Migraines Suck

I have been fighting a migraine for a few days.  Friday at work my eyes were really tight and I thought I was getting a co-workers cold.  Since my system was simultaneously coursing with hormones and all that entails including headache, emotions and class A bitchyness.  I took ibuprofen and just kept on going.  Saturday was it was just a constant dull ache and I cleaned house, did laundry and then went to game night.  It really was a great day besides the constant aching head.

My error was in not dosing again before bed when I got home at midnight.  The headache was so much worse with the laughing and the very loud venue but I was tired and went to bed.  Then Sunday morning, I couldn’t get out of bed for several hours.  Laying still wanting to cover my eyes because it was bright but just the weight of my sheet was too much on my head.  After several hours (and a glass of water and drugs) I was able to get up and move a bit but my head hurt too much to talk, or eat or anything.

After another full day of ibuprofen I am finally feeling better.  I actually still have a headache but it feels like just a headache.  One I would usually ignore because I’m not a big fan of drugs.  But I will take one last dose before bed, just to be sure its gone.

I got home from work and took more ibuprofen and changed to work out, but the damn headache never really cleared enough to work out.  I did however work out my upcoming marathon training schedule, at least the next couple months until I really have to increase mileage.  (except of course tonight with the headache)

Mon: Cardio/Weights.
Tue: Short Run
Wed: Yoga
Thur: Short Run
Fri: Weights / Maybe Yoga class
Sat: Long Run (meaning 5+ miles)
Sun: Rest

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