Black Swan.  White Swan.  Obsessed Swan.  Innocent Swan.  Insane Swan.

Katherine and I went to Black Swan tonight.  I knew it was billed as a psychological thriller.  I tend to like psychological thrillers, The Usual Suspects and Silence of the Lambs are two of my favorites.  But Black Swan is bent just a little different.

I am not a movie reviewer and probably miss a lot of the symbolism and nuances in a movie.  That is probably why when I see one I like I want to see it more than once.  Black Swan is no exception to that.  To be clear I did like and in fact enjoy it.  We went at a movie hour we generally avoid but I actually liked hearing the audience react along with me to things.  Just like in comedys I’m more apt to laugh louder or rather fuller when others around are as well.

Natalie Portman does a great job “losing herself” while trying to get in touch with the black/evil/dark/dirty/sexy side of herself to dance this part and the movie although about dancing was not a dance movie, more about her internal battle.  I am still sorting it out in my head.  Maybe when I see it again I’ll discover more.

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