holy sunny Sunday

What a fantastic day, which alone is surprising after sleeping on the couch last night.  Getting home from a Christmas party and nearly immediately falling asleep.  So once I rolled off the couch this morning, not very well rested, the girls and I started the day at the park walking with Charla and Frank.  It was cold but the girls had a blast running around while we walked.

I then came home, turned the power off in my house and proceeded to replace four light fixtures.  This is one of those things on my to-do list that has been on the list for years.  The old lights didn’t work or didn’t work well.  Now I have a front porch light for the first time since buying the house.

Then I put lights in the two cherry trees which meant I first needed to trim the crazy branches that were shooting out.  Another thing that has been on my to do list this fall.  I put the Christmas lights on the gutter, only to find that even though they worked when I checked them in the house, they are old and hadn’t been used in at least seven years and one strand had been chewed on by a rat.  Once they were stretched out they actually would not work.  So I splurged on LED lights at big lots and got lights on the gutter finishing up in the dark.  All of this with no rain.  In fact it did not rain until the lights were all finished, the tools and ladder put away and I was inside doing laundry.

2 Responses to “holy sunny Sunday”

  1. Laura Says:

    Two dog butts in the park. What could be cuter?

  2. Vivian Says:

    Can’t wait to do a drive by and see your beautiful lights. Merry December 21st!

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