Dogs on parade

These little guys were part of my view today.  Vacation day number 2 was spent at Reverie finishing up the flooring and touch up paint.  We also went to Second Use looking for a door and instead found these pups in a carriage, all dressed up for the holiday.

Speaking of Reverie, here are a few before and after pictures.  We need to move a pastry case that we have in the back of the warehouse up to the space but it wont fit through one of the doorways so we are waiting for help to bring it around the actual building and in the front door.  Next is the figuring and building of the some counters.

2 Responses to “Dogs on parade”

  1. charslife Says:

    Those dogs are too fun! They look like Dr. Seuss characters!

    I love the studio/cafe V! Great colors! Wonderful! I’m so excited for you!

  2. Susan Says:

    Great color choices!

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