Evening Hours

I spent a good part of the evening re-creating my Baby Cakes books (so far I am through June.)  I had started the year in this ledger, got some good-hearted flack and moved everything to a handy excel spreadsheet.  Which I lost when the computer fell, which I got more flack for not having it backed up.

Well here are a few updates….I have all the receipts so am recreating the ledger so I can get Baby Cakes taxes paid by January 31st.  TCA still says they don’t have my claim.  I have both mailed and faxed it and will be faxing it again tomorrow.  In the mean time the drive saver folks wanted to either send it back (possible more damage) or recover the data.  I went with a middle of the road option.  They have pulled off the jpegs and saved the rest of the “0’s” and “1’s” incase I get refunded.  They will however only hold on to the rest of the un-restored data for another month.  I now have 6,000 pictures on an external hard drive that once I get them back on the computer I can use as that back up drive.

Six Thousand photos, I knew I had a lot.  Garden pictures, as it has  changed year after year.  House pictures like the deck projects.  Vacation pictures from Oregon and the rain forest.  Various hike photos.  Countless dog and cake photos.  I’m just glad to have them back, now I just need to get them onto my computer.

I snapped today’s 365 photo on my way downstairs to charge my i-pod for tomorrow and look for a job and perhaps blog.

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