Just call me McPuffy

(not like Puffy-Lopez that Hannah coined, but you would have had to been there for that, which would be impossible because it was on a whale watching boat and it was already full)  ANYWAY…..But McPuffy, or sausage fingers, even blowfish face.

I got home tonight to find every article of clothing in my closet on the chair.  Find is not the right word.  It’s not like I didn’t know or hadn’t remembered the struggle this morning to find something comfortable. It’s not like it was EVERY article either.  The ones I knew wouldn’t fit were still hanging.

I was (am) so bloated I just was not comfortable in anything.  Can’t really go to work in yoga pants, besides they probably would have made me feel ultra sausage-y.  Instead I tried on several things before heading off to work in nearly what I had put on in the first place.

While making my lunch, I did take a quick peak at my computer since I have been tracking “all that is feminine” the last few months, few being equal to 18 or so. (And by tracking, I do mean just following, tracking conjures up some idea of an actual pattern)  What do you know, I should have started.  Clearly this is the reason for bloating, and the desire to mainline chocolate, or Cheetos, or both.

This bloating is also AFTER working out with Della this morning and after walking around Greenlake last night.  Resisting the chocolate vat at work and avoiding any sort of Cheetos (well, since finishing off the bag Della and I had here for over two weeks, on Saturday.)   Oh there was the unfortunate mac and cheese incident on Monday night.  Unfortunate in the fact that the broccoli I was going to make to go with it was bad so there was just Trader Joes mac and cheese……yum.

Instead, still bloated, with a bajillion things to do tonight including going shopping for ingredients, I first had to put away all those clothes.  Now off to finish watching the first World Series game, and make cookie dough.  After that is done I’ll be finishing the lollipop costumes for this weekend.  (Who am I kidding that is already pushing to tomorrow)

Della brought home fresh sushi for dinner.  Lucky me!  Yummy, I didn’t have to cook, and enough soy sauce to you know, make me even more bloated.

By the way, this Saturday is the last Des Moines Farmers market of the year.  I have 1,000 corn muffins to make for a chili cook-off happening there on Saturday.  I will have my usual cupcake and cookie fare there as well, so if your up for it come on down.


After reading this, I really should rename it parenthetical palalooza.

One Response to “Just call me McPuffy”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    wait you don’t eat mcdonalds so we just have to call you puffy or puff mommy or puffV ok thats enough thanks for amusing me 🙂

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