Tile is down

We had help, Jan drove up to help us lay the tile on Saturday.

We each had our job, I was putting down the mastic (I am very good at this because I can draw upon my frosting skills).  Lori was placing the tile and Jan was using the tile saw because, well we borrowed it from her.

But the tiles are so very large that it wasn’t a big enough saw.  I drove to Home Depot to rent a bigger tile saw and those two started laying the tile.  It was a free for all then.  The only key being to leave a path to get to the places that needed cuts.

By the time we were finished and left to return the saw at about 8 at night we were completely exhausted but all of the tile was on the floor.  We now need to grout.  Build the cabinet for the kitchenette.  Put another coat of paint on the bathroom. Put the toilet back in.  Move the hot water heater.  Hook up the new sink.  Hang the window blind.  Paint the doors.  Change out the door hardware.  Put the closet and cabinet hardware back on.  Move the furniture back in and call it good!

IMG_6976 IMG_8673

Fitting it all in

Life is busy.  Life is busy and I don’t even have children or for that matter parents to take care of.  Just little ole me.  You think it would be easier to carve one of the twenty-four hours out of the day to work out.

I have not been able to sustain a regular work out routine since the “Great Christmas Break of ’14”.  After we got back home I was out of the routine of heading to the gym right after work.  I would load up the gym bag every morning but was only making it to the actual gym a couple of times a week.

There were the usual distractions of my own chores and ongoing to do list but there was also a couple of weekends of company in town.  Company that I didn’t really want to see the overgrown yard so I worked in the yard in the evenings instead of gym.

And yes, all of those are excuses!  Excuses are so easy to find.  Dinner out with Lori or friends would usually toss Friday’s workout slot out the window.   Having to work late and therefore not heading to the gym at 4:30 in the afternoon and getting there before the after work rush was another easy and accessible excuse

Since I would rather work out in the mornings for several reasons, last week I decided I would try getting up at 4:30 AM and go to the gym.  This gives me the time to get there and back and still leaves a little over an hour to work out.  I get back home about 6:00, when my alarm to get up goes off.

I managed all of last week to get up at that time.  Saturday was tiling/painting and darn it I’m counting it as my workout and Sunday Lori and I went for our walk.

This week started yesterday and I was up again at 4:30 and off to the gym.  Today however, the alarm went off at 4:30 and I dozed for about 7 minutes and then decided “nope, not today”  I slept until 6:00 and got almost 8 hours of sleep.

I’m counting it as a rest day.  I thought about trying to go to the gym after work instead but I found plenty of excuses not to go!  So I guess I have found the extra 90 minutes I need to carve out of the day, I took it from the sleep time bank.

Measure thrice, toss it all

We started tiling the studio on Saturday.  We were expecting to get an earlier start but there was more painting left over then we thought.  After a second coat on all the walls and then painting the bathroom a full two coats we got started on the tile.

So we measured the room, we calculated the middle, we calculated the amount of tiles figuring out where to start.  Then after all that work we realized that the tiles we were basing all the measurements on were in fact 20×20, not 18×18.

So we started at the door, in the corner so to speak.  Unconventional perhaps but it is just one room and I figured there would be no cuts when you first walk in the door and in the main part of the room.  They will all be on the far side near the built-in closet and the wall that the bed will be on.

It took about three hours to put in these 28 tiles, that is about 25% of the tiles.  It will slow down once we start needing to make cuts and we bought some great tile for the trim that will be several weeks away at this rate.

We are back at it next Saturday and will get to it early since the painting is almost finished.


Rock Mulch

I got a 1,000 pound back of 3/4 inch rock on Sunday.

Monday after work I started to unload it and put it around the plants in the front yard to act as a mulch.  keeping was little water we get into the ground and hopefully limiting the weeds.

Well tonight I finished unloading the bag and I estimate that it will take another four bags.

So here are some cleverly taken photos showing only the 20% that is done.

IMG_2245 IMG_2244 IMG_2242


Yesterday was a mix of work and play,  We got more of the tile up to the house, along with the grout.  We also stopped in Redlands to pick up dining room chairs that the girls bought.  A quick trip back to Redlands to get the table and stop at home dept for door trim.

A little back story, when the girls were here in February we did a little shopping for furniture.  They found a table and chairs that they agreed on at World Market.  I get coupons in my email all the time from World Market and pretty much told them the table and chairs would go on sale (because they always do).

Well the coupon I had that expired on Friday was 25% and free shipping.  Thursday the set went on sale.  So Friday with the set on sale and the coupon about to expire they bought it with a 500$ savings.  Getting the table for free basically.

We set up the table, put it in the kitchen and took photos.  Moved it to the dining room and took pictures.  Set up our ice tea and placeholder coffee cups for the girls, delt some cards and took photos.  Then we messaged them the photos and could nearly here the squealing from Bellingham.

It was all very fun and the room was immediately warmer.  We also had a spot to sit for lunch when that came around.

IMG_2222 IMG_2223

So that was the fun.  The work part consisted of mudding and sanding in the studio.  Because it was 90 degrees out, by the time we worked around the room it was dry enough to sand and put on a second coat where needed and also to start painting.  We got a coat on the entire room and two on the ceiling.  We still have to put up a second coat and paint the bathroom.  That should go pretty quickly next week and then we will start tiling the place.

IMG_2237 IMG_2239

Photo Update

This is simply a photo update…..Lori went up to the desert house today to pay the electrician.  We finally broke down and called him in to finish the outlets we were stuck on.  Pull power to a new range hood, replace a bad breaker and install the fans.  We were trying to do most of it ourselves to save the money but we got as far as our skills would go.

Today Lori took part of the tile and the thinset up.  Tomorrow we will take the rest of the tile and get to work on the studio walls.  We are so much better at the manual labor parts of these projects.


IMG_0697 IMG_0698 IMG_0029

Studio, Set, Go.

IMG_2207We headed to El Dorado Natural Trail this morning for a lovely two and a half mile walk.  We are trying to make this a regular Sunday thing and we noticed on the calendar that next weekend is an Audubon bird walk at 8:00.  I very well may try for that.  I only took one photo there this morning.  Although we saw all the usual suspects including the heron and hawk, the cutest site was all the turtles lined up warming in the sun.

We then headed to a tile store we found to look for flooring for the studio.  We found a lovely tile on sale and bought it.  We could only load half of it because it was so heavy in the truck.  But the store is pretty close the school so Lori can pick up the rest next week before we head up.  They will store it for free for 14 days which is great.

Today we took 13 of the 20 boxes and the grout.  We still have seven boxes and five bags of the thinset.  We wont be tiling next weekend but getting half of the supplies up there will be good.  The plan for next weekend is to prep for painting.  We have to pick up joint compound and so some repair.  We may get the ceiling painted next weekend as well, then the entire painting of the studio the following weekend and tiling the floor near the end of the month.

We are going to building a little strip of a kitchen and will then have the plumbing left.  The timing is working out that we will have this completed in nearly exactly a year from beginning.  A year of weekends anyway.



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