Well I didn’t do the P-90X last night.  I ended up walking Missy, giving her a bath and getting dinner with Viv and Azea.  Once I finally got home, it was almost time for Greys Anatomy…pretty much the only tv program I schedule into my week.

That means I got up this morning and did the workout.  The next 24 hours are pretty much scheduled out already so the next P90-X workout will be tomorrow afternoon. 

My Friday/Saturday schedule looks like this:
Work today until 3:ish
Home to make German chocolate frosting and strawberry frosting
Puppy delivery 5:20(ish)
Tattoo appointment 5:30  (3-4 hours of ink….Woot)

Saturday morning (up early) bake and frost cupcakes
Deliver to Queen Anne at 9:00a.m.
Meet at dog park at 10:00 for lovely walk and run for Missy and puppy.
Drop truck off at noon for oil change

Once the time sensitive things like cupcake delivery and truck maintenance are done my Saturday evening and Sunday are looking pretty clear.   But for now, I better head to work.

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