Tonight I went to yoga.  Two back to back classes in fact.  One regular, pretty basic Hatha yoga class and then followed that up with the Phoenix Rising class.  All in all I was in the studio for just over 3 hours straight, 6 to 9pm.

The Phoenix Rising class as I mentioned before is more meditation than the regular class, it is all done with your eyes closed and there is a theme, a running script to follow and tonight’s theme was truth.

The truth we know for ourselves.  How that may have changed over time, or even over night.  Also how the habits we are in, may no longer fit the truth of our lives but they are habits and maybe how to stop them (or start them) to live more truthfully.   Maybe they fit an old truth.

I leave there feeling both relaxed and centered along with energized to do things different, better.


Other things that happened today.

  • I took my digital binoculars down by the marina because I saw several blue herons nesting.  I wanted to get a shot for my 365 project but there were no birds, just the nests.  (But soon, I’m gonna keep trying)
  • I had lunch with co-workers at a new restaurant in Renton called Luther’s Table.  It is part of a church ministry, they built veteran housing along with this restaurant on the property of their old church.  It is run by volunteers and I gave the owner my card, let her know I was a licensed bartender and once they get their liquor license I would love to volunteer once a week.
  • I piped up at work when someone was asking about P90X and have now agreed to start it tomorrow, with her, but separately.  We both own it and will be using each other for motivation.  I think her name is Rachael (I’m not even sure.)  But I did tell her I have started it a couple of times but something always comes up.
  • My truth tonight is I keep finding new and different things interesting and I find myself committing to them more and more.  I am learning more about myself and changing with each new thing, I’m really enjoying it.



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