Ask me if its fixed

go ahead ask…..


I took my truck into the shop last month, there was a grinding noise when I would press down on the clutch.  They could not find what was wrong nor could they replicate it.  However, they changed the oil, the front shocks and some other miscellaneous things.  When I picked it up to drive it home the heater core was leaking into the cab and I flipped around and drove it back.  Picking it up again the next day after they had fixed that problem.

I have been driving it all month and it was still making the original noise.  The one they couldn’t find.  Just when I was resolved to take it back in it mysteriously stopped.   I was happy about this because I could focus on paying off the previous repairs.

However Friday nights commute home was horrible and I was on and off and on and off the clutch for 90 minutes creeping down highway 99 and it was grinding more and more as I went on.

Saturday morning I drove it back to the shop, by the end of the day they had diagnosed the throw-out bearing.  I had to leave it there and they worked on it all day today as well.  When I picked it up at closing, they had bad news.  It’s not fixed.  He showed me the bearing, they had replaced it, put it back together and it’s still doing it.  So next week I’m taking it back to have it repaired again (under warranty.)

I made sure it wouldn’t do any more harm, he said “nope, we’ll be repairing that again next week”  I also made sure I wouldn’t break down because of it and be stranded on the viaduct with 100,000 people shaking their fists at me.

So for now I’m taking it in again next weekend.  Canceling all of my weekend plans, just so I’m not stressed and going to finally clean the carpets and gets some stuff done around the house.

3 Responses to “Ask me if its fixed”

  1. Katherine Says:

    Son of a#^&@! Because you needed even more to try your patience. Ed is available for the weekend, should you need him.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Son of rhymes-with-witch! Because you needed even more to try your patience. Ed is available for the weekend, should you need him.

  3. Clutch Situation « V-Lo’s View Says:

    […] had some serious issues with the truck and clutch last fall but it just kept grinding and it was damaged during the time they were trying to figure out the bearing issue and had to be […]

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