Tonight was one of those nights where things just got done.  I got home just after 5pm and what do you know it was light (enough) to PUP the yard.  Rain is expected tomorrow so I pretty much came in one door, and headed out the other and got it done.  By the time I was finished the light was about gone but I was able to snap my photo for the day.

Charla and Frank were going to come visit so I needed to get things done and not wait around like I had all evening and then get nothing done.  I checked with Charla she was aiming for 7pm after the plumber came and left.  So I headed out to walk Missy.  By the time we got back they had to cancel but the momentum was going and I headed out to do my workout. 

Once that was complete and it wasn’t even 8pm I was able to make dinner.  Now I’m going to settle in to my book for a couple of hours. 

Just an all around productive evening.

One Response to “Momentum”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    i want some of that please!

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