Wrapping up Oct.

October is just about over.  Only about ten hours left.  This month seriously flew by, I’m sure working the contract gig full-time and still having the market and other activities is the reason.

Yesterday was the last market for the year.  I sold a whopping eighty bucks worth of cupcakes and cookies.  I only baked about half of my usual because I figured it being the last day, the threat of rain and the chili cook off clear on the other side would keep sales down.  The threat of rain was full on rain, and it was cold.  Even those who did show up were not there long.  Tanya and Briana came down to visit for my last day.  Besides that, they went to the car and brought me a down jacket to borrow.  It made the rest of the day much toastier.

The 1,000 corn muffins were a hit.  They put them in all the tasting bags and had extra there they were selling for a “donation.”  I am not sure how many they had left at the end of the day but those went to the food bank down here.

After wrapping up the gear and getting it home I went to work finishing Halloween costumes.  I was meeting up with a bunch of friends and then we were all going to a party, the theme being Wizard of Oz.  We went as the lollipop gang.  There were two of the munchkins (who in the movie do all the “representing”) with us.  The rest of up were simply lollipops.  The costumes went over pretty well.

Unfortunately the cellophane is pretty fragile and most of the lollipops were “unwrapped” by the end of the party.  Debbie checked on something in the oven and her cellophane melted, that was pretty hilarious actually.  It became stiffer and I think if I had “blow-dried” the cellophane around the lollipops it may have stiffened up enough to stay put.

The party throwers I did not know, but they had really gone all out with a yellow brick road and every inch of the house and yards and bathrooms were decorated.  It was very impressive.

2 Responses to “Wrapping up Oct.”

  1. Della Says:

    Haha, you guys are cute! Tonya doesn’t look very happy in that pic with just her and Briana lol.

  2. Vivian O'Neal Says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics. How fitting…the lollipop that’s blind in her left eye only got the right side of her head in the picture. 🙂

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