Crazy Days & Car Trouble

Lori’s tire inflation light came on Tuesday night.  Just as she was coming home and in the dark.  Since the last time this happened she had a flat in about fifteen minutes, she pulled over and called AAA.

They came but were not able to tell her anything except the current tire pressure.  So I left work about an hour early and drove to Irvine to get her.

On my way out I had someone in the garage at work ask me for a jump.  Since I was leaving early I was able to assist him prior to going and rescuing Lori.


We tried to put air in Lori’s tires but the air compressor at the gas station was wonky.  We ended up leaving her car at a tire store across the street and drove down the next morning.   Since the tires she bought with car are over two years and 47K miles we chose to buy her car new tires.  The new tires are much better tires and 80K instead of 50K rating.

I dropped her at school and back home I went.  I proceeded to make three types of frosting for cupcakes I was making today and then got ready for an employment test.

Now I don’t usually bring up work on this blog but this was so surreal I can’t pass it up.

The instructions were to allow 2.5 hours.  That it started at 5:45 and to not arrive any earlier then 5:00 p.m.  To bring two number 2 pencils and a government id.

I arrived at 5:08, parked and got in line.  I was the 8th person there and the sign said to wait outside.  By 5:40 when they started letting us in, there were over forty people there.

I thought maybe they pick one day to test for multiple positions.  But once we were all checked in, ID’s checked and scan-trons assigned, we found out that this test was for the one position.

The checking in and instructions took 30 minutes and we started the test at 6:15, they would give us 2 hours and would tell us to stop at 8:15.  There were 100 questions, separated into 7 or so categories.  Office scenarios and which reaction would you have.  Spelling.  Grammar.  Sentence structure. (which these are not sentences that I’m typing but hey I do know that).  Math questions.  That actually doubled as reading/comprehension questions.  (no calculators) but we were able to right on the test to work out the math. Lots of cognitive problems by comparing a provided schedule as to when the best time for cross training would be for certain employees on this schedule.   The last section was more scenarios but from a management point of view.

I finished with about 20 minutes to spare and left at least 25 people still there working on it.  EVERYONE who gets a 70% or over will be called back for the computer test.  Then if you pass that EVERYONE  comes back for an interview.  The score from this test and the score from the interview are combined and they offer the job to the highest score.

I am relatively sure I got more than 70%.  However I am not so sure about this job now.  I will go through the full process if for nothing more than the exercise.  I did get word today that my current job (which was acquired in August and why I started looking) is actually renewing the lease that is up in December so perhaps this job is safe for now.

It was nice to be home at a reasonable hour last night.  9:00 pm is reasonable.  I baked one of the batches of cupcakes for Lori to take in to work today.  (Co-workers birthday)

This morning before going to the gym I baked the other batches to take to work with me (co-workers birthday).  Then on my way home from the gym the AC in my new-ish car stopped working.  Completely.  Hot air is all I was getting.  It was over 90 degrees on my way in to work and luckily these cupcakes did not melt.

Since my car is still under warranty and this happened to Lori’s just a few months ago I was not surprised. I phoned and have an appointment tomorrow morning to get it fixed.  (Guess the 2017 Subaru Forester has a faulty compressor)  Lucky for me my brother will take me from the dealership home and I work from home most Friday’s now so it will work out great.


Joshua Tree

I went with Lori’s class last Friday to Joshua Tree National Park.  They were measuring Joshua trees, distance and circumference.  The geology instructor was also there and pointed out the San Andreas Fault.

I love being the tag along student.  Sometimes I think I get more out of it then the students that are there.  I learned quite a bit just from tagging along.

We stayed in a hotel Friday night, we had a party to go to on Saturday and didn’t see the need to drive to and from LA.  There was a monsoon Friday night with thunder and lightning and a ton of rain.  It happened to wash out the highway and it took us hours to get out of there.




in low spirits from loss of hope or courage.

Yep that about covers it.

These last few weeks have been so depressing.  Watching people in this country support and confirm a man not fit for the Supreme Court.

Hats off to the brave women who came forward, their lives will never be the same.  There was already trauma and loss for them.  Now they have shown a light on the worst times of their lives and they were cast aside, again.

