April Update

Ummmm, make that March and April updates.  I was actually working on the outline of this post last night when the announcement came on about Osama Bin Laden being killed and 1) I was busy watching that and 2) um who really cares what I’ve read or listened to in the last 60 days.

March stared off with a brand new job.  One that is coming together nicely and isn’t without its own set of challenges.  May will be extremely busy getting all the last details taken care of before the two farmers markets come together and open in June.

March I did not go to any movies, however Viv and I went to see Mia Angelou at the paramount theater and it was Inspiring.  In April the only movie was Water for Elephants at the Big Picture for Katherines birthday.

There was not a lot of new music, I did buy a Waldeck CD at the end of February when Chari was here and listened to that quite a bit.  Also lots of great “old” music.  Chari got me an iPad for my birthday and it holds all the music in my iTunes so that has been my main source of music listening lately.

As for reading, I finished the Keith Richards auto biography Life, it is definitely worth reading.  Also some easy reading to follow that up.  The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein and How Starbucks saved my life by Michael Gates Gill.  Now I’m reading Healing Back Pain, The Mind-Body Connection.

La Nina that was forecasted for the winder has spilled over into Spring. It has been too cold and to wet to really start a garden in.  I do have the garden beds weeded and prepped but hopefully seeds will be going in very soon.  There were also a few baking orders, and more are trickling in.  April wrapped up with the Rebuild Together Seattle event.

There has been lots of yoga in March and April, however not enough running.  Part of that was the sucky weather, part of that is the busy schedule.  However the half marathon is only 8 weeks away.  The running needs to shift into gear!

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