Day One

What a great first day.  It started out with sleeping in.  Seriously, no first day jitters, no trouble sleeping, no over-prepping or heck even concerning myself with the new job.

I left for a 9:30 meeting a little after 8:00.  Found parking and was still there with plenty of time to be early to the meeting.  After three and a half hours of which the health department, King County market director and managers from most of the neighborhood markets talked and I took in as much as I could I headed into the office.

I had just over an hour to get acquainted.  Lots of people stopping by to welcome me.  Introductions which I do not remember.  IT came up and helped me get logged into my already situated computer.  Also logged into my email where I already had 60 emails waiting.  I started accepting meeting invites in outlook and my co-worker Vivienne showed me around.  We then headed off-site for a work coffee welcome meeting for me.  My boss, myself and three co-workers all had coffee and sat around talking about things like running and Renton and every little thing.

Vivienne is also running in the Rock and Roll marathon in June and both her and my boss are doing the Seahawks 12K in April so I may run that with them.

We went back to the office, most of them had arts council meeting so I set up folders in outlook and read through my emails.  Went down to the police department on the 2nd floor of the same building and got my badge.  I have 5 meetings already tomorrow and plan on just being a sponge for the day.

Everyone was very welcoming.  My computer, email, phone, business cards, name plaque and cube were all ready for me.  There were even flowers on my desk.

7 Responses to “Day One”

  1. Albert & Allison Says:


  2. -br Says:

    Glad it was a good first day, here’s to many more to come. You deserve all the best, enjoy!

  3. Katherine Says:

    So nice! And a window desk too!

  4. Johnnie O. Says:

    Congratulations on your first day! Best of luck in your new career!

  5. Mary Says:

    all i have to say to all of the things that go along with your new job: cards, IT, flowers…… are where are ment to be. :):):)

  6. Vivian Says:

    I know my comment is a little late, but ditto to all the other comments…and, ummmm…. nice view.

  7. Chari Hug Says:

    You are so deserving to be happy at your place of employement. If they are smart they will cherish you. Congrats honey. Love you

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