Its amazing just how much vacuuming can help the house look clean.  Today was to be a day of chores. It was more like a day of partial chores. There is so much to do and so much more I would rather do.

I managed to get the skimmer basket on the pool emptied, but not get the pool cleaned.  I managed to get the fence repaired around the garden where two boards were completely off the fence and one whole section separated from the support.  But I didn’t get the garden cleaned up.  I also got the other fence tied to the tree in the back yard.  I am guessing along with the snow while I was gone there was some serious wind and I have a lot of fence issues for next spring.

I managed to get the deck cushions stored for winter, the yard devoid of poo and the hummingbird feeders cleaned and filled.  I did not get the walkways or driveway cleared nor did I get any of the dying vegetation cleared out or cut back.

In the house I managed to get the bedding cleaned and the bed remade but none of my other laundry done.  I managed to get one of my plants re-potted but none of them watered.  In fact I can see the watering can on the counter full and waiting…where its been for a few hours.  I managed to get the kitchen swept and counters wiped down but just as I started to wipe down the refrigerator I got a call about a cupcake order and never got back to it.  As for other housework I got the house vacuumed and just doing that it actually looks much better.

I did watch some football and spent a good deal of time looking for work.  Applying for jobs and getting a couple leads from friends.

All in all I have lots left for during the week and next weekend and I already have two baking orders and plans on Saturday so it’s looking like I’ll be trying to shoehorn all of it into next Sunday.

One Response to “50/50”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You just never slow down, do ya? I’m exhausted just reading all that!

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