What a wonderful, extremely low-key weekend.

Saturday was a walk in the park with the pack, taking some photos of spring flowers opening up.  Then some yard work, I went to town on the shot weed and weeded for six hours.

Dale made two recipes out of my vegetarian cookbook and by the time I finished working in the yard and took a hot shower he dished me up some veggie ratatouille and chickpea casserole.  I spent the rest of the evening playing on my new iPad and doing nothing.

Then today was another walk in the park with the pack.   Charla made us a Dutch Baby Pancake and brought us all coffee and we had a tailgate breakfast celebration for Viv’s birthday.  More spring pictures and tired out dogs by the end of the walk.

Once home the clouds rolled in filling the blue sky in this photo.  I cleaned my bathroom and that would be it for chores.  A lot more playing with the iPad, listening to music, reading news, watching some TED talks and writing.

I gotta say low-key, lots of technology play, two people cooked for me but enough chores done to make it feel like I actually did something, I just didn’t overdo it.  It was a good way to exit Winter and start Spring.

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