There is no time.  None.  Not with any daylight anyway. 

The contract gig is fantastic, lets just put that out there first.  However the drive to and from the contract gig could pretty much suck out my soul.  Not only does it have me leaving in the dark and getting home in the dark, granted some of that due to the time of year and the stupid pain in the neck daylight savings  (just who is it saving daylight for by the way (I see none of it),) some days it takes hours.  Other days I zip on in, taking only 45 minutes and am there early.  Some days I think I could walk the 25 miles faster.

We had a huge wind storm on Monday night.  Missy was going crazy and I said to Della maybe there is going to be an earthquake.  But once the lightning and thunder started I just thought it was that.  Of course there was an earthquake the next morning.  Wait, I have a point……  So we had a huge wind storm Monday and what I noticed Tuesday morning was plastic bags in the pool along with a branch (small) and a bunch of pine needles from the Ponderosa  in the back yard.  I didn’t have time (or light) to deal with them so just shut off the pump yesterday morning.  Getting home well after dark and it was friggen cold I didn’t deal with it Tuesday night.  Opting instead to go out there in the dark and cold at 6:30 in the morning fishing out the plastic, the branch, as many of the pine needles as I could without hooking the net to an extension pole and emptying the skimmer basket so it could collect the rest during the day.

While out there I also noticed a couple of boards blown down in the wind so those need to be dealt with, in the dark and cold as I am leaving tomorrow for sunny California for twelve days.  But for today I gotta go get into traffic and hope it doesn’t take more than an hour because with the pool stuff  thats all the time I got to get there.  Fingers crossed.

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