Today I worked at the contract gig.  There was only four and a half hours of work so I left there early afternoon and headed toward home.

Thinking I may get some yard work in but there was thunder, lightening and pouring down rain.  Instead I went to lunch with Viv.  I was still home pretty early and spent some time doing nothing but hanging with the dogs.  Oh I guess there was news watching and angry birds in there as well.

I didn’t do much of anything, just waited to go to yoga.  The Phoenix Rising class started again tonight, for six weeks.  The theme of tonight’s class being “Befriending your body” and “Awareness”  (Because it is a shortened class, six weeks instead of eight there are combined themes.)  The first time I took this class, the first night I spent wondering what in the heck was going on and not so much on the theme of the class.  Tonight it was easier to focus on the themes having done this before.

In the meditation I was struck by the description that our bodies are a map, they have been with us for every joy, celebration, grief and trauma.  That the your body wasn’t just a bystander in these things.  I am so glad I took this class again.

After class, one of the women asked me “so you took this before, did you wonder what was going on at first”  I told her yes but to stick with it, I liked it enough to take it again.  What I didn’t say was by the second class you know more what to expect and are not in your head as much.  There is also a woman in the class from the office.  I knew we went to the same studio, I have seen her there before when I was coming to a class and she was leaving.  That was a bit odd knowing she was there, but I am guessing it was for her as well.

All in all it was a good day, not exactly what I was expecting when I left home this morning.  But a few free hours to do nearly nothing wasn’t so bad either.  There is plenty on the to-do list.  But I liked going into class completely relaxed and not rushing from work or play or chores.  Then after 90 minutes of meditation and awareness I just feel calm.

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