What happened to my lax morning schedule?  Monday morning I had a board meeting at 7:30 a.m.  I didn’t get up any earlier, I just didn’t work out.  I got up at 6:30 (ok 6:40) and was out of the house at 7:20.  Then today I had a King County conference starting at 8:00.  Again I didn’t get up until 7:00, leaving at 7:40 for Emerald Suites in Tukwilla.  It was a very interesting day, I got into the office about 1:30 that gave me 30 minutes to prepare for my 2:00 and 3:00 pm meetings because there was no time in between them.

Tomorrow I am working at the contract gig.  WOOT.  But again, I will need to leave the house at 7:30.  Do I sound spoiled or what?

I actually am making some progress with the markets.  All the things that need to be set up in just over a month.  Vendors are being screened and spots assigned.  Health department applications are being submitted.  Volunteer drive for my Sunday market going on.  KUOW copy being written for upcoming campaign.  I still need to tackle a few things that I haven’t even started, but with the vendor letter about to go out and the posters now in the works I can start working on those items.

What spare time I did have tonight was for a pedicure, cause pampering is important!  Tomorrow is the contract gig and then Yoga.  Good days all around.

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