I wrecked my block in

Today in my botanical drawing class I started out blocking in a Hollyhock flower. This is our project for the next couple weeks. The plan is to get it completely drawn by next week and then spend a week working on the shading and values.

Except all the work I did today needs to be redone. I got my notional box done. I added three more for the main buds. I sketched a rough outline, but when transferring to my sketchbook I messed up the initial drawing and will need to start over. Luckily I have a week.

The on-going Challenge

Well the month has come to an end. Another year of blogging every day in November. Now it just seems that I do it as a challenge to come up with “content” (I say that with a smirk) every day. As I have said long ago it used to be a way to find other bloggers doing the challenge at the same time and traffic was directed to the blog. I actually didn’t even go look up and see if I could register anymore, I just blogged the month away, which is actually enough of a challenge.

But hey, this is not the challenge I wanted to talk about. Today concludes one year that I have been walking 100 miles a month. I ended up walking 1,249.42 miles from Dec 2020 to today. My total mileage for that time is 2,052.80, so basically 800 more miles of just things like walking around the house or grocery shopping.

This started out as a challenge for last December. I wanted to end the year walking 100 miles. That changed pretty quickly when my friend Katherine joined in. Then I asked for and got an iWatch for my birthday and not only did make it easier to keep tally of both “general” steps and steps on a walk, it also linked with Katherines progress and the support and competition stretched it out for a whole year.

I don’t actually see anything changing. The habit is certainly built in now. I haven’t actually lost any weight but haven’t gained any either. That alone is a victory considering I am still working from home and a good part of those other 800 miles is probably too and from the kitchen.

Sans Facebook

I bit the bullet a month ago and Deleted my Facebook. Now it doesn’t automatically delete and if you log in any time during that month it cancels your cancelation. But the month ended yesterday and I did not log in during that time so the account is gone!

My niece started my account 10 years ago or so, mostly so I could see the picture they were sharing. For the longest time I didn’t even add any other friends.

At the end I only had 50 or so friends. But I could see what was going on with their lives, businesses, new babies. But I was so unhappy with the platform. Even though I did not go there much I still did spend enough time to get crappy advertisements and ridiculous posts of blatant lies being pushed. Reporting the posts never really seemed to help the situation, I did learn to block pretty well.

So one of the things I’ve missed so far is my niece in Pennsylvania moved, I texted her today just to check as I was updating my Christmas card list. Other then that I have actually no idea what I have missed. Lots of political opinions I am sure.

I am not without social media. I still have Instagram which I admit is owned by the same greedy bastards that own Facebook, however there is more focus on the photos that I did like Facebook for and less on the commentary. I still have Twitter also, which again I go on less and less.

You would think with being at home all of the time I would actually find more time for social media, but there is just too much other stuff to do then scroll and give Zuckerberg more pennies every time I do.

So if you were one of my 50 friends and family and expect me to “know” something because you posted it, well you will need to contact me via text, email, regular mail or phone.

What have you been up to?

This was a common question on Thanksgiving and visiting with family that I may have seen twice this year. I did not have a lot to talk about, although I seem to always be busy and not have enough time to get all the things done.

I work-still from home, I walk – mostly around my neighborhood round and round, I draw and paint with two art classes a week, and the general everyday chores like cooking, cleaning and moving my yard work from one weeks list to the next.

Yep, walk, work, draw. It was a pretty limiting conversation. It is truly amazing that I have managed a blog everyday this month. NaBloPoMo is almost over.

Today involved a shorter walk then usual as we were cleaning out closets and making a delivery to Good Will. I did have a couple phone calls and during that time worked on this magnolia branch for class this coming Wednesday.

If anything this year, we did get my studio built so the art classes and practice has been easier. My life seems both smaller and richer at the same time. I am bummed to hear about the new variant that is arriving of Covid. But I am so very thankful I am still working and working from home and not seeing people outside of my home very often.