I spent the evening making four kinds of frosting, vanilla/banana custard and four cake layers for sample cakes.

I also did a little baking experiment making pumpkin cupcakes.  The test ones are going with Della up to Brock’s house for the weekend.  But I think I’ve got a pretty yummy pumpkin and mini chocolate chip cupcake.  Tomorrow I will be baking them again.  I will be tweaking the recipe to include more pumpkin and more nutmeg.

Tomorrow night I will be baking 200 cupcakes, fifty of four kinds and decorating the 2 cakes.  All are due on Friday right after work.

The cakes are wedding samples for someone looking for a wedding cake next June.  Tonight I baked the chocolate and lemon wedding layers.  The the banana and vanilla custard filling for the chocolate cake.  The Lemon cake is going to be filled with lemon curd so tomorrow night I will be making that as well.  I also still have to make German chocolate frosting as well.

I hadn’t baked in well over a month and it sure was nice to spend the evening doing it.  Pictures to follow tomorrow when everything is complete.

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