Valentines Day

Much ado about………

I have never been a big Valentines day person.  It hasn’t really mattered if I were single or in a relationship.  My theory being that your sweetheart shouldn’t be treated well just one day or two days a year.

I would love to say that the holiday was just created by hallmark but I know that it dates back to some 496AD.  However Hallmark has only been around since 1910.

There are people who love Valentines day.  Who like to have a special day to be pampered.  There are those who hate the day, shining a light on the fact that they either have no valentine to make a big deal over or to make a big deal over them.  Or hate it because their valentine doesn’t fulfill some picturesque ideal they were hoping for.

I sent my Valentine a funny card, mostly because I found a perfect one while looking for a birthday card for someone else.  But thankfully my Valentine is as “meh” about the day as I am.

I hope your Valentines day is everything you want, or don’t.  This construction paper heart holiday!

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