February Wrap up

This month f.l.e.w. by.

I only saw one movie, The Fighter. I am still reading the same book I started the month with, Keith Richards Life.

I turned 46.
Started a great yoga series titled: Phoenix Rising
Chari came for a week of which we got stuck at home a couple of days because of the snow.
Went to the Womens Chorus concert with Kathy Najimy which was hilarious.
I GOT A NEW JOB, it starts tomorrow.
My last full-time day at the contract gig ended up being a very busy and very long day.  It was good to leave there feeling productive however.  Not a lot of feed back for the job as I worked alone most of the time.  I found myself talking way to much about my accomplishments so I felt like I was useful.

My music discovery for the month has to be Esperanza Spalding.  Thanks to the Grammy’s for this discovery.  I have two CD’s of hers now.   Her stand up base and vocals make me smile.

In store for March:  New job, Garden Clean up, Spring (PLEASE), Yoga class continues, Marathon training starts.

One Response to “February Wrap up”

  1. sara Says:

    you did not turn 46 that is impossible….. as your sometime mama i hate to have one of the younger in the brood older than i am. and i just won’t leave my 40’s for quite some time yet

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