Christmas squealing

I was woken up by the squealing of my niece and nephew.  Ages 3 and 7.  The entire reason for Christmas, right.

I had only been in bed for 4 hours after getting home from the annual Christmas eve party (that I do not make every year but it sure is fun when I go) then waiting up for Amber and Andy to get here.

We sat around and unwrapped presents, the kids abandoning one present for the next.  There were eleven of us here and soon after the presents were done and the mess sorta organized (sorta) I started making bacon and eggs and Della made a loaf of bread into toast.  We then put out a spread of snacks for company and drop ins.

Katherine and Sophie came by and visited for a while, it was great and she bought me an awesome present.  It was a purse I had been coveting and wished I had bought when I had the chance.  In fact later I tried to find it at two stores closer to my house and couldn’t.  The first time I had a moment I put my stuff into it.  That was 10pm tonight while on the phone with Chari and waiting for Maria to land.

Mary, Mercy, Sammy, Mark, Viv and Azea all were here today as well.  Christmas dinner was Prime rib, ham, baked potatoes, butternut squash and broccoli.  It was a pretty easy dinner as there wasn’t a lot of prep and almost everything went in the oven.

Then came the premiere, what we had all been waiting for all day, all week, perhaps even all year.  My niece Maria arrived.  Carlos had not seen his daughter in 18 years.

She is cute and funny and crude and clearly……one of us.  We surrounded her for a while before I came up to bed.  Everyone is still visiting with her but I am to tired and heading to bed.  Tomorrow, er I mean later today is coming quickly.

Merry Christmas. It was a very fun filled day.

2 Responses to “Christmas squealing”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Your niece Maria is just as beautiful as the rest of the family. Sounds like a great time is being had by all. Glad we could be a small part of the festivities.

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