Today my birthday present from Chari arrived.  An iPad2 with 64gb of memory.  It didn’t take long to get it set up.  In fact I plugged it into my macbook and since it is already registered with Apple and has iTunes loaded, all I really had to do was put in my password.

My iTunes was copied right over and I spent the last 6 hours playing with it.  Downloading apps, reading news and tweets and setting it all up

I have tried several ways to get a photo that would show just how thin and small it is.  I put it on a national geographic to try to show it in comparison.  That didn’t turn out very well.  However the iPad and National Geographic together equal the thickness of my blackberry.

Lucky me with a new toy to spend yet another rainy weekend playing with.

Thanks for the fun present honey.

2 Responses to “iPad2”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    your gf is the best ever! Just sayin

  2. April Update « V-Lo’s View Says:

    […] and listened to that quite a bit.  Also lots of great “old” music.  Chari got me an iPad for my birthday and it holds all the music in my iTunes so that has been my main source of music […]

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