Catchy Title

I have time to blog tonight because for the 2nd day in a row my brother Dale has taken Missy to the dog park for her exercise and I have not had to walk her.  How lucky am I? Especially yesterday when it was bloody cold out there.

Tomorrow I should know about the job.  My references were checked and they only got to a couple before calling me back to say “they think you walk on water.”  The pay rate is lower than I hoped but I just don’t care.  I may have to take a 2nd job.  I will probably try to re-finance my house once I have the job and maybe that would eliminate the need for another job.

The idea of working 30 hours a week, part of it outdoors during the summer is T.H.R.I.L.L.I.N.G.

It’s good to have something be thrilling.  The job search thing is getting old and the contract gig today was trying.  Having something explained over and over and it seemed like I was listening through molasses.  I haven’t worked so hard to understand something that just makes no sense to me since well ever cause I can’t even think of another side to that broken analogy.

This peri-menopause is a pain as well.  I am completely hormonal.  Last night when the yoga instructor corrected my posture in Savasana I don’t know if was just the human touch or her energy or what but tears fell out of my closed eyes.  Then today I was invited to “happy hour” at work by two women I don’t even know.  It was very sweet to be invited, even though I am a contractor and couldn’t go.  It was later when I could hear them all talking and laughing and being all “happy” that I had that same feeling of elementary and jr high of being completely on the outside.  Work doesn’t have to fill a social aspect for me, but I do want to fit in.  Being a contractor may just be a little too much on the peripheral for my menopausal hormonal state.

Who knows maybe it was just because this morning I read a blog titled Who will help you move a body by Heather Barmore.  It made me really think that I have a lot of friends on this level.  It hasn’t always been that way but it is right now.  That realization made me cry.

Enough rambling, I can’t even think of a title for this mess.

3 Responses to “Catchy Title”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    i love u v! i would for sure help u move a body.

  2. Albert & Allison Says:


  3. Mary Says:

    yup i’ld help hide a body. Actually after all this Nat.Geo I’ve been watching disposal really is much more effective. I mean I’ JUST SAYIN’

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