Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was pretty low key.  Not having it at my house this year so no cleaning, no buying, no prepping, no all day cooking.  I was kind of at a loss having all those things to “not” do.  But the day was very relaxing.

Chari and I slept in, then around noon drove out to my sisters.  Tureaza had to work in the morning but put her turkey in at 6:30 in the morning at 250 degrees and cooked it all day.  She stuffed it with tangerines and pomegranates.

We visited for a while, snacking on cheese and crackers, grapes, veggies, and olives while Tureaza finished making dinner and we set the table and the six of us had a very yummy dinner about 3 in the afternoon.  Taylor, Chari, Tureaza and I sat there talking and laughing for quite a while.  The kids were back in the playroom that Chari had helped them clean up.

We left around six and drove over to Charis aunt Barbs house and visited for a bit before driving home.  It was a fantastic, low key day.

I am so used to having lots to do.  Lots to cook.  Even more to clean up.  I had a great day, but it takes some getting used to not having “stuff” to do.  Christmas is going to be at my house so most of the gang will be there, any locals are more than welcome as well.  Tureaza, Taylor and the kids will be driving up.  Miguel will be home from job core. Hey Dale, you should drive up too.  😀

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