We’ve got a macbook down, I repeat macbook down.

Tonight I flew to Sacramento to spend the next 10 days with Chari, to have Thanksgiving at my sisters and see my aunt Miki.  It was a pretty easy trip to the airport.  I dropped off my truck at Firestone and got on the rapid ride A line up pac-highway to the airport.

I had never ridden on the new A line, it opened up on October 10th.  I was pleased with the schedule.  During peak hours it comes every ten minutes.  So even while I was waiting my turn at the garage I had seen the bus go by but I only waited a couple of minutes before one got there.

I paid my $2.25 fare and started to walk past the driver who was quite insistent that I take the transfer.  I didn’t think I needed it, but went ahead and took it as I said he was quite insistent.  It was about 4 stops later that two “Fare Enforcement” officers got on and checked everyone’s pass, or transfer.  Glad I had it. 

I ended up getting off the bus a stop early.  The sign where I got on I thought said 176th.  Anyway, it was an easy walk to the elevator and then across to the Link Light Rail station and across to the airport.

I was early, thought I would take a leisurely stroll to the security and with all the hub-bub lately regarding the x-ray machines vs pat down I would have something to blog about.

Turns out there wasn’t much of a line and I took off the belt and the bracelets and boots and went through a regular metal detector.  Nothing more.

However once I got through and was waiting for my luggage and bins to come through the guy in front of me was removing his crap and leaving the bins.  It looked like the people who had been in front of him had done the same because the entire conveyor was full of empty bins and mine wouldn’t come out as they had nowhere to go.

There were no airport workers around except the guy watching the x-ray and I was reaching over my bins to stack the empty ones in front of me while the only other person around was arguing about them confiscating his toothpaste.

Because the laptop has to go in its own bin I took it out and put it on top of my other stuff so I only had the one bin.  I was standing there putting on my belt and luggage moved forward into my bin and sent the macbook onto the floor.

I picked it up and moved forward.  Opened it up and tried to turn in on, while also trying to get someones attention from the next aisle over to ask for someone to talk to.

I filled out an incident report, which really isn’t anything because they don’t do anything with it.  I have to actually email in a claim… know on my non working macbook.

I had some time to kill at the airport so I looked up the mac store here in Sacramento where I bought it and phoned them to make an appointment.  Tomorrow at 1pm, I’m hoping its just a dislodged hard drive.  Fingers crossed.  I know I bought apple care when I got it.  I texted Les while at the airport and he says that’s only three years.  Well I know I bought mine on February 9th 2007.  Cause I know these things.

So I’m blogging on Chari’s computer.  I may be filing for unemployment and doing my job search on here also.

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