The fun things I did on my vacation.

and the not so fun……  lets list those first.

Broken computer!
Stuffy nose which has left me
sneezing and
mouth breathing for 8 of the 1o days here.
Watched the Seahawks loose.

Fun things I have done:

Got computer fixed and recovered 95% of my music.
Played with my niece and nephew.
Visited with Taylor and Tureaza.
Had birthday dinner at Tureaza’s and met her friends.
Visited with my Aunt Miki and cousins, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins.
Had a lovely dinner with Chari, sponsored by Katherine.
Re-arranged the living room (or rather did the heavy parts.)
Organized the garage (or rather did the heavy parts.)
Read three books (well 2.5, The World According to Garp will go unfinished.)
Walked the dogs.
Saw the movie Burlesque.
Chari’s son Kris took us to sushi.
Thanksgiving dinner with the family.
Beat Chari at scrabble, over and over and over again.
Watched Chari and Kris decorate their tree.
Stacked 1/2 cord of wood (todays workout.)
Went to Fox and Goose for breakfast.  (This place is an English pub and makes me think of London, lots of tube signs)

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