Eleven days into 2011

1-11-11 today.  My 365 photo was the phone clock at work when I got off a call and looked at the clock and it said 11:11 so I took the pic.  Granted I couldn’t even retake it to get my reflection out of it because it was already 11:12.  So it’s not  great photo, but it is a great photo….follow ?

There was some epic storm warning for the evening hours and I planned ahead by putting tennis shoes, sweats and a book in my truck in case I got stuck.  I know most people put food and water in case they get stuck but my first thought at 7 this morning was I would need something to read.

Of course there was no snow, at least not until hours after I got home and it should be gone by morning.  It is the perfect snow, pretty, clean, covering everything and I can enjoy it from inside and will be gone by morning.

So onto a completely different topic.  Katherine and I went to a movie on Sunday.  We are going to try to see one every month this year, chore/movie balance and all.  We saw The Kings Speech.  It was fantastic and the relationship between the king and the teacher is only one of the reasons to see this movie.

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