Gardening this year

Our very wet Spring arrived and the attempt to get the garden and flower beds going was underway.

The pulling of weeds, the clearing of last years dead garden plants, bags and bags of yard waste.

Rain, lots and lots of rain in which all the weeds keep growing, but to cold and wet to work outside.

Then there is a random nice day that coincides with a day that I am home so starting over with the weeding.  Pulling weeds from the same beds that had been cleared before.  Prepping for a garden that still has not gone in.  Another two weeks of rain producing garden beds again full of weeds.

This is pretty much the cycle so far this year.  I have cleared the garden and flower beds out several times.  They are again filling with weeds.  It is the middle of May and not one seed has gone in the ground.  It is still cold and wet, in fact the coldest Spring on record.  Who knows what kind of garden I will end up having this year.  But I should have some kind of a weeding award by now.

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