I know change is always happening.  Jobs change, routines change, priorities change.  As I get older change seems to be more and more inevitable.  It is actually more palatable than previously in my life as well.

Last night I had a fantastic walk around Greenlake with Char.  I hadn’t seen her in months, which we agreed was completely unacceptable.  We chatted and I listened to all of the change going on in her life at the moment also. We agreed to try to walk more on weeknights after work.

The work shift is new to me also.  I worked my share of 50-60 hour weeks over the last couple decades.  But because of the business I was in, I was either working way past midnight or heading in as early as 3:00 a.m.  Some people wouldn’t like those shifts but it’s all I knew.  Most of my friends worked a more “normal” schedule.  The 8 to 5 type of schedule.  The difference is I was usually getting off work at 3 in the afternoon or just starting at 3 in the afternoon.  This type of schedule allowed me to get more errands and chores done during the week day.

I am still unsure why the difference of getting off work at 3 (after 10 hours,) there is more energy left in me than getting off work at 5 (after 8 hours.)   But it could all just be due to the amount of light or simply just time of day.  But there just isn’t as much energy left at 6pm when I get home.  Perhaps its just the fewer hours between walking in the door and going to bed.

The contract gig and any upcoming employment is likely to have this type of schedule.  Hence the ch-ch-ch-changes.  I need to embrace the evening walks and similar events to be able to do everything I want filling my life.  There is enough life/home/pet maintenance along with a 40 hour a week job to completely give up the effort to fit in social events.  But after the beautiful (mild weather, sunny skies, red and yellow leafed, fall smelling) walk last night, I’m just gonna have to try harder.

Maybe part of it is just a change in timing, like blogging at 6 in the friggen morning.  This is todays excuse in case none of this made any sense what so ever.

One Response to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    Oh i’m glad you took the time to blog i miss your blog and it made perfect sense!

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