No, not from the turkey.

I arrived all in a thither with my broken computer.  We took it in to Apple the next day and picked it up on Saturday.  That Saturday we went to Charis brother’s house and visited with her nieces who had just gotten over colds.   After visiting with them for a while we went to my sisters and I made Chicken Adobe for a birthday dinner party at her place that night.

I mention all of that just for the close proximity to lots of small (read germy) kids at the beginning of this trip.  I also had a co-worker come into my office on the Thursday I was leaving talking about his sickly kids.  I said “get out, I’m traveling.”

I would perhaps blame it on the kids at my aunts but that was Wednesday and I had been here nearly a week already.

Then there is the pollution here and the fact that I seem to get stuffed up every time I’m here.

I have been stuffed up since I got here, and sneezing, holy crap the sneezing. Not that I can’t breathe, except last night in which I also couldn’t sleep.  But every time we go outside (in the cold) or for a walk it clears up and I forget that I’m completely miserable until we get back home (back into the heated house.)  But for someone who rarely has sinus issues or even has to blow her nose I just gotta tell ya those “puffs” tissues are amazing.

2 Responses to “Stuffy”

  1. Vivian O'Neal Says:

    I hear ya! You’ll feell all better when you get back home to Washington air.

  2. charlarupp Says:

    the vicks puffs rule! also try musinex D if you get really really stuffy for your trip home if you need it.

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