You Tube Trail

I know people spend a lot of time on you tube.  I don’t always get it.  Granted there is some funny shit out there but there is also some weird (and by weird, I do mean even to weird for me) and annoying and downright b-o-r-i-n-g crap.

However,  I saw this video on another blog yesterday.  I had to go find the original on you tube and post it here.

But that just lead me to this:

which is funny at first and then, well just silly.  But I was luaghing.

Then there was this:

Which was kind of mesmerizing just watching the dots on the cover of the ironing board jump around.  Not to mention the one girl chewing on her lip (to the beat of the music.)

Thats it for me and you tube for another six months!!

Oh but wait…..Then there was this:

Sponge Bob and the rest of the art has got to be the biggest form of flattery….imitation right! 

There are more out there if you haven’t had enough yet.

If you watch any of these….watch the first one!

3 Responses to “You Tube Trail”

  1. Chari Evans-Hug Says:

    I watched them all. I liked the two guys the most. They had me busting up. You know everyone’s gonna be doing this now. Can’t believe I was unaware of such a fad. I’m out of the loop.

  2. charlarupp Says:

    do not get me started on youtube memes there is an entire genre of dogs singing gwen stephanie songs no lie.

  3. charlarupp Says:

    omg this is the best V seriously hilarious

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