a day off

A day off, if you can call it that.  It was a Baby Cakes kind of day.

The first thing this morning I showered and headed out for cream cheese, sour cream, lemons and strawberries.  There were cakes to be baked.

The first order of the day was 60 mini vanilla cupcakes, pink vanilla cupcakes with hot pink frosting.  These were going to be picked up noonish.  They were being boxed at 11:15 when the customer called to see if I could deliver them to Covington after my other appointments.

The next cake was a chocolate cake with raspberry filling for a co-worker’s sons 18th birthday.  I continued to bake cupcakes for other orders while I made frosting and decorated the chocolate cake.  I delivered it to City hall at 3:30 and then headed up to lake Washington for a meeting regarding wedding cupcakes.  I got the job and will have 150 medium size cupcakes to deliver on June 4th (floral designs.)  Then I headed to Covington to deliver the 60+ pink vanilla cupcakes.

Once home Albert and Alison stopped by to pick up their order of 1 dozen lemon cupcakes and 1 dozen pumpkin cupcakes.  In the mean time I baked blueberry cupcakes and made both blueberry and strawberry cream cheese frosting and frosted the rest of the 8 dozen being delivered in the morning.

What I didn’t get to today on my “day off” was calling little Sara back about an order for a friend.  I got out of yoga class on Wednesday night and got a voicemail from her.  It was so sweet to hear her voice on my voicemail.  However I haven’t even found a moment of time to call her back.  I’m hoping I will see her on Sunday when I go to big Sara’s.

But clearly Baby Cakes business is picking up!

Tomorrow when the weekend officially starts, I will be heading off to deliver these 8 dozen “springy” cupcakes for a mothers day event.  Then heading into Renton for 8 or so hours of volunteering at the Spring festival.  But for now I’m heading to bed to get some sleep, after this day off I need it.

One Response to “a day off”

  1. Albert & Allison Says:

    The cupcakes were a hit! Thanks again!!

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