The last few days are a blur.  There was cake and cupcake madness, fitting the tasks into the evenings after work.  Then Social engagements Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights that has left me again with half done chores and not enough sleep.

I did manage to pick up a Christmas tree on Saturday in the pouring down rain and get it into the house.  Yesterday before the ridiculous Seahawks game I got the lights on it.  I actually ran out and need to get one or two more strings to finish the bottom.   Last year I invested  in the LED lights that don’t get hot, use less electricity and you can safely hook 29 strands of them to one outlet.

Well this years tree is a bit bigger, so I ran out yesterday to Lowes to get a couple more strands but they were out of that kind.  When I say ran out, I mean just that.  I got finished with the light strand, picked up my keys, debit card and id which were conveniently on the table from coming in at 2 in the morning and drove to Lowes.

It wasn’t until I was leaving and I got a “you have got to be kidding me”  look from a woman in rainboots, rain coat and an umbrella as she looked at my thin short yoga pants and flip flops.   Um, yea, pacific northwest bed head curls, covered in pine needles lady…. clearly you don’t give a rip about what people think of you. 

Quick pic of the unfinished tree, I gotta get to work.

One Response to “blurrrrrr”

  1. Della Says:

    Ohhhh, pretty! Can’t wait to get home tonight and see it. 🙂

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