New Year Yoga….

….and a sore throat.

I got an email that my drop in pass for Yoga is going to expire on the 7th.  Since the studio was closed this holiday weekend Azea and I planned on going to yoga before she went to work this morning.  So at 6:30 this morning I was scraping windows on my truck.  Cursing myself because this was my bright idea! I didn’t go to bed until midnight and when my alarm went off at 6:00 it was way to early and dark and cold.  It’s a good thing I agreed to meet Azea there or I would have gone right back to sleep.

Yoga was nice however and now I’m back home having coffee and getting ready to go walk Missy.  My contract gig got extended so I go back to work tomorrow until the end of the month (most likely two months.)  That is an awesome thing.  I have been applying for jobs and not hearing back.  I am hoping that now that the new year is here people will start to get back in the groove and back to hiring.

For this week I will try to fit in a couple more yoga classes, just not to waste the money I put into the pass and then wait and see when I have a guaranteed income (as guaranteed as any income is right now) before buying another one.

As for the sore throat….It started getting a little scratchy last night. (ARGH, as Katherine has been super sick over the holiday week and I don’t want it.)  I am drinking copious amounts of tea and water and hope to evade any illness.

So the score card so far today.
Yeah for crazy early in the icy morning Yoga,
Yeah for contract extension,
Boo for scratchy throat.

One Response to “New Year Yoga….”

  1. Albert & Allison Says:

    Doubly yay for contract ext!!

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