So there’s snow

From what I can gather it’s snowing at home.  It’s not even hard to get this information.  I got early texts and tweets this morning with snow updates.  Viv and Azea went by my house to be sure and take the timer off the pool so the pump would run all night.  They sent me these photos of the dogs in the back yard.

Then when Della could not get home and ended up in a Best Western on Denny for the night, they went back to stay with her.

Yay, good friends.  Yay, Della safe and sound!

We took a nice long walk today with the dogs, stopping first for coffee and then walking around the neighborhood.  I love that the fruit trees here are citrus.  I am so used to Apple or Pear trees but here there are lemon and orange and grapefruit trees everywhere.  Its all bright and beautiful and I love it (until they start to mold being so sensitive to citrus mold and all.)

The walk was nice and the trees changing colors were beautiful.

There is also the news that my music (or most of it) is back on my computer.  I wrote I-tunes and they allowed me to download my previously paid for music this one time.  Stating it was a one time thing and to back up my music (deeerrrr).  I also downloaded an app that allowed me to turn the ipod into free-standing disc and transfer all of the music onto the computer.  The ipod only holds 8gigs and it was full, I always pick a couple CD’s I want on there and then have it autofill so I am missing some music.  But I really can’t tell what yet.  Everything that isn’t on here I own and can rip once I realize its missing.

As for pictures, the four in this blog are the only ones on the computer so far….oh wait there is this one also.  It is my niece and nephew mauling Chari, good times.

One Response to “So there’s snow”

  1. Vivian O'Neal Says:

    Glad you are having a wonderful time. The trees here are pretty much thinning to bald (or frozen). Beautiful, nonetheless. 🙂 Glad you’re getting the computer back up and running.

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