The only place to start is Maya Angelou.  Amazing, beautiful, poignant, her humor and brilliance were front and center.  Listening to her makes me want to be a better person, to try harder, to embrace life more, be more patient, more courageous, more accepting, more creative.   Just plain MORE, to live more.

She has such a way with words and story telling and a voice that is one of a kind.  It’s an awesome thing to see one of your hero’s from the third row.  To be able to watch her features along with her words.  I was still high today from seeing her last night.

When I got home from all that unbridled Maya inspiration, there was just no going right to sleep.  I wanted to channel the fresh inspiration into the writings from Sunday night.  Sunday, being jacked from daylight savings, I spent time I should have been sleeping to work on some writing.  So on my Maya high, I spent several more hours working on the 3-word project and finishing up some writing.

Sunday night I was up late writing, mostly because “hello” daylight savings time.  The way I see this, the whole reason for daylight savings is to jack up my sleep schedule, derail the just getting into the groove workout schedule, and to allow more light in the evening to enjoy the grey, dark, cold rainy night!  Check.  More time for late night writing however since sleep isn’t happening.  I will just take the inspiration where it falls.  Since I don’t go in to work tomorrow until 10:00 – 10:30 I see more writing coming up next.

2 Responses to “Inspiration”

  1. Mary Says:

    it is a RARE pleasure indeed when life allows a person to be so close to their own hero. A person who’s words can reach inside you and touch you so deeply; an experience that mere words fail in comparisson too. yes i uner-stand 🙂

  2. April Update « V-Lo’s View Says:

    […] I did not go to any movies, however Viv and I went to see Mia Angelou at the paramount theater and it was Inspiring.  In April the only movie was Water for Elephants at […]

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