Rainy Market

Yesterday at the market was insane.  Insane with rain that is.

I got there with all of my gear and baked goods and it actually wasn’t raining.  Got the canopy up and everything unloaded and a good hour in before the rain started.  But when the rain started, it. did. not. stop.  Our canopy was leaking on all the seams, dripping on the sheet pans.  Dripping on us.  I got completely drenched trying to get the pooling water off of the canopy.

We also didn’t have our usual spot or power.  Which wasn’t so bad considering electricity and torrential downpours do not really meld for me.  It also meant we couldn’t heat up the corn muffins to warm people up in the rain.

But that really didn’t matter as there were very few customers in the middle of the day.  At one point, the only people I could see were the vendors huddled and moving gear in towards the middle of their spaces.

There were some highlights.  Our favorite little customer walked up and when it registered it was us she said “you’re in a different spot”  she is 2.5.  They were almost back to the car when the music started up (before the rest of the “band” got there) and she wanted to dance.  So back they came.  The mom stood under our canopy, squished in with us and the pulled in tables and dampening cookies.  Vivian joined in with her after a while.

More band members came later.  I wish I could say “at least we had music” but not so much.  It was loud, and bad, and loud.  When we did have customers it was hard to hear what they wanted.

I didn’t lose money, as in I was able to pay the stall fee and cover ingredients but that was about it.  I do have a bunch of baked goods here that the family and guests are consuming so at least there is that.

However, I gave a bunch of baked goods to the manager of Aunt Irene’s cafe.  She was very impressed and said “I’ll be calling.”  I almost didn’t go over.  They also had mini cupcakes there, at the same price of 50 cents each.  They were from Baby Cakes NorthWest.  Yep, that’s the place on Marine View Drive that has the similar name to me.  They did have a sign and the NW in red letters so it was clear.  But still. I was not happy since so many of my customers have gone in there and they hadn’t done that size in the past.  Oh well, mine are better and hey even if they carry their cupcakes they may be carrying my savory muffins.

Next weekend I am baking cupcakes as a donation.  There is going to be a booth there as a fund-raiser for a double lung transplant.  The cupcakes I’ll just write off, my product will still be there for those people who come every week for cupcakes but I wont have to be there.

The other highlight was Charla braved the elements and the people and came to visit.  So did Della and Dale.  It was a good, albeit wet day at the market.

One Response to “Rainy Market”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Hmm. Not happy to hear that the canopy leaked. Is it defective? Or is it just not made to stand up to monsoons?

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