Poetry Class

One of this years “goals” besides finding a job which, hey check that off the list, was to write more.

My favorite writing teacher used to do this exercise with the class.  He would tell us to start writing, anything, and use this word, ______ about two minutes later he would give us another word to work in and then again a few minutes later.   Not everything was worth keeping.  There were gems.  There were sections in the middle I could use elsewhere. Sections that were extracted later turned into something fantastic.  Also sections I just filed away, mostly because they stunk.

So I used a random word generator to pick three random words and wrote a poem today.  It’s not my best writing, it’s certainly not my worst.  I also emailed them to Chari and texted them to Vivian.   Todays words were: Cynic, Halt, Grief.  Everyone came up with a piece of writing today.  It is an awesome exercise and I will keep this up for a while.  Just like any creativity (painting, guitar, dance) the more you practice the better you get.

Some of the work will end up here, with permission work from anyone participating in my little exercise, their work  may end up here as well.

One Response to “Poetry Class”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I’m loving it.

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