Glimpse of Spring.

Yesterday the weather was beautiful.  Sunny, warm and blue skies, it really felt like spring.  I had all the yards mowed by 10:30 in the morning.  I got one flower bed weeded before getting ready to head out to a movie with Katherine.  We haven’t gone to a movie in a couple months, but here on the first really sunny day we were inside at the Big Picture watching Water for Elephants.  If we hadn’t pre-paid for the tickets it probably would have been one of those days were we both cancel to stay working in our yards.

The movie was pretty good.  I didn’t know anything about the story or the book before going in but I have to say I was entertained.  They did a great job with the scenery and costumes for a 30’s era movie.

That left today for more yard work, and it rained, a lot.  I weeded for about 5 hours.  I was completely soaked to the skin when I came in but the garden is looking so much better.  I can actually think about getting some seeds in the ground.  I should have gone for a run also, my half marathon is in exactly two months and I have to start building up some distance.  Instead I baked cookies for an order for tomorrow.

Not a great picture as its from the upstairs window.  But there is really no way to show the entire garden from below.

2 Responses to “Glimpse of Spring.”

  1. mary Says:

    your garden looks just beautiful. I love that POV. one of my favorites, actually. That photo looks like something i would see in Northwest homes.

  2. April Update « V-Lo’s View Says:

    […] Glimpse of Spring. […]

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