Blogging from space

or a plane….because I can

Katherine was telling me about being on the internet, in a tin can, being hurled through the air at 10,000 feet.  So when the flight is offering free wifi until December 9th through Google’s inflight GoGo, I had to give it a try.


I got to the airport this morning and going through the check out behind a large family, with kids and a language barrier was time-consuming.  Then my luggage nearly went off the end of the line again.  It is not like I’m slow getting it off.  In fact I had my computer in my hand because I picked that right up….that’s not happening again.  The woman at the end caught the bin and yelled back at the guy looking at the screen.  She smiled meekly and said “they’re supposed to watch.”  Um, Yea.

So I get to the gate and I have my suitcase, my laptop bag, my little tiny purse and the mac bag with my broken hard drive.  They tell me I have to consolidate into two bags.  I tell them that the little tiny purse, laptop and mac bag will fit under the seat.  If in fact I had taken a larger laptop bag they would have all fit in there.  But nope, make it two or check one.  So I cram the mac bag (which contains a box, not real forgiving) and my purse into my suitcase and proceed.

You know whats coming right.  With the suitcase expanded to fit the box, it would not fit in the overhead.  I took out my purse and they put my bag in cargo.  Oh well, I didn’t have to pay for it (yet, we will see what happens when I land.)

Land…..Still crazy to be blogging from a plane.    I may never type that again, but its still crazy.


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