IMG_3079

So I am three hours into my first shift at home.  I have five more hours.  I have made soup, finished a blanket, started another and am clearly blogging.  I like this working from home.  I really do wish there was some actual work however it would make the hours move a little quicker.  I can’t actually leave the desk for long just in case a client sends in something but there is time to maybe start the laundry here in a bit.


Oh and I’m barefoot, no heals, no suit!



Although this last weekends vacation was mini it took quite a bit of preparation.

We started in July, narrowing down the vacation rental and reserving it for the weekend.  Our friends flew in from Seattle early on Thursday morning.

Wednesday happened to be a late night at work and I got about 4 hours of sleep before needing to be up and packing for the weekend and heading to LAX to pick them up.

I hadn’t packed previously because after putting the desk together on Sunday I spent most of the rest of the week cleaning and dusting the house.  One of those dustings that includes moving nearly every piece of furniture to vacuum under it.  My lingering cough/cold/possibly allergy nonsense was the driving factor in that.

Once I got to the airport after nearly two hour drive for the 22 miles because of the hour I picked them up and out to Palm Springs we headed.

Our first day included yummy lunch at LuLu’s, checking into our beautiful rental and heading out to the Thursday night Village Fest. We stopped for dinner at La Bonitas right there in the heart of the festival and had what would be the beginning of spicy margaritas for the weekend.

Friday morning I got up early and made banana bread, watched and sketched the sunrise, took a quick morning swim and waited for Lori to drive out.  Once the initial visiting was out of the way we headed into downtown for lunch and hanging out.  Tonya and I got pedicures and we met up after and headed back to the house for some afternoon swimming and lounging about.

Saturday was a bit more active.  Tonya, Lori and I all headed out to power yoga in the park before it got to hot.  We then drove up to Joshua Tree and spent a few hours going through and taking pictures.  Briana enjoyed relaxing at the house and reading two books!  That night we were heading out dancing.  We got there too early however and just as people were starting to dance and the place fill up we were headed out.  It had been a super long day.

Sunday my sister and the girls all drove out since its only 30 miles past their house and we all went swimming.  This was the baby’s 2nd time in the pool and she was much more relaxed.  Another Mexican meal that included yet another spicy margarita.

Monday we had to check out and leave our little desert oasis.  Lori left for work about 10:00 once we all got back from breakfast and the rest of us were on the road by 11:00.  We did have all day so we drove to the beach, because is there any better way to end a desert vacation than with a trip to the beach?






Two More


Just like that I have two more blankets made.  When Katherine was in town last month we stopped at Michaels to pick up yarn for two more blankets.  One for Lori’s friend Alice who is having a baby and we don’t yet know the gender or due date.

One for a good friend of Katherines who although I haven’t seen him in years I do follow on Twitter and see the pictures of his sweet little girl Violet born in July.  This (pink) one goes in the mail next week to keep her warm this winter.

That makes four blankets since I returned from London in July.  As you can tell my work has been slow this Summer as most of this has been done at work, gasp, on the clock.


Office Desk

This event has been culminating for a while.  Things like wanting a work space for writing, painting and also my on-call weekends working from the coffee table.

Well last week my boss was in town the entire week and during our one-on-one and we talked about my sucky sucky drive especially on Fridays and he brought up my working from home a couple Fridays’ a month depending on work load and coverage.

So I bought a desk for the office that matches Lori’s.  She was gracious enough to make room in the office for me.

IMG_2834We had to get rid of her cabinet to make room.  I thought of briefly turning it into a “kitchen” for Coral by painting a stove top on half and sink on the other and the cabinet as a refrigerator.


However, we have so many projects and no where to store anything. So this went onto the street and was picked up by the end of the day.

We put together my desk and pulled Lori’s chair from her drafting table for now.  I pulled my monitors and docking station out of the garage and set it all up and proceeded to blog about my current life on Ricola.  I already have two days in October that I will be working from home.  Now the trick is to not be to distracting to Lori on the weekends when she is in there working away!






Sinus Infection? Cold? Living on Ricola

IMG_2836I got back from Louisiana last week with a sore throat.  It had been scratchy and irritated for a day.  I thought it was from the three smokers I was with all weekend.  I certainly didn’t hang out with them while they smoked but I did go in and out of the same door where they smoked and the car smelled of smoke from their clothes the entire time.

By Tuesday morning the side of my neck hurt to touch.  I think the glands were completely full of grossness that I will spare you the details.  It was only on one side that it hurt to touch, the other I could just feel the gland rolling under my touch.

I started flushing my sinuses which helped, at least for the time being. But the draining kept my voice weird, my throat sore and the constant feeling of gagging which leads to coughing jags that in turn leads to more gagging.  Guess I’m not really sparing you much.

I don’t think its a cold however, there has been no fever or chills, no body aches, nothing but this crappy stuffiness and sore glands.

Before someone tells me to get thyself to a doctor…..I did think about it on Wednesday when my neck hurt to the touch.  But after a couple days of flushing and the pain getting less and less to the point that both sides are just a little tender I did not break down and go to a doctor.

I have however gone through a family size back of Ricola this week.  But I am just about back to 100%.  Gonna call this a sinus infection caused by heavy exposure to known allergen.  Finite.