no point

I know you just waiting by the blog door waiting to see if I got the truck back, the carpets cleaned and pulled myself out of yesterday’s funk.

Ok, maybe you’re not but here goes.

I got a call that the grinding was fixed in the truck.  Missy and I walked up this morning and they had found the problem that was causing the grinding and had it fixed.  However…..really there is a however.  A chattering in the clutch that had just started is still there.  The theory being that it was damaged during the grinding and the time it took to identify and fix the grinding.  So now, they are going to fix the clutch on warranty as well.  I will be dropping it off on Thursday and take a cab from there to the airport.  They will have 10 days to get it done and perfect.  When I fly home I’ll just go straight there and pick it up.

So once I was back home I tackled the carpet.  Albert had loaned me his little Bissell quicksteamer the last time I watched the poodles.  I just hadn’t gotten around to using it.  I was quite impressed with this little machine.  I was lightweight, it pulled up so much of the water the carpet hardly felt damn and was completely dry in no time.  So yes, the carpet in the living room finally got cleaned.  It looks fantastic and I was able to watch the Hawks win while I was doing it.

The hormone funk pretty much lifted.  A good 10 hours of sleep helped I’m sure.  So did waking up to such a clean and dust free bedroom.   After walking up to Firestone and then cleaning the carpets and dusting the living room I was able to completely avoid looking for a job today.  I also did not tackle any of the garden clean up, guess it will have to wait until December.



2 Responses to “no point”

  1. Chari Hug Says:

    I love you crazy lady.

  2. Clutch Situation « V-Lo’s View Says:

    […] and it was damaged during the time they were trying to figure out the bearing issue and had to be repaired again.  The only difference this time is there was no noise, no indication at all until it just […]

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