There has been a lot of triggers in the last few weeks.  Bringing back some of my own traumas.  Things I hadn’t even think about actually.   I have ended up ‘sharing’ some of the events of past recently.  Things I worked through as best as possible years ago.

Some of the questions they asked Dr. Ford, I couldn’t answer either.  I was actually surprised because the things I do remember are so vibrantly clear the stuff that isn’t is shocking…….

like how did I get home?  How did I get home???  I was close enough to walk, but I usually drove to the lake for a run.  I have no idea.  I remember the attack, I remember the shower.  I don’t know if I walked home or drove, I don’t know if I went in the front door by my grandmothers bedroom, or went around through the back door.

Day-Oct 19, Year – 1984, Day of the week- Friday.  THOSE are easier for me because I have a weird thing with dates.  It both comes in handy and weirds people out.  (For the record, this year, Oct 19th is also a Friday – Lovely)

This weekend, while he was being confirmed, I just couldn’t watch or listen or pay attention.  Luckily we had planned ahead of time to head to Calimesa for a day of games and family time.  We played Phase10 and Boggle.  My sister bought a bunch of snacks and I made a potato salad that was both compliant with my Whole30 and the baby with egg allergies could eat.

We headed home after a day of visiting and although I was on call, I ended up with no work that it worked out well.

Sunday was just as low-key.  Although there is a never-ending list of things to do we found a new breakfast place, went shopping to put together a gift for a party this weekend and watched a lot of food network (it is pumpkin carving competition season after all.)  No chores, no errands, no news, no phone calls.




She always makes me feel better.

Lolly / Lolita / Little….


So last week you met Lionel.  This is Lolita.  She came around last winter as a kitten and was pregnant soon after a short period of time.  Here she is in June, right before she gave birth.  She then disappeared for a bit, coming back not pregnant and super skinny.  We could tell she was nursing so we continued to feed her.

Her kittens have now showed up.  Oye.  We are currently trying to trap her and take her in to be fixed.  If we get the kittens too I’m sure they could be easily adopted.  Except they are super skiddish.  Don’t come anywhere near us and really just started coming around but don’t stay in the yard for long.

Lolita sort of attacks Lionel and Tiki all of the time.  Once she has food she calms down.  Hoping we can get her trapped and spayed soon.

But with our ONE cat, who lives inside, Tiki who isn’t our cat but comes and goes, Lionel who seems to live there although we have never even petted him and Lolita with now her two kittens it is RIDICULOUS around our yard.



Have I mentioned Lionel?  I called him “loud mouth” when he first showed up in June because he meowed and meowed and never stopped.  In fact he meowed all night long the first two nights he was in our yard hence the Lionel name that we gave him.

Now I have never touched this cat.  He wont let us near enough to him.  But he never ever ever leaves the yard.  Front or back, if you don’t see him all you have to do is look around.  He is on the front porch, the oasis, finding shade next to the fence, or shed, hiding in the plants or generally just laying there.

He plays with CeeCee under the screen door and I caught them playing, her inside the cat condo and him reaching in.  She jumped up on the cat tree out of the shot, but I saw it even if the look on his face is confusion.


project check mark

I have painted the shed.  I did this piecemeal in the hours before work, over several weeks.

I got two coats of the left over house paint on the walls before heading up to Seattle for my dads funeral.  This week I manged to get the trim taped off and one coat painted yesterday and finished it up today.

Because the siding is textured the trim did bleed a little so some touch up will be needed.

It is great to have this checked off the to-do list however.





Screen Time

In the last seven days I have spent 7 hours and 40 minutes on my phone. (New feature on the IOS 12 system)

It breaks down to just over 1 hour and 5 minutes a day.  I am glad it is not more.

Twitter is clearly the winner with almost 2 hours for the week, followed by messages.  Facebook actually had more than I expected for the week at 46 minutes and I’m sure that is because of the trip up North and posting and being tagged on the trip.

This is an average, the weekend while we were away my phone lived in the bedroom while we were guests and came up with less than 30 minutes each day.   Twitter also clearly ramped up on Monday.