This morning was perfect.  It really stemmed from last nights yoga.  Last nights focus was choice, and I focused on choices for myself, and choices I could control.  We often make choices because its what we have always done, habit, because its the easiest alternative.  I know I often chooe to do or not do something because of what someone else wants.  It is still my choice, but I rarely check in with me first.

Today when I woke up, and bed was warm and cozy and I could have rolled back over but I thought about last nights yoga and decided to get up.  I ran on the treadmill, took out the garbage and recycling, made my breakfast and lunch and was still in the shower by 7:30.  Good choices all the way around.

Work was productive also.  I wrote several letters both acceptance and decline letters for vendors, left the copies for by boss to approve.  Forwarded her my radio copy for approval.  Forwarded her my web copy for approval.  Then when I hadn’t received any of it back to proceed and all of my health department permits were mailed in I went ahead and left for the day.  I mean the sun was out, briefly, it was the perfect choice.

Choice was put into play when I decided to sit and watch the first round of the NFL draft as well.  Also, even though I’m not a big royal wedding follower, I do plan on waking up at 1:45 am to watch the event.  I’ll go back to sleep at 4 or so for a few hours.  I am choosing to just work sleepy tomorrow.

Oh and these flowers were on my desk when I got to work, just a little sunshine from Deborah.

3 Responses to “Productivity”

  1. -br Says:

    First round of the NFL draft and a Royal Wedding that’s special.

  2. Jody Says:

    i knew there was a reason i was suppose to ‘catch up’ with you today…reading this post was it. i’ve been putting off my long run for training this week due to crappy weather…it was pouring yesterday morning and it’s gusty and 34 today. but you know what? i have to make the right choice and venture out in the elements and get this 10 mile run done! thanks for the timely and on point blog post!

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