Today I got two awesome emails.

The yoga instructor for the series that starts tomorrow emailed those of us signed up for the class. Besides covering the timing for the class, that she expects to go over on the first class so it will go until 9:00 pm so if that is a problem to email her.  Also letting us know the class before us is large so parking may be a problem until it lets out.  But the best part of the email was the third part.  Since I couldn’t explain the theory of this class before hand I’m just going to past that part of her email.

I also want to let you know a bit more about Phoenix Rising Yoga (PRY) classes, in case you’re wondering what you signed up for!  PRY is a process based experience of yoga. For the next six weeks, we will meet and explore modern day themes (through your body), which build on each other week to week. These themes are common to all of our lives, and some of the time can create stress and turmoil. The PRY process allows you to look at your life and how you react to it. In this approach, the focus is on what you experience and not about “doing” yoga or a pose in any particular way. It is about using mindful movement to learn about yourself through your body and your experience.

I am very excited for this series to start tomorrow!  Speaking of exciting, this brings me to the 2nd email.  My new boss emailed me a link to an article published today in the Renton Patch.  I got a call last week from the editor wanting to “interview” me.  Once I cleared it through my new boss I phoned the editor back.  I was both excited about the article, but also from the short simple note attached that was included that just said “Nice job – Thanks”

4 Responses to “emails”

  1. Dale Says:

    wow, nice article sis, and congratz on the new job. here’s hoping that your luck rubs off on me, lol. oh, and that one lone comment at the bottom of the article? priceless

  2. Della Says:

    Yay sister! I’m so happy for you and so proud to call you my sister. Reading that article brought a tear to my eye from happiness! *hugs*

  3. Albert & Allison Says:

    You rock! \m/

  4. Mary Says:

    good job bob

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