Beware: Talk of diarrhea

The weekend melts away in a flurry of outings, chores and mishaps.

Saturday Dale and I headed to Bellingham to had a birthday lunch with Della and Amber.  We had a nice visit and lunch at a belt sushi place she had picked out.  Della and Amber went on to the casino while Dale and I drove the rest of the way to Canada to pick up some Tylenol with codeine for a friend.  Of course that was before we got stopped at the border and spent the better part of an hour answering questions and having them swab the car before we were released to continue on our journey.  On our way back into the U.S. I took this awesome photo of some public art.  We were admiring it from back in the line.  However the border guard was NOT happy about my taking a picture and wanted to be sure it wasn’t of him or the booth.  I offered him my camera and assured him it was just of the art to which he said, “That’s your tax dollars at work.” 

It was a great day for a drive.  Dale actually did all the driving so for me it was a great day for a ride and watching the birds.  I saw two eagles lots of geese and hawks, also cormorants in the bay in Bellingham.

I tried to get a few chores done when we got home, laundry was about all I managed.  However I didn’t get to bed very early, reading before finally turning off my light about midnight.  Plenty of hours left for sleep except for the fact that Missy woke me up at 3:00 a.m. pawing at me.  She usually never wakes me unless she really needs to go out.  Which she did, but that is only apparent much later in the day.

I got up, let her out, she didn’t really move from the deck, I went to the bathroom and came back and let her in and we went back up.  However she sat next to the bed panting and shaking for hours until I finally got up about 6:00.  My first thought was there must be an earthquake coming.

Missy wouldn’t go outside, nor would she eat.  I took her for a walk and we barely got to the end of the driveway before her butt betrayed her desperate attempt to keep it tightly closed.  She released diarrhea while walking and trying to turn and look at her own bottom in some confused attempt to figure out what was wrong and why it was betraying her.

I left the back door opened for her when I left for breakfast and to hang out with Katherine.  Only to have Dale phone a couple of hours later to let me know that it had finally happened.  Missy couldn’t hold on any longer and had gone all over my bathroom and the upstairs carpet.  I had already borrowed Katherine’s carpet cleaner.   When I got to her house in the morning, she was heading back to the shed to store it and I said I may need that and borrowed it.

Dale cleaned up the bathroom floor, the side of the tub, the hallway wall, the dining room floor and as much of the carpet as he could.  He also locked Missy outside for the duration of the afternoon.  Once I left my sharepoint lesson at Katherine’s I came home and cleaned the carpet.  Dale obviously took the brunt of it before I got home.

For the longest time tonight the house smelled like a combo of pine-sol, carpet cleaner and dog crap.  Truly disgusting.  After watching the (*#$@ Steelers win,  I made a huge pot of veggie and bean soup and that seemed to take care of the smell.  For those concerned, Missy seems fine.  She has been sleeping next to my chair for the last few hours, clearly exhausted from being up since 3:00 a.m. and trying to hold her crap in all day.

So the weekend is gone, it was a good one overall, but so much did not get done.  Tonight about 9:30 I was thinking I needed to head to bed, tired from no sleep last night.  After cleaning up and storing the soup, setting up coffee and writing this post (which is harder than you think talking about all the “crap” of the day without going into too much detail – really I left out a lot of detail) I have now noticed it is almost 11 pm.  Who stole the last 90 minutes is what I want to know.

One Response to “Beware: Talk of diarrhea”

  1. Vivian Says:

    Glad to hear Missy is feeling better.

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