Broke Down

As I mentioned in the previous post, Katherine was a dear and loaned me her truck to get to work and back for a couple of days.  I wasn’t really comfortable taking it much further but I didn’t know why,  just a gut feeling.

Well the gut feeling came to fruition tonight on the way home when it started overheating on the off ramp of highway 167.  I pulled off the freeway and into the very first parking lot and turned off the engine as the gauge was moving up.

I popped the hood and could see “fluid” on the engine, it looked pretty wet.  I was hoping for a blown hose or something.  I waited until I could take the radiator cap off and added a gallon of coolant, it took it all.  A guy came over to help and he added more, just as it got full enough to get to the head gasket, it just started pouring out.

I had phoned Katherine at work and at home and then texted her.  I had to get the truck out of there as there are plenty of towing signs.  I called Petes towing, they are located pretty close and had the truck towed to my house.

Funny thing is I knew what I would “hear” about is the fact that I don’t have triple-A, not the fact that the truck broke down.  But the truck was in my possession, I had to take care of it.  I have now agreed to get AAA.

So my truck isn’t done, it ended up not being the clutch but the slave cylinder.  It should be done tomorrow.  Azea is giving me a ride to work.  Once I get to the garage tomorrow to pick up my truck I will price a head gasket and diagnostic for Katherine’s truck.

3 Responses to “Broke Down”

  1. charlarupp Says:

    i’m sorry v that sucks. let me know if i can help. xoxoxo

  2. Della Says:

    Ugh Sister, so sorry! 😦

  3. Katherine Says:

    Poor Ed. Looks so sad to see him up on the tow truck. 😦

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