Eve of Eve

Started today off at the dog park.  I love the movement in this photo.

Came home and baked a lot of cupcakes.  The four boxes were picked up, some taken to Viv’s work and the rest are here to sugar up the kids that will be here any moment.

I went and got my hair cut (no photo) and went to lunch with Viv.

Della got home and wrapped up the rest of her presents.  Here is the completed tree.

Now just settled in and waiting for the family to arrive.  Tomorrow is a very busy day of baking and cooking so for now I’m just relaxing.  (It will only last a moment I’m sure.)

2 Responses to “Eve of Eve”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    Thanks for the slippers they’re my favorite thing ever. And the new cupcakes are perfection. The little cupcakes are just the right size with the right frosting. Loving them, and your tree is pretty sweet too. Merry Merry ho ho ho

  2. Laura Says:

    Awww, Soph is on a sniffing mission in that photo. So cute. 🙂
    And I like the reflection of the tree lights in the sparkling floor.

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