The. Most. Ridiculous. Shoe.

Seriously.  Four inch heals for hiking.   Fail.

Shoe company creates all-terrain high heels

Actually the website says they are not for hiking but you know someones gonna.

3 Responses to “The. Most. Ridiculous. Shoe.”

  1. Laura M Says:

    I’ve seen spike heel rain boots in the wild. They were almost as ridiculous as this.

  2. br Says:

    You should have had those for your hike recapped in your past post ‘Day in the HOH’.

  3. Vivian O'Neal Says:

    That is so NOT a good photo for a visually impaired person. Glad you gave some indication as to what was in the picture. It took me a while to even FIND the shoe. Trippy! In more ways than one perhaps.

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