Christmas in April

That is what this event used to be called.  Now it’s called Rebuilding Together.

Today in Seattle a total of 25 houses were refurbished by volunteers.  Nationwide there were 3,000 houses refurbished.  This is the same event Katherine and I did last April and I am really liking this tradition.

Today we filled 5 large dumpsters, two with trees, blackberries and yard waste.  The other 3 were filled with garbage from the house and the cabinets and other construction debris.  I didn’t even go into the house today, but I do know that there was new flooring put down, new kitchen cabinets, appliances and carpet installed and interior painting. Both bathrooms got new flooring, sinks and toilets.  Outside we cleaned out and took down a shed, cleared the blackberries and trees and painted the house.

The family we were helping are twin sisters Marie and Jeanne.  Jeanne is legally blind and Marie is her caretaker.  There are also two guide dogs living there.  Jeanne’s old dog now has cataracts, so she’s retired but still lives there with her.  As Jeanne joke first thing this morning “you can’t have the blind leading the blind.”  Both sisters spent a lot of time last week helping to go through a family’s lifetime full of belongings, this was their parents house.  They were both there all day today and very thrilled with all the help.

Here are just a few pictures from the day.



2 Responses to “Christmas in April”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    what an awesome project! you ladies rule!

  2. Chari Hug Says:

    What a wonderful way to give. You rock.

